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Checkerstown by ZjeroXytz
Art Fight 2022 - Team Wither by Halo--Cat
Merdog by ZjeroXytz
I'm a healer, but... by ZjeroXytz
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Kenhina - Selfie by umbmii
Skye, Roscoe, Ashton, Ashley, Glenn and Edna by alessflowerstarheart
Candy Witch as a Wolfwalkers by Twilightangel004
Celine join new troublemaker friends by alessflowerstarheart
[GIF] Pendant by ZjeroXytz
(REDRAW CHALLENGE) Dark Sonic! by MlpTmntDisneyKauane
The Fox and the Cat by NerdyScot
Magic Flows In You by BluuLeopard
Commission, YCH and request INFO
Urgent commissions open!! Reminder by ZizanChan
Urgent commissions open!! Reminder by ZizanChan
Commissions open!! Urgent!! by ZizanChan
1EUR Starting Commissions OPEN by BarnUlv23
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Chthonic Adopts [3/3 OPEN] by purochka
[Auction] Adoptable #133 and #134 OPEN by ChoChanAdopt

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(CLOSED)Volcanic kobold by Aransu-sama
Human adopts / Adoptable 1.0 by DiVAHESTER
End-Tape ch. 3: One Dead, Three to Kill“Happy birthday!!” Everyone shouted as Jeremy closed his eyes tightly to blow out his candles, and with one strong blow all five flames went out. Jeremy quickly stumbled back as smoke burst from each of the candles and allowed one of the adults to take them out and cut the cake. Afterwards, Jeremy was determined to watch Bonnie perform for the rest of his party with his friends Gabriel and Fritz. Jeremy absolutely adored Bonnie from the moment he layed eyes on him at Gabriel’s birthday about six months ago. Gabriel loved Freddy, which is why he had his birthday at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria in the first place, also because Fritz really wanted to see his favorite which was Foxy. “Hey Jeremy, Why don’t you and Gabriel come over and watch Foxy with me, huh?” Jeremy jumped a bit, startled by Fritz’s loudness. He looked over at Gabriel, who shrugged, “It’s your birthday dude, drag him over here if you want,” Jeremy chuckled at his statement. For as long as Jeremy had known him, which was almost all five years of his life, Gabriel had always been very straightforward about everything. Jeremy watched as he moved his curly black hair away from his amber eyes. One of Jeremy’s favorite things about his friends was how different they looked from him, Jeremy had black hair, really dark brown eyes and cool fair skin. But Gabriel had warm brown skin that reminded him of chocolate and bright amber eyes with curly black hair. Fritz had what his mom described as olive skin, even though Jeremy didn’t think he looked anything like an olive, and had dark red hair with light brown eyes. Jeremy thought it was cool that even though they’re all the same age and live in the same area, they look so different, it was intriguing to Jeremy. “Hey!” Jeremy snapped out of his deep trance and turned to Fritz, who was glaring at him. “What?” He asked calmly, even though his heart was racing. “Your wasting your birthday by just spacing out, you gotta come and have some fun with us!” Fritz exclaimed as he grabbed Jeremy’s and Gabriel’s hands, leading them to the other side of the party room next to a hallway. “Okay, what do we want to do?” Fritz asked, looking at his friends. Gabriel then looked at Jeremy. When he realized that they were both waiting for him to answer, he froze. Jeremy hated being the center of attention. “What about the arcade?” Gabriel suggested. “Mom didn’t bring change,” Jeremy whispered, “What about pretend?” Fritz asked. Jeremy’s eyes widened and he gave a small smile. “Pretend it is then!” Gabriel laughed. The three boys were about to run off and play when they heard a deep voice come from behind them. The three of them quickly turned around to see a big, fluffy yellow rabbit. Fritz and Gabriel smiled with excitement, but Jeremy took a step back. “Hello boys!” The rabbit hollered in a cheery voice. “Wow! Look Jeremy, it’s Bonnie!” Gabriel shouted as he turned to look at him, but he wasn’t there. “Jeremy?” He turned around to see that Jeremy had backed away from them. “What’s wrong Jeremy?” Fritz questioned. Jeremy look down at his white tennis shoes, “I don’t know if I like this bunny.” “What do you mean? Gabriel looked confused, “It’s Bonnie yeah?” Jeremy looked at the rabbit and frowned, “Bonnie’s not yellow.” Gabriel and Fritz looked at each other, then at the rabbit. “Who are you?” They asked together. The rabbit was still, then spoke in a much less cheery tone. “I’m Bonnie, just a different version, okay?” Jeremy took one more step back, when the rabbit noticed this, he changed his tone quickly and spoke again, “Hey, it’s okay little one! I just want to give you a present because I hear it’s your birthday! Turning the big five years old!” Jeremy tilted his head, “How did you know?” “Why your parents told me of course! Don’t think I didn’t talk to them first,” The rabbit gave a thumbs up as he finished. Gabriel and Fritz turned to Jeremy once more, “See?” Fritz said cheerfully, “everything’s fine!” Fritz’s words didn’t make Jeremy feel any better, he shot a frown to the rabbit, then spoke, “If everything is okay, then he won’t mind if I go talk to mom and dad right now!” Jeremy hissed. Jeremy wasn’t entirely sure what it was about the rabbit, but he knew that he shouldn’t be trusted. He quickly turned and started to walk away, “No!” The rabbit shouted as he slightly walked into the bright light of the party room, but quickly