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Original belongs to Ag-Cat
Here's the interview if you wanna use it: Similarities and Differences OC Interview :: Blank


- Pick two characters who are similar in some way: appearance, personality or background, etc... 
- Put them in the same room and make them answer this interview.
- They can't kill or damage the interviewer in any way (but they can try to).
- Enjoy!

I'm using Blue Heart and Windows for this. They're Best Friends For Life, and Sidekicks too!

1. Welcome to the Similarities and Differences Interview! Please, have a seat. Sorry, one of the chairs is creaky.

Blue: I think I'll take the creaky one...
Win: No I'll take it.
Blue: No me.
Win: We'll both take it. *both sit on the creaky chair*
Blue: who takes the other seat?

2. So, who are we having the pleasure to interview today?

Blue (at the same time with Windows): Hey there. I'm Blue Heart!
Win (at the same time with Blue Heart): Hey there. I'm Windows!
Blue and Win: *stare at each other and giggle*

3. Cool. Why don't you introduce yourself to our eager readers? Tell us a bit more about yourself!

Blue: Weeeell, I am a resident of the Discord Lodge and I am based off of my owner--in short, a self-insert. (FORGIVE ME PLS)
Win: I'm also a resident of the Discord Lodge. I'm not really based off of anyone in particular, I'm just an old Windows OS that dates back to 1992.

4. Interesting. Is this your first time meeting each other?

Blue: NO sir-eeee! We've met looooong ago!
Win: Blue Heart here is right! We've known each other for ages now!

5. I see. Some people think you two are best friends. What do you think about this?

Blue: Theeeeey're correctissimo! In short--Best Friends For Life and Sidekicks! Or BFFLaS for short.
Win: She's also right on that one! :D

6. This interview might be long. Would you like something to drink?

Blue: How 'bout some Manster Space Beverage???
Win: Uhh...what?
Blue: Sorry, it's a running gag in a video series. But I wonder how that tastes....
Win: I think I'll go for some hardware-juice...

7. How would each of you describe yourself? Good or bad? Lover or fighter? Beauty or beast?

Blue: I think I'm somewhere in between all these pairs.
Win: Would say that too. Not sure actually...

8. And what do you think about your fellow interviewee?

Blue and Win: Awesome! *stare at each other* We did it again!

9. Are you in a relationship? If not, what is your ideal type of person?

Blue: I'm not in a relationship, and have no intention on getting into one, (whispering) but I DO have some sort of love interest in Red Ball though... *giggle nervously*
Win: Neither am I. And don't you even THINK that Blue Heart and I are in a relationship.

10. Morality test! Your closest family member and your best friend are tied to two time bombs placed at two different location and you only have enough time to save one. Who would you pick?

Blue: ...
Win: ...
Blue and Win: *cling to each other*

11. What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Blue: Huh what do you mean? Win, do you have any idea what this interviewer means?
Win: Search me.

12. If you get into a physical fight right now, who do you think would emerge victorious?

Blue and Win: ME!!! *both stare at each other* Huh?!

13. But only you two can save the world from an alien invasion! Can you work together?

Blue: Of course! That's what friends do, right?
Win: Correctissimo!

14. Freaky Friday! You two were cursed by a gypsy and switched bodies for a week! Do you think you would do well in the other person's shoes?

Blue: It happened once...and it'll never happen again.
Win: People kept staring at me with odd looks, and I was wondering why until I remembered.
Blue: If you wanna know how it went, one word. Em-barassing.
Win: And now you know we won't do well in each other's shoes.

15. I see. Anyway, what is the best thing that has happened to you lately?

Win: *looks at the interviewer* (whispering) She's got a bit of a large obsession with Red Ball...and we don't know why. (back to ordinary speaking pitch) Now, the best thing that had happened to me was when I was accepted into my owner's friend's show, "Object Flag Show of Object For Real"!
Blue: NO WAY you were accepted into a show?
Win: Yep! No lie!

