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Vought V-507 F-14A Vagabond - Iran-Iraq War

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With the change of the regime in Iran, in February-April 1979, and worsening of relations to the USA, it was expected that Iran would not be able to operate its V-507s any more. Such expectations were reinforced by rumors about the US personnel sabotaging aircraft before it was forced to leave the country. By September 1980, however, the Iranian Air Force - re-named into "Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force" (IRIAF) - managed to make an increasing number of airframes operational, despite immense problems due to repeated purges of its officers, some of which were executed, others imprisoned, forced into exile or early retirement. The IRIAF survived these times and its Tomcats were to become involved in the bloody war against Iraq even before this officially began, scoring their first kill already on 9 September 1980.

Within the first six months of the war Iranian F-14s scored over 50 air-to-air victories, mainly against Iraqi MiG-21s and MiG-23s, but some also against Su-20/22s. In exchange, only a single F-14A was damaged - by debris from a MiG-21 that exploded in front of it. The war between Iraq and Iran subsequently turned into a war of attrition, with lengthy breaks - used by both sides for reorganization and resupply of their military power - between short periods of extremely bitter and bloody fighting. Eventually, by the spring of 1982 the Iranians managed to throw Iraqi troops back to the international border.

This particular V-507 shot down two Iraqi MiG-23MSs with a single AIM-54A missile on 21 July 1982 in an engagement fought halfway between Baghdad and the Iranian border after its crew ignored orders not to enter Iraqi airspace. The jet was subsequently used to destroy at least five other Iraqi fighters during the course of the war.
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Thx, nice pic.
Also, the Farsi text makes no sense at all,I can help you with it if you would like to be more accurate 
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Thanks! I was trying to grab it from Wikipedia at the time, which I usually have pretty good luck with. I probably won't go back and edit this image, since getting into a habit of editing a "completed" image until it was "perfect" would mean that I'd never actually finish a profile! I'd always be going back and making revisions. Don't worry, though, Farsi wouldn't be the first language I've messed up along the way. I apparently butchered some Bulgarian text a while ago.

I do plan on doing more Iranian "What If" V-507s later on, though. At least two. When I do, I'll definitely take you up on your offer and make sure I do better next time around. Thanks again!
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Thanks, and thanks for the watch!
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Excellent work on the colour scheme and showing the missile load-out.
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