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Done for an art class I'm in this semester; we were basically given a scratchboard and told to do whatever with it.
I did whatever with it, from this gorgeous reference, which all of you have probably seen about 50 times already.
It took 5 periods, or probably around 4 hours? Scratchboard.
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This is a very effective scratchboard portrait. I really like how you captured the lighting.
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This is amazing.
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This is incredible, great job! Love the contrasts and the angle (which I guess was due to the ref, but nonetheless). Lovely.
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Yes, this is definitely one of my favorite mediums, and you've done well. :3 And... just 4 hours... :faint:

I've only done one once, and it wasn't bad (I guess I should put it up), but I'll have to do a new version of it sometime.
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Wow, this is awesome.
I recognized the picture right away, you did and amazing job! :)
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this is phenominal
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I am a scratchboard fan, and this is just beautiful.
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I love the texture, and the hair looks so soft<3
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gorgeous!! looks amazing :)
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Holy crap the lighting in this is crazy, and I really love the texture. And the lips AAA I love how beautifully defined all the features are as well, how you've very much sculpted it so that it looks very 3dimensional~ Plus, the moodiness/quirky atmosphere is to die for :lol:
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Great scratchboard! I love the heavy contrast and the sweeping lines :+fav:
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Duuuude, this is awesome. I could never do that with scratchboard. :clap:
SamPuchlerz's avatar
Incredible, Bitter. Just incredible.
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Wow! o.O;;; Impressive work!
Dredsina's avatar
You. Are. AMAZING.
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Now, that is an instant-fav if I ever saw one.
Gorgeous work!
*is inspired to dig out her own scratchboard and try it out*
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i'd whore myself to have this scratchboard framed on my wall.
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That is just pure brilliance O_O You're so good! *w*
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I think the reference was used in the sin city tutorial...either way nice work
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Holy Crap... Your scratchart is a masterpiece compared to my scrappy landscape one.... AWESOME job lol ^^
LA-Draws's avatar
Amazing work! :wow:
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