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End-Tape Chapter 19: GabrielWhack!” One of the shelves fell over, almost crushing Mike, but he was able to evade it just in time. He whipped around to see that nothing was there. “What the-“ The shelf behind Tabbie tipped and started to fall. Mike rushed and pulled her away just in time to see it collapse as all of the items either fell to the ground or flew in the air. Tabbie looked at Mike, who was holding her in his arms. Her face slightly flushed a rosy pink and her stomach fluttered with butterflies. “Not the time, Tabbie.” She scolded herself as she pushed away from him, regaining her focus. “I’m gonna go help that guy, okay?” She nodded as he rushed to the man’s side as she continued to frantically look around for the source of this voice. She looked over to see Mike not doing anything. “it must’ve been too late.” Tabbie thought as she saw Mike bow his head. Tears started to form in her eyes. Tabbie made it a routine to stop by Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria at least twice a week, and every Wednesday she went there she saw that same man with his daughter, Mary. She was a sweet little girl no older than eight and she had long, straight, brown hair that went almost to her ankles and was always either braided or in a bun. Every Wednesday her dad would take her after school to see her favorite animatronic, Foxy. Even though he thought the place was creepy. Tabbie loved watching her just sit in front of Pirates Cove and watch as Foxy spoiled her rotten with candy, prizes and songs. Foxy was Mary’s favorite, and she was his, too. Looking at the man’s lifeless body, every terrible scenario played in her head. The biggest one being poor Mary’s reaction to her father’s death. Tabbie snapped back into reality when she felt something go down her shirt and onto her back. She shuddered and turned to see Mike right in front of her, making her jump. “Can you hear me?” Mike asked. Tabbie looked at him showing she was clearly not listening and was confused. “I said, He’s gone. I also asked if everything was ok, you were just staring at him.” She noticed he looked sad, but also a bit uncomfortable. “Sorry, I was j-just-“ Tabbie felt liquid on her back, it almost seemed to be wrapping around her waist, but she ignored it and continued. “Lost in my thoughts, that’s all.” He raised an eyebrow. “What happened to the voice?” Mike asked after a second or two of silence, “I’m not sure, but we need to find the others.” Tabbie and Mike looked at the man one last time before going out the door, only to be met by a top hat covered in blood on the floor. They looked at each other with worry. “Freddy must be next, meaning his real name is Gabriel. So, we need to go east.” Mike temporarily forgot about the clues, so he was confused for a moment. He nodded then headed to the car. Mike drove while Tabbie sat in the back with Foxy. “Where should we go now?” Mike asked as they drove, “I’m not sure, I don’t know many places here. Can you think of a place to start?” He thought for a moment, then it hit him. “Oh! I think I know a few places we could start. Since we found Foxy…er, Fritz, in a costume shop that must mean they are in places that resemble them. There are a few Music shops and another pizzeria in this area.” “Why a pizzeria?” She asked quizzically. “I just thought maybe since Freddy’s the main guy, a pizzeria could easily resemble him.” Tabbie smiled, then looked down at a still unconscious, but slightly better, Foxy. His breaths were steady, and Mike said he was going to be okay. Where his left ear was supposed to be was stitched and bandaged to close the wound and stop bleeding. She was relieved to see that all his other wounds were small and weren’t bleeding much. The first place they stopped by was the first music shop, but unfortunately found nothing. “Man, didn’t find anything here, either.” Mike sighed as they walked out of the second music store. “I’m sure We’ll have more-“ Tabbie stopped once she opened the back door to the car. “You’re awake!” She leaned down and gave Foxy a hug. Mike smiled when he saw Foxy was awake. “What happened, mate?” He asked as they got into the car with him, heading towards the pizzeria. “We could ask you the same thing.” Foxy stared in thought. “I was with Bonnie when some weird black thing came from behind him. I tried to warn him, but then I must’ve blacked out. Other then that I just remember…” His one ear drooped down as he seemed to look up to his ear. He must remember the pain. Once they parked at the pizzeria Mike looked back at Foxy. “You stay here, we’ll find Freddy ok?” Foxy’s one ear flopped down again as he frowned, even though you could only see his left because his other eye was bandaged from a cut though thankfully no damage was actually done to his eye. “No way! I be just as capable as you!” “Ya sure about that?” Tabbie asked pointing to his most likely fractured leg. “You’re staying here dude.” His frown lifted and he looked at Mike again. “Aye, I guess you be right. Just get Gabriel and the others to safety.” Foxy sat in the car while Mike and Tabbie walked up to the ‘pizzeria’. “This doesn’t look like a pizzeria,” Tabbie said as she read the lettering that said, ‘Candy’s Burgers and Fries.’ “I-I thought it was a pizzeria.” Mike chuckled nervously. Tabbie rolled her eyes, a small smile on her face, it was hard for her to be annoyed at him…wonder why. :3 They walked into the ‘pizzeria’ to find a diner style stage area. Two young looking cats, one pink and one blue, were on stage singing a song together. The whole place looked so different, but still slightly resembled Freddy Fazbear’s in kind of a weird way. They explored the diner to find a guy teaching kids how to draw. “That’s really cute,” Mike thought as they walked past him. They also walked past a little boy in a suit giving customers their food. “even cuter,” Mike thought again as they walked past. They walked into another stage room to find what looked like a monkey playing a banjo for little kids. Tabbie smiled, looking at all the children enjoying his music. Tabbie felt something crawling up her back, like falling slime but it was somehow coming up instead of down. She shuddered again as she was reminded about what she felt in her shirt. She stood still as it slowly continued around her waist, then suddenly it wrapped and tightened around her waist causing her to gasp from the sudden action. Mike swung his head around and gave her a worried look. “Are you ok?” Tabbie silently panicked, “I shouldn’t say anything we already have enough to worry about I’m sure it’s nothing we need to find Gabriel I’m not important it’s kinda cute that he’s worried about me-“ Tabbie’s thoughts were interrupted when Mike moved closer to her and wrapped his fingers around her arm. She felt her face heat up, making her panic even more. “I-It’s nothing! I just thought I saw something but it wasn’t really there we should be finding someone shouldn’t we?” Tabbie gave a fake smile as she looked up at him, hoping her face wasn’t red enough to notice. Mike looked at her for a moment, then smiled and backed away, taking his hand off of her arm. “Yeah, let’s find him…If he’s here.” The gave one last smile at each other, then continued. Tabbie was trying to ignore what was strapped around her waist. She looked over to a maintenance door that was open, and she was about to turn away when she saw a clawed paw grabbed the edge of the door and closed it. Her eyes snapped wider than the sky as she grabbed Mike’s sleeve, pulling him back. “What-“ “Some creature just closed that door. We need to get in there,” Tabbie said slowly, “That’s a maintenance room, we can’t get in there since we don’t work here.” Tabbie thought for a moment, then smiled. Mike was confused until he saw Tabbie sneak over to the fire alarm. “Wait Tabbie-“ She pulled the lever. Sirens wailed through the whole diner, crying for everyone to get out, and they did. Once everyone was out, they made their way to the door. Mike opened the door to find nothing but darkness. Trying to find a light switch, Tabbie was feeling around and felt her hand touch what felt like ratty, dirty fur. Tabbie squealed as she jumped back, knocking Mike over in the process. The lights turned on for Tabbie to see she was on top of Mike, not allowing him to get up. Face pink from embarrassment and guilt, she quickly helped him up as they heard someone speak. “Well hello there, took you long enough.” They assumed this was who they needed to talk to, it had taken them a few hours more than last time. They watched as an injured, dirty, old looking, rat. “So, you can tell us where Gabriel is?” Mike looked over at Tabbie, who was much braver than he was, he was terrified. The rat looked at them, then smiled. “Yes, but I’ve been told I need to make this harder for you,” His grin grew bigger, “And I know exactly how to do that.” Mike grabbed Tabbie’s arm and started to pull her out of the room, he had a feeling he knew what was going to happen. The rat then pounced at them, barely missing Tabbie. “That was close!” Mike could hear his adrenalin as they ran through the diner. The two cats had come back in and had the same black, white pupiled, eyes. The pink one ran for Mike and tackled him, making him let go of Tabbie. The blue one grabbed her arms and started dragging her away. He didn’t know what to do, so he punched the pink cat in the face and ran over to the blue cat, swinging a good punch at him too. The blue cat fell onto his back as Mike helped Tabbie up and they both continued to run. They passed the artist’s place to realize he was gone, so were the monkey and boy in the suit. They ran and ran until they came to the exit in the back of the diner, but it was blocked by the monkey and the artist. They were surrounded. The cats were coming towards them and so were the artist and monkey. Mike looked over to see the rat, smiling, next to another cat that looked just as beat up as he did. Tabbie was trying to find a way to get