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Photo-reconnaissance Heinkel He 100D-4/F3, Sicily

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This profile depicts a Heinkel He 100D-4/F3 of 1. Staffel (F)/Aufkl.Gr.122 (Long range Reconnaissance Group) at Catania, Sicily, during the summer of 1942. It carries the Staffel emblem of a stylized white stork flying across a red and white symbol representing the field of view of a camera. The fairing for the Rb type aerial camera is clearly visible beneath the lower fuselage.

On 3 June, 1942, 1(F)./122 flew several He 100 recce sorties over Malta. Two He 100s were sent on separate sorties to Malta. One aircraft was to check and photograph the airfields while the other was to check for shipping in both Valetta and Marsaxlokk harbors – neither aircraft was intercepted. At the time, 1(F)./122 was under the control of Luftflotte 2 in the Mediterranean with a mixed stock of Ju 88 and He 100 aircraft – 12 on strength of which 5 were servicable.
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Very nice. Makes me want to go find a model of this plane and paint it. I have seen the He100 as a Kriegsmarine carrier plane before, but the finish wasn't as nice as this.  Have you considered some alternate skins for the FW187?
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comradeloganovHobbyist General Artist
Yes, absolutely. The Fw 187 is one of my favorites, as well, but it will be some time before I want to crack open all my Jagdwaffe books again to tackle that project. I really should get back to profiling again, though! What I'd eventually like to do is take an Fw 187 through the Fw 190's series of upgrades. Blown canopy, bomb racks, heavier cannon, etc.
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Has a real sports car feel to it :)
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comradeloganovHobbyist General Artist
Yeah, the He 100 was a fine, fast airplane.