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Northrop P-61F - Putt Putt Maru - Col. MacDonald

Another Fifth Air Force ace to fly the P-61F long range escort fighter variant of the Black Widow was Col. Charles H. MacDonald, commanding officer of the 475th Fighter Group.  Each of ‘Mac' MacDonald’s assigned Lightnings were named PUTT PUTT MARU, and he continued this tradition when he converted to the P-61F.  The fifth PUTT PUTT MARU (P-61F-1-NO 43-14024) has Col. MacDonald’s 27 victory flags painted under the canopy.  This is what Col. MacDonald wrote about long-range combat operations in the Pacific after transitioning to the new P-61F Widows.

Up to the present operation, our missions were averaging around seven hours of flying.  For these missions it is necessary for each pilot to know, unequivocally, the maximum performance of his aeroplane.  It is more important for a fighter pilot in the SWPA to know how to get the most distance and the most time from his gasoline than to know the minimum speed from which he can do an Immelman.  Of course, a good fighter pilot should know everything, far from the least of which is how to shoot.  Never fire long bursts.  This procedure not only wastes ammunition, but heats the guns to the point where the bullets lose speed and direction.  With the new aeroplanes our enemy is developing, and the psychological effect of fighting closer to his home land, I do not doubt that we will have to revise our opinions and our tactics.

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Such beautiful detailing in your work. Opening it up real lets you appreciate it
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Thanks!  I'm really pleased with how the markings turned out.  They were a bit of work.
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Its one of my pet-hates about profiling is getting the little markings right because despite being so small they scream mistake if not done right
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Indeed.  I always try my hardest with these.