passed all of the performers closing in on them when she was reminded of the thing that was wrapped around her waist. It tightened more than it was before, squeezing her stomach to the point it hurt. She gasped again, gripping at her stomach to try and loosen whatever was causing her pain. “Tabbie, what’s wrong?!” Mike had his hands out in hopes to do something, but he didn’t know what to do. Tabbie continued to try and grab whatever was squeezing the air out of her. She started getting lightheaded as she felt the same slimy liquid crawl up her back and wrap around her neck. She grasped her neck, falling to her knees, she couldn’t breathe. Mike watched as Tabbie collapsed, grasping her neck. She was gasping and coughing as some weird black goo was around her neck, wrapping around the rest of her body as well. “Wait, that goo!” It was the same substance Tabbie had brought to him the other night. He tried to get to her put he soon found himself pinned to the ground by the same annoying pink cat. She looked at him with deadly eyes as she used her claws to make a clean, deep scratch across his cheek. She didn’t even give him time to react before digging her claws into and across his chest. Tears formed in Mike’s eyes as he laid, defenseless, not able to help Tabbie or even himself. Tabbie had given up. She couldn’t breathe, she was too weak to try and get whatever it was off of her, and the substance had done nothing but tighten. Her vision was blurry, and she couldn’t think straight. She eventually let herself fall to the floor completely. The pink cat had given Mike bloody scratches all over his chest, stomach, and face. He closed his eyes as he saw her lift her hand to make another swipe across his face. He waited and waited until he felt her weight come off of him. He opened his eyes and saw that she was on the ground, knocked out. “Are you ok?” a familiar voice was speaking to him. He forced his head to turn over, though it hurt like hell, and saw Freddy kneeling down with his hand out, gesturing to help him up. Mike used all of his strength to grab his hand, Freddy did the rest. Tabbie was on the edge of death, she could tell. Her vision had faded completely, and she was slowly losing feeling in her body. She was sure this was it until she suddenly felt all the pressure from the substance vanish. She could breathe again, and she was gaining feeling in her body once more, but her vision was still black, and she still couldn’t think straight. Mike didn’t know what to do. Tabbie was still on the ground, unconscious. He was about ready to just bleed out and die until he saw the same little waiter boy walk to her with a syringe in his left hand. “What is he going to do?!” Mike thought. He tried to race over but Freddy grabbed him. Confused, he watched to see what was going on. The boy took the syringe to her neck and used it to suck up a surprising amount of the substance. It suddenly released its hold on Tabbie and sloshed on the ground, forming into a warped sort of wave. A mouth formed and it screamed for the rest of its liquid body back. The boy ran for it, the substance sloshed and twirled as it slithered quicker than a snake, chasing the boy. Freddy helped Mike down as he rushed towards Tabbie. She gasped for breath, but was she was still unconscious, and her neck had already started bruising. Their attention was then drawn to the sound of something behind them, “What happened to you?” the pink cat asked as she got up to her knees. The blue cat did the same, and when he saw her hands His eyes widened as he asked, “Um, Cindy? I think you did something.” The pink cat…or Cindy, laughed, looking at her hands, “No! obviously this is paint.” The blue cat face palmed in disappointment, then looked at Mike and Freddy. “I’m so sorry if we did anything. I really can’t remember.” Freddy explained the situation while Cindy helped patch up Mike. “Sorry I…I didn’t actually think I could hurt anyone,” she smiled a bit, “One thing you should know about me, I’m weak as hell.” Mike chuckled as she put the last bandage on his face. Cindy was happy she made him laugh. It was her job after all. Not just as a performer, but as a sister, too. “You two okay over here?” the blue cat asked as he and Freddy walked up to them. Mike smiled, and Cindy gave a thumbs up. “This is Cindy, she’s my sister.” “Twin,” Cindy corrected as she put away Mike’s supplies. He glared at her as he continued, “Yes…Twin sister, feel better?” She smiled and nodded, letting him continue, “and my name is Candy. We work here as performers, like you at Freddy Fazbear’s.” “Candy?” Mike asked as he stood up slowly, “Our parents had this stupid idea to only have a letter difference in our names, and the only thing they could think of was Candy,” He frowned as he looked at Cindy. “I blame you for being born first.” “I thought we were twins?” Cindy looked like a puzzled two-year-old. Candy growled as he slammed his hand to his face, again. “Anyways, how may we help you guys with this?” Candy asked as Cindy