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Captured Nakajima A9He1-N Wade Floatplane

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This particular profile is based on a report that I've read of a captured A6M2-N Rufe that was evaluated by the USN at NAS Anacostia. I've not seen any pictures of it and don't even know if any exist. It was apparently assigned the TAICS number of 3, 4, or 5, and is reported to have to have influenced the development of the Wildcatfish. Since I had no details about what such a captured Rufe may have looked like, I took my inspiration from the famous TAICS 1, A6M2 Zero that was captured in Alaska and flown against various US aircraft types and the Wildcatfish which was painted in a very similar scheme.

Since details are so scarce on the actual aircraft this one is based on, I won't bother to assemble much of a backstory on it. It's likely to have been captured at Tulagi or the Aleutians. I think the Vought F4U Corsair may been the better basis for a US attempt at a similar floatplane fighter than the Grumman F4F Wildcat.
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Captured Japanese aircraft look completely correct with US or Allied markings. I like the Kyofu floatplane fighter, according to one of my reference books there was a project to make P-38s into floatplanes to ferry them to the Pacific Theater. The tailplanes were raised higher to keep them out of the spray. The He-100 is a very sleek aircraft, even with floats!
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Thanks! I was very happy how this one turned out! The floats are just Rufe floats, but they REALLY work on the Heinkel He 100. I agree that it took well to the US markings, too.
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Another excellent profile. I do admire the details you put in these