went back into the shadow of the hallway. Jeremy slowly turned to him, “Why?” “Because! I- uhhh… really need to give your gift to you now, before it goes bad?” Jeremy frowned again, but in confusion instead of annoyance. “C’mon Jeremy!” Gabriel exclaimed, “Just come on, I’m sure it wont take long.” Jeremy looked at his friends with a look of pain, the pain of his friends not believing him. “But-“ “Just come on,” The rabbit seemed to demand, “You’ll be back before you can say happy birthday.” Jeremy looked at the rabbit, then to his friends in defeat. “Okay.” Jeremy cautiously followed the rabbit behind his friends as they were lead down the hall and into a room that read “Employees only” Jeremy wanted to say something, but he gulped down the words along with his bravery. The rabbit let the three of them in first, then went in behind them as he slammed the door shut. Jeremy winced at the loud sound of the door and whimpered. He knew he made a mistake agreeing do this. “H-Hey guys?” Jeremy barely stuttered out the words, “I think we should go back.” “relax, Jeremy.” Fritz sighed, “There’s nothing wrong with-“ Fritz stopped as he heard a clicking sound. The three of them turned to see the rabbit standing by the door with his hand on the lock. Jeremy’s heart stopped. “He locked us in!” Jeremy thought, his heart was racing. He slowly started backing up as far away from the rabbit as possible. He turned over to his right and looked at the table that was squeezed in the corner of the room, he thought he saw some sort of stain on one of the legs. He followed the stains down to what looked like a- “AAAAAA!!” Jeremy screamed at the top of his lungs and stumbled away from the table. Gabriel and Fritz quickly went to Jeremy’s side. “What was that for?!” Fritz exclaimed, Jeremy was as pale as snow and he was breathing as if he was out of breath, “Hey, what’s wrong?” Gabriel asked sincerely, concerned by his pale appearance and rapid breathing. Jeremy lifted his hand, it was shaking as he pointed over to the bottom of the table. Gabriel and Fritz took a few steps forward to see what it was. When they did see it, Fritz gasped and Gabriel screamed as he stepped away towards Jeremy. There was a little girl, laying limp under the table. Her clothes were stained dark red and she had dried blood all over her pale skin and curly blonde hair. But the worst part of all, at least for Jeremy, was seeing her ocean blue eyes staring at him with no signs of life whatsoever. It was as if he was looking into the eyes of death itself. “What do you think of my little surprise?” The rabbit laughed as he started walking towards Jeremy, who was still on the other side of the room. Gabriel was frozen, but Fritz ran towards the body. “Come on guys, we have to help her!” Fritz yelled as he drug her out from under the table. Gabriel didn’t move, he just stared at Fritz as he tried to help the girl. “Um, guys? I think she’s dead,” Jeremy spoke up in a rather panicking tone. “No! There has to be something we can do!” Fritz shouted. “Fritz! It’s too late, can one of you just-“ Jeremy went silent, “what were you gonna say?” Fritz asked as Gabriel turned around to an excruciating sight. “Fritz,” Gabriel spoke quietly. “Not now Gab-“ “Fritz look!” Gabriel cried. Fritz turned around, and when he did he couldn’t believe what he saw. The rabbit was holding Jeremy’s dead body as he pulled a knife from his head. Fritz froze. Gabriel couldn’t hold back his tears and collapsed to the floor. “Jeremy?” Gabriel whimpered. But there was no answer. The rabbit walked up to him, tears falling down his face like a waterfall. He looked down at the floor, and the rabbit took the knife and pierced it into his neck. Fritz gasped and stumbled back as the rabbit started walking towards him. Fritz was crying to the point his vision was blurry, “Why did you-“ Fritz couldn’t finish his sentence. The rabbit gave a small chuckle, “Unfortunately that is information that can’t be shared with you…yet.” Fritz looked at him, clearly confused. “What?” “You don’t have to understand now, but I promise you will in due time.” The last thing that Fritz heard was the rabbits maniacal laugh, and the last thing he saw was the rabbit taking off his mask to reveal a man. The man looked at him with deep black eyes with small, white pupils. Then, just as his friends, Fritz’s life faded....
No Need For The Jury To Retire (The Crusade) by TheManinStripes
Roxanne Wolf by MLP-HeadStrong
Glamrock Chica by MLP-HeadStrong
Creeping by ZjeroXytz
Artfight 2022- Liko by Silvetz
Artfight 2022- Reo by Silvetz
Smile.Tutorial by serialzero
Aki~ by Akinian
Full moon by ZjeroXytz
Bolt by Tigerstar52
Rene [C] by Akinian
Rydas by IIAnnaBananaII
Qandrudon by IIAnnaBananaII
Pokemon x Monster Hunter Stories Crossover Fanart by Bamsdrawz
[C] Eztli Wyvern by Hynvale
V1 by Sayrantesis
Other 1
Kurt and Amanda by Kelseyalicia
Other 2
ADOPT (CLOSE) Royal Magic Dragon by Quinnmanellen
Other 3
Inktober 2022 (1) by AdrStefanska
Other 4
Ginkgo by aralk
Sapphire Nightgem by L-Starshade
Suggestion: Amanda and Moira play and dance by amiwakawaiidesu
Comics Literature
Bunny Cop: New Paint Job pg 3 by Untraceablemystic
Anime Chibi
99# Cute and Fluffian Adopts Batch Auction(OPEN) by Bai-leys
Hold On by Foolish-Hearts
Thunderstorm above Helsinki by Pajunen
BROTHER by Misaki-Leafy
I want a critique
Here comes the Heroes (FanArt) by Fenris2021
Contests, raffles, giveaways etc.
Palisman Adopts (Open) {4/8} by lolitasevilla
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