skipped next to him. “Thanks, Candy. I think you two would be most likely to win in a fight, so maybe if we get attacked, you could fight until we get Chica and Bonnie to safety. And if you get controlled by that creature, we’ll know it’s not you,” Mike’s eyes widened. “Controlled…By that creature? The substance? Is that what it was trying to do to Tabbie? Oh my gosh, how long has this creature been doing this? How do we stop it?” “I don’t know, but we can most certainly find out,” After Freddy said that, Mike came to the awful realization that his panicked thoughts were being said out loud. Once the boy came back, he told them how he lured them away, but not for long. Freddy had decided he and the boy were going to take Tabbie to the hospital while Mike, Candy, Cindy and Fritz looked for Chica and Bonnie. But how could they do that without Tabbie? "Guess we’ll have to wait and see…"...
End-Tape Chapter 18: FritzOnce Tabbie and Mike had made it to western Hurricane, it was time for the truly hard part of this mission. Finding out who could help them.“Where do you think we should start?” Mike asked as they were walking along a strip mall. Tabbie thought for a second, looking around, until her eyes landed on a costume store.“Let’s try there.” She said as she pointed in the direction of the building. Mike lifted an eyebrow.“A costume shop?” She looked at him with a ‘you trust me with everything else why the heck not this’ expression. As if he read her mind, he stayed silent, regretting he ever said anything. They walked into the store to see a man at the counter. It was when he and Tabbie made eye contact that she figured out more about the clues. Her eyes widened as they stared at each other.“Hello, do you two need something?” The man behind the counter asked kindly. Tabbie looked over to Mike, then back to the man.“We were wondering if you might know where someone name…Fritz is?” The man behind the counter snapped like a twig.“What? Y-you already found it?!” Tabbie was right, there are people throughout the town that know what they need to find. “H-how did you know where to go? O-or figure it out so quickly?!” This man definitely knew something.“I just tried the first thing that came to mind,” She said putting her hands on her hips. “And plus, you always say it gets annoying that Foxy loves to come here and play with your daughter on his free days. You said he creeps you out.” Tabbie smiled as she finished her sentence. The man froze, cold sweat dripping down his face as he swallowed the lump in his throat. “So, are ya gonna tell us what to do next?” After a few seconds, he shakingly spoke,“Fine, he’s somewhere in this building. But be careful, I have a feeling you weren’t supposed to get here so quickly.” Tabbie nodded and smiled, thanking him. They looked all around, and they couldn’t find him, the only place they hadn’t checked was the employees only area. But before they left to check the man stopped them. “W-wait! Before you go, do you have any medical supplies?”“Yes, I brought some just in case.” Mike answered, the man nodded.“Good, cause you’re going to need it.” They both looked at each other with worry, then headed into the back. When Tabbie opened the door, they saw a big room full of boxes and other items on giant shelves. They split up, looking all around for Foxy until Tabbie yelled,“Mike! Over here!” She called. He ran to her direction to see Tabbie next to an unconscious injured Foxy.“Is he still breathing?” He asked softly. She nodded.“What should we do?”“We need to get him to the car so I can patch him up and once we find the others, we should take them to the hospital.” She nodded. Mike knelt down and picked up the unconscious Foxy and took him to the car where he bandaged his ear, hand and any other wounds he had. They stayed with him until he started to stir, showing he was ok. “Where to now?” Mike asked looking at Tabbie.“Now we go east and look for-“ Tabbie suddenly stopped when she heard the disturbing scream of the man in the store. Mike and Tabbie left Foxy’s side to find the man lying on the floor of the shop, blood coming from his mouth as he lay there as still as a statue. They got closer to reveal that his shirt was stained red, it looked like he was stabbed.“Hello, girl. Found one of your friends?” An almost demonic voice boomed, they couldn’t tell where the voice was coming from because it sounded from what seemed like every direction. Tabbie shivered and mike swallowed the football sized lump in his throat that was preventing him from speaking. Tabbie cleared her throat to speak,“W-What do you want?” Her voice was shaky, and she was frantically looking around for this mysterious voice that was speaking to them. Mike was doing the same when he noticed another thing about the man, his eyes were black with white pupils…just like Bonnie and the others.Tell me, girl. Why should I just tell you our plans?” Our? What did it mean by our?Little did they know, there was much more going on here than even Tabbie had thought.“Whack!”
