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:iconcomunagrave:comunagrave posted a status
//rambling u can ignore this im just super happy

fuck i keep talking about this to people but shit
theres this junior or senior (idk which one they are) whos in the orchestra program w me that i got a squish on and like
yesterday we bumped into each other and started talking
and they recognized me from our bus
but today i was putting away the cello i had gotten out and like, ended up rearranging some of them since they were all out of order and 
they like. came up to me and were like "so we ride the same bus And we're both cellists." and started talking again and then like
offered help w the cello if i needed any, which was !!!!!!!!1 enough on its own
but then when i got back on the bus to go home i had to sit farther towards the back since people were taking up the front seats
and apparently i sat like one seat apart from their seat
so they asked the kid in front of us to get my attention
and talked again
and then when they got off on their stop they were standing right next to the seat i was in bc that,, stop has a Lot of ppl and they were waiting for ppl to start getting off
they like, looked down at me and went "i will see u tmrw!" aND IM JUST
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELL FUCKIN YEAH

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