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I'll ignore the animu stuff since it's pretty recognizable.

3: Vivian Chow. Mom says I used to prance around karaoke-ing her. How I managed that, who knows.
6: More like OCs. Dogs and cows on Pride Rock? ...What was I smoking?
7: TVB's Journey to the West. *shrugs* (btw, I liked II)

12: Lunar:SSSC~ <33 Finally realized the point of STR and DEF boosts. Lvl30 to beat a Lvl10 boss. >_>;;;
13: HZGG. Dug out old tapes at this time. Ruby Lin is pretty~ *A* (btw, III was iffy. music was fine tho)
14: Charmaine Sheh. lol, idek. Also a time I watched nothing but TVB/ATV dramas—Angels of Mission being one.
15: PGSM AND ALL RELATED TO IT. <333 Solely responsible for dragging me back into animu.

(PGSM!MinaRei is best, don't even try to deny.)

Current: Well, that was obvious.

Notables (cuz I obviously don't have one per year):
- Digimon stretched long. One word: fanfiction. >_>;;;
- Fire Emblem and Golden Sun 'round 14 as well.
- Damn it, Marimite. You're always getting overpowered. orz;;
- Hayate no Gotoku for 17-20 fandom I'm still wiling to draw, even without major obsession slot.

Damn it, not old enough to hide age. TTATT

Expect lazy memes for the next... however long.
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...I love how you have Adventure 01, Adventure 02, Tamers ........but no Frontier. >XD

(also, BSSM *and* PGSM in one childhood = YES)
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lol, to be fair I think that was when Fox Kids stopped showing Digimon; I had no idea where it went at the time and for all I knew, the series could've ended there. xD;;;
Same thing with Power Rangers actually, what with them cutting off halfway through Wild Force. xD;;;

Obviously I've watched it by now, and it just doesn't measure up to the previous seasons. The magic just isn't there... or something. Ditto Savers. And Xros Wars... is kinda odd. >^>;;

Or they could be perfectly fine and I'm just biased with my nostalgia.

(AGREED. They should be a requirement of everyone's childhood. =D )
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"Or they could be perfectly fine and I'm just biased with my nostalgia."


I tried to fill this out, but on 50% of the slots I keep getting a draw between two (or three) fandoms. :|
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^^; Same here—a kid's attention span just can't hold that long, which is why I stuck a notables in the comments. A tad unfair, but what can ya do~?