End-Tape Chapter 17: Severed CluesMike woke up by the sound of his phone again. He answered to hear his boss on the phone, as he expected, it was about him missing last night. After his unnecessarily large apology, his boss kindly agreed to let him off this time cause of what happened to Tabbie. After Mike got off the phone, he opened his bedroom door to bump right into Tabbie. She started to fall backwards until Mike caught her. His arm across her back and hand on her hip, he pulled her up and quickly moved his arm to his side before speaking,“Sorry, I didn’t see you.” Mike said softly.“Cause I’m short?” Tabbie asked jokingly. Mike chuckled but didn’t deny it.“I’m sorry. But I have to ask. What’s in the jar you showed me?” Tabbies smile faded a bit as she signaled him to follow her to the coffee table of the living room. Mike tried to convince Tabbie to stay in his room and he sleep on the couch, but she refused. She grabbed the jar and showed him the mysterious black substance in the jar.“I got this from some weird rabbit looking creature. It was made out of this. I managed to get some of it, but I couldn’t get away in time and it slashed my freaking face.” Mike could here the pain and annoyance in her voice.“Do you know what that is? Maybe why or how the creature was made of that stuff?”“Sadly, no. All I got was this.” Tabbie looked at him with a face of, almost, fear. Almost like she was afraid she didn’t do enough. “Sorry, this was just all I could do.” Mike smiled,“It’s fine, Tabbie. This is a lot compared to what we’ve gotten before.” Tabbie looked at him with a confused smile.“We’ve gotten nothing until this point.”“Exactly.” Tabbie chuckled at his words. “Maybe Freddy and the others know what this is?”“I doubt they will. I feel like if they knew, they would’ve said so when we asked about who might want to do this to them.” Mike nodded slowly as he looked at the substance sloshing around in the jar.“What happens when you open it?” Mike asked after staring at it.“Well, I’m pretty sure it goes back to it’s host. You see how it’s splashing around in the jar? It’s seems to have some sort of mind or objective, so I bet it’s just trying to get back to the creature whose controlling it…or something like that.” Mike looked at her, shocked. “What?”“I would’ve never thought of that.”“Is that suppose to be a complement?” She asked, a smirk on her face. Mike nodded, still with the same shocked expression. She couldn’t help but giggle at his face. This was much better than just repeating instructions on a dang phone.Once it was time for Mike’s shift to begin, the two of them headed to the pizzeria. Tabbie had decided she would close the doors and Mike would watch the cameras, so that’s what they did. “Ya see anything?” Tabbie asked.“Nope, not even Bonnie.” She could her the worry in Mike’s voice. Neither of them had seen anyone at the pizzeria for the whole shift, it was worrying for both of them.Once 6:00 am hit, they went straight for the basement to see if they were there. They were gone. Tabbie and Mike looked at each other, both with worry.“What do we do now?” Mike asked while having one of his panic attacks. Tabbie looked at him and sighed.“I think I know where they could be.” Mike looked at her. “Right after the creature slashed me, it threw a mask at me. It looked a lot like Foxy. It smiled at me then turned into this substance, slipping under the door. I got the substance from the little bit that got stuck on the door.” Tabbie looked guilty, which pricked Mike’s heart with a needle.“It’s ok if you didn’t tell me right away, Tabbie. You literally almost lost your eye from that thing. I’m surprised you even told me about any of this the same night. That’s enough to traumatize anyone.” She looked a little less guilty after he said that. Right after they finished their little conversation, they left the Pizzeria to the place Tabbie saw the rabbit creature.“This is the place.” Mike was rather surprised to see they were standing right in front of, presumably, her apartment, but didn’t question it. She opened the door to find a disturbing sight.There was a trail of blood on the floor leading to, what he assumed, her bedroom. Mike looked down to see Tabbie’s face of horror. They slowly walked up and opened the door…There was a severed ear on the ground. A red, furry ear was laying on the floor of Tabbie’s room. On her wall was a blood written message saying,“Find them” Mike looked to the second wall to see another message saying, “1, west. 2, east. 3, north. 