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Vought V-507 F-14A Vagabond - Iran

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Iran ordered a total of 80 Vought F-14A Vagabonds in two batches, one of 30 and another of 50 aircraft, in early 1974. The first F-14 was delivered to the Imperial Iranian Air Force (IIAF) in January 1976, and the first two units were fully operational by the summer of 1977, by when the training of additional crews was advancing at a very high pace. 

By late 1978, the 80th F-14 produced to Iran was built as well; instead of being delivered, however, the aircraft was kept in the USA to be used as test-rig for installation of the USAF-style "boom-and-receptacle" in-flight refueling system. Meanwhile, over 120 Iranian pilots and 80 RIOs were qualified for the Vagabond, and an additional group was about to finish their training. 

Since 1977 the IIAF F-14s were engaged in a series of tests, which put the plane and its weapons system to the extremes, and eventually ended by several spectacular test-firings of AIM-54s, two of which might have scored unofficial world-records for the range, speed, and the height reached by the missiles in flight. In October 1978 also two IIAF F-14As intercepted a high and fast-flying Soviet MiG-25 over the Caspian sea, forcing it to abort a recce run over Iran, and in turn ending similar Soviet operations over the country. 
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