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Baloo's Conwing L-16 Sea Duck - Disney's Talespin

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The subject itself is the Conwing L-16 "Sea Duck", Baloo's personal aircraft from the 1990s Disney TV Series "TaleSpin". In the two hour pilot episode, Baloo is introduced as the owner/operator of "Baloo's Air Service" and of the Sea Duck, itself. By the end of the episode, Rebecca "Becky" Cunningham purchases both the business—which she renames "Higher for Hire"—and the Sea Duck itself. She does, however, keep Baloo on as the Sea Duck's pilot, and he continues to consider the Sea Duck "his" airplane, regardless of who happens to be in possession of the aircraft's title.

Both talos56 and I loved Talespin growing up, and the Emmy Award-winning show remains as entertaining today as it was 25 years ago.

Thanks to W-Goldwing, too, for the use of his beautiful Talespin logo.
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I always loved the Sea Duck.  Great job on the deviation.
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Thanks very much! I grew up watching a lot of TaleSpin and talos56 and I wanted to do the Sea Duck justice with this profile.
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IMHO, Baloo doesn't need this old thing. I'm sure a Catalina, an H6K, an H8K, or a Sunderland will do fine. ;) 
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Was an awesome program with Kit as his little side kick. I enjoyed the show as well. The programs that are on tv now just don't seem to be as good as what I used to watch...or maybe that is me
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Thanks! I don't think you're wrong. They're just not the same as the good old ones like TaleSpin.
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No problem. Talespin is my favorite show!
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One of my childhood favorites, too! Still holds up well, too.
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Very nice. The late, great Phil Hartman did a fantastic job with that character, but it always makes me a little sad.
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He was only "the bravest fastest handsomest airman who ever flew in mother natures blue roof"!
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Thanks! I'm glad you like it! Always loved TaleSpin.
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Beautiful work! Thank you much.
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Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you like it!
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That's wonderful. Boy the memories are coming back.
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Thanks! Talos and I loved the show growing up!
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Just all kinds of fun. :)
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A really lovely aircraft. It brings back good memories.
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Haven't seen this beauty for decades.
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Nearly 25 years since the show came out. Nothing like that sort of statistic to make a person feel old!
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