4, south.”“What the hell does that mean?” Mikes words turned Tabbie’s attention to the second wall message. She cocked her head to the side, showing she didn’t know either. She started to look around, presumably, for something else that might help. She opened her closet to find another two bloody messages on the wall and the ceiling, the one on the wall read,“Fritz, Gabriel, Suzie, Jeremy.” The one on the ceiling read, “They’ll know you when they see you.” Mike was confused out of his mind, he looked at Tabbie to see that she was deep in thought. It was silent until,“I THINK I KNOW WHAT TO DO!!” Mike jumped backward and hit his head on one of the shelves.“Ow!” Tabbie winced as she looked at him.“Sorry, I tend to do that when I figure something out.” Mike nodded and smiled as Tabbie told him her thoughts. “So, this says Fritz, Gabriel, Suzie and Jeremy, but I think this is the order that we find them. Fritz must be Foxy’s real name, since it’s... you know,” Mike did know, the severed ear. But he stopped his thoughts as she continued, “So that means West is the clue for Foxy since his name is first. West obviously means the west part of Hurricane. Maybe ‘They’ll know you when they see you’ means we might need to find someone who will tell us more.” Mike was once again dumfounded by Tabbie’s words.“How the heck do you do that?” Mike asked, still shocked. Tabbie shrugged as she pulled him back to his car.“It’s nice that Hurricane is so small, it will be easier to find the answers and get the others to safety.” Mike smiled, showing that he agreed, and on they went to find the missing Foxy, Freddy, Chica and Bonnie.Clever girl, guess we’ll have to put up a fight.”
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Let them burnThe volcano glows red, and everyone's deadNot a body to be seen a nation of ash and cindersAnd it looks like I'm the queenThe flames keep roaring like the furnace that's insideI couldn't keep it in. Hell only knows I've triedAs usual, the Fire Nation's meteorological phenomenon remained quite idealistic. The landscape also sustained its prestigious attraction. Truthfully each realm held its own unequaled charm and miracles.Everyone acknowledged that your most guaranteed bet is the Fire Nation if you sought sunshiny weather without uncertainty. One extraordinary individual currently had a birds-eye view of the territorial division beneath her. A sizable majestic bird with sleek blood-red and golden plumage vocalizing an enchanting melodic line soared high on the ever-present thermals of the Fire Nation.She sensibly kept far enough away, so no one underneath her realized she was a phoenix. Phoenix was as revered as the dragons in the Fire Nation. The rational motive persisted that it was the daughter of Agni's emblem. From the ballet "Phoenix Heaven."Princess Azula's mother, Shula's family, had long ago been anointed with Agnimitra's mark. Thus it granted their family success for generations. Except Agnimitra solely anointed those she found praiseworthy of her mark.She knew in heart that Princess Azula didn't merit her good fortune. Not when it remained unmistakable how black the child's heart and soul were. After all, that's why Anto left his brand on her. Every spirit would only mark those they perceived deserving of their blessing.It remained an honor bestowed to a select few. However, while the Sun Spirit's female offspring hadn't gotten an opportunity to bless the child she'd yearned for, she kept a close watch on him and his loved ones.Adjusting her wings, Agnimitra continued on her flight to the Fire Nation capital to check on her charge. She possessed extraordinary senses within this form. Superior visual perception moreover sharp-eared. Plus, the charm within her voice and tears.Don't let them in. Don't let them seeBe the good girl you always have to beConceal don't feel, don't let them learnWell, now they've learned!The phoenix grinned when she witnessed the emblems in her honor. Unbeknownst to virtually everyone in the Fire Nation, the ballet "Phoenix Heaven" wasn't a product of the invention.The ballet literally revealed her life story. Which dated back 300 years ago, give or take a decade or two. If memory severed, she believed Kyoshi been the Avatar. Reasonably confident it hadn't been the lowest Avatar, Kurkuk.That otiose sleazeball remained notorious for being the most slothful Avatar plus the youngest to perish. These spirits themselves had been quite disappointed in Alanna's mother, Raava's decision to make him her vessel. Nevertheless, everyone, even spirits, makes mistakes. No one was infallible.Agnimitra yearned more of her kind to spend time in human skin. It do miracles in educating them in humility. Furthermore, valuing human life. Furthermore, recognize how fragile life was.She'd a genuinely happy life as a human with Mishal. Their daughter Princess Akari inherited a myriad of boons from both sides of her household. Her legacy lived on nearly all of the imperial family. That is except for the bad eggs, specifically Ozai and his daughter. Her earthly descendants maintained her blessing when she decided they're worthy of it. Following the passing of her partner, Agnimitra regained her position as a sacred spirit.To safeguard her earth-born descendants from danger, the spirits expunged all knowledge of her time on Earth. Thus her story has been reduced to a ballet. Nevertheless, no enchantment is genuinely flawless. Thus, they're limited souls who possessed an obscure impression the ballet was a fact, not fiction.Let them burn, let them burn!They're no longer my concern!Let them burn, let them burn!Time to show the world it's my turn!I won't care how they're going to scream!Let the fire rage on.Flames never seemed to bother me.The Phoenix Celebration paid tribute to her in her spirit form, which explained the hustling and bustling within the capital. Her keen eyes noticed numerous of her descendant's loved ones.Her favorite descendant's best friends and their soulmates were engaged in setting up for the celebration. The Crown Prince, his wife, and their friends were overseeing the entire arrangements for the celebration.From her previous sojourns, she knew Azulon and Ilah were currently visiting Ilah's girlhood home. The same with the prevailing Fire Lord and his wife. Consequently, their son Crown Prince Lu Ten, happened to be in charge until they returned.It's funny how this inferno makes everything look brightAnd the fear that once controlled me set everything alight!It's time to see what I can doTo test the limits and breakthrough.No right, no wrong, when it's only me!So I'm free!By now, the blazing bird arrived at her destination, her favorite location from her mortal life—the Fire Nation Palace Gardens. The gardens themselves only grown more eye-catching extravagant with each new Fire Lady adding to it.The Fire Lord may rule the nation. However, the garden always fell upon the Fire Lady to attend. Fire Lady Kimana had unquestionably made it mind-blowing with her household one-of-kind blossoms and lepidopterous insects.In fact, Agnimitra noticed her most recent descendant, Princess Kiyi, was currently inside the butterfly house with her two friends. Agnimitra didn't know their names. Only they're the granddaughters of her great-grandmother lady's maid.Utilizing her acute awareness, she picked up Kiyi and her friends, who were studying various encyclopedias, while savoring the diversity of butterflies her grandmother had brought back from her sister's settlement."Did you know that Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love? It restores trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love! Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing, and feelings of peace!" Kiyi read aloud passionately."That's neat!" one of the twins squealed. Suddenly she read a passage from another book, "Sage is one of the essential ceremonial plants. Utilized by many as an incense. Plus a purifying herb. Sweetgrass symbolizes protection and healing. Furthermore is considered to drive out evil influences and ward off bad luck.""Now that's fascinating! Listen to what this chapter says regarding butterflies!" the other twin chimed in before reading her book aloud." Many look to this flying insect with deep reverence and use it as a symbol for many life concepts. To summarize, the butterfly symbolism works as a representation of resurrection, change, renewal, hope, endurance, and courage to embrace the transformation to make life better!"Smiling again, the legendary bird flew to the most magnificent tree in the garden. The one she planted herself the day after she'd gotten married. As she hoped, she saw Zuko, her favorite descendant having a lovey-dovey moment with Akiko.Agnimitra wasn't certain if the girl grasped her heritage as a descendant of the Dragon Guardians. However, she could perceive the intense spiritual power originating from the ravishing young woman.Akiko leaned her head against her true love's shoulder as he embraced her tightly. "My darling, Zuko. How is it you still, even after all this time, find small wonders in the world?""You have to look for the little miracles before you can appreciate the big ones," as he kissed the back of her neck, leaving her to purr."I do hope that Demon doesn't show her ugly face again. This is our time, and I want to soak up every moment we've alone.""Funny thing about my cousin. No one has seen hide or hair her for a week. Its alarming. Even her former nanny having a fit about it.""Why would anyone even notice or care if that monster went missing?" the jade-eyed beauty questioned her lover, who looked at her seriously."You know how superstitious some folks are. With my cousin being known as a cursed child, the Demon Princess? D you think anyone can rest securely without knowing where she is?""You do have a point, Zuky. I hope they track her down shortly. I'm thankful you don't have a seed of evil within your body," as they smooched passionately. Promptly a hauntingly gorgeous melody permitted the gardens snapping the lovers out of their spell. "Who is singing that?" Akiko couldn't help but wonder aloud.Let them burn, let them burn!See my fire across the sky!Let them burn, let them burn!Like a rocket, I can fly!I won't care how they're going to scream!Let the fire rage on!"I don't know, Akiko. Though I'm quite sure I've heard this song only in my dreams.""Your dreams?"Blushing, he confessed, "Ever since I was little, I've dreamed of a ravishing young woman with scarlet and golden locks with eyes the color of first light. Elegantly attired, graceful, plus a phoenix mark in the center of her forehead. Sincerely I don't know why I dream about her.""That sounds suspiciously like Agni's daughter. Except why she appears to you in your dreams, I cannot say. Though its no stranger then my dreams of dragons speaking to me.""Mother says its an honor bestowed to few to come face-to-face with a spirit. To stand in their presence will strike one dumb. That its an experience you'd never forget.""Hmm, well, I imagine meeting any spirit would be life-changing.""If you only knew my children. If you only knew. Oh, how I wish I could hold you, Zuko. How I wish I could dance with you and your fire lily. Anything to be once more with my family. To feel their happiness and joy.To feel the sun on my human skin once more. The sweet touch on my figure tips with the breath of a loved one on my lips. Alas, that time come and gone. I only wish I didn't have to take you both from your happy lives soon. Yet, you both must be protected if the Shards are to remain to protect." Agnimitra sang softly to herself, shedding one golden tear.My power surges through the air and all around.My soul's the engine that will burn this world down to the ground!And one move sparks ignition of my vengeful wrath!I'm never going back. The future's all I have!Let them burn, let them burn!Raining down Armageddon!Gazing once more with affection and sorrow in her eyes, she launched herself into the heavens above. She knew she'd have to give her report to Alanna along with the other patron spirits and their children. Yet, it broke her heart she'd shortly have to steal Zuko and Akiko away from their families. Families are meant to be together and should never steal loved ones.However, the spirits felt for months know the cold grasp of darkness in the air how this evil knew the lost legend of the shards. Furthermore, if they weren't protected, the world would plunge into chaos and ruin.They couldn't let it happen. Bad enough, thanks to this evil, Alanna's mother Raava, been temporarily detained. By the time they'd delivered her to unearth her next vessel, a century passed.The humans had taken for granted that they'd been unsuccessful in establishing the next Avatar that transpired with Kyoshi. Therefore it wasn't unheard of not to distinguish the current avatar for quite some time.Either way, the level of danger was growing by the day. Consequently, desperate times called for desperate measures, even if it would break a few hearts. Why did fate have to be cruel to be kind?Let them burn, let them burn!Their precious world is gone!I won't care how they're going to scream!Let the fire rage on.Flames never seemed to bother me.
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Coward Montblanc by ArkaniaNEO
Poe's dream by ionWill
Spring Lagoon by Pajunen
Sorrypus by dengekipororo
awesome stuff that deserves feedback
LVJY TAUNT by AndrewSukkii
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