16. What about the saddest thing that has ever happened to you? Do you want to share it?

Blue: I'd prefer not to...cause it's too sad...
Win: When my pet Mousey had died. She was the best pet an OS could ask for...and she will still be in my heart despite being dead... *a tear streams down his face*
Blue: Oh, Windows... *puts her arm around him*

17. Aw. Why don't you give each other a hug?

Blue and Win: Huggle! 

18. Now that you two have known each other better, would you invite the other person to lunch?

Blue: Sure thing!
Win: I would do the same too. That is if I still had any yummy bites left...

19. Last question: What do you think about this interview and your absolutely fantastic interviewer Ag-Cat?

Blue: Great! I wonder if we can do more soon?
Win: Yeah! Interviews like this are awesome!

20. Thanks for your time and have a good day! Feel free to take some eyeballs in the bowl before you go. We are out of normal candy.

Blue: Ugh, no thanks.
Win: ...people eat these? *gag*

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  • Reading: This thing.
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  • Playing: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Eating: Air
Inside the Discord Lodge, where it's not your usual hotel...

Windows: *eating a little bag of Tera-bites*
Blue Heart: *comes and sits beside Windows* Hey there, Win.
Win: Hey, Blue.
Blue: *sees the bag of Tera-bites* Ooh, lemme have one! *reaches in the bag to get one and takes a bite out of it only for her tongue to get electrocuted* Agh! It zapped my tongue!
Win: Sorry to say, Blue, but only software beings like me can taste the goodness. *shows her the bag* See?
Blue: Oh. How does it taste?
Win: Sort of cheesy, with a sour-creamy trace.
Blue: Alrighty.
Bella: *comes up to the two* Hey, guys!
Blue: Hi, Bella!
Win: Hey there.
Bella: Did you see the new baby Crystal gave birth to? It was soooooo adoorable! :D (Big Grin) 
Blue: Crystal had a baby?
Bella: Mmm hmm! *nods*
Win: I bet it must've been really awesome watching the egg to hatch, right?
Bella: It was indeed!
*Then all the people in the Discord Lodge hear the sound of a cowbell
Blue: *grabs Windows by the shoulders* Red Ball's coming!
*But the one who comes down the stairs is one of the moderators, Mousey*
Blue: Hey! You're not Red Ball!
Mousey: Nope, I'm not.
Mousey: Whoa, calm down. You may wanna check his room...
Blue: *gasps* What happened?
Mousey: He...uhm...
Blue: LEMME SEE!!! Come on guys! *runs to Red's room*
*Bella and Windows stand up from the couch and follow Blue Heart*
Blue: *knocks on Red's door* Hellooo?
*no answer*
Blue: Hellooooooooo?
Bella: Maybe he's still asleep.
Blue: Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooo???
Win: I think he's dead...
Blue: *gasps* We better see! *opens the door*
Win: Oh, Blue, you actually believed me...
Blue: *opens the door and sees Red Ball sleeping while floating aimlessly and gasps* He IS dead!
Win: If he was dead he wouldn't be floating around like that.
Bella: Windows is right.
Blue: Oh, so he's NOT dead! *sighs in relief, but then notices something about him* Guys! Look at him! His color!
Win: ...What about it?
Blue: It's grayish.
Win: It must mean he's sick. I don't think we should disturb him...
Blue: Hey Reeeeeeed! The whole Discord Lodge needs yooooou!
Bella: Can't you see he's sleeping.
Blue: Helloooooooooooooooooooooooo! Wake uuuuuuuuuuup!
Red Ball: *wakes up* Aaaaaaaaaah! *sees Blue Heart, Bella and Windows* Oh...its only you...
Blue: *jumping up and down on the ground* Wake up, sleepyhead! You need to monitor the Discord Lodge!
Bella: I think the word for him is "sickyhead".
Blue: Whaddya waitin' for?! Get downstairs an' get monitorin'!
Red: Uuughh...
Blue: Come on, get all the fog outta your head!
Win: Keep it down...
Bella: Also I don't think he should be getting out first.
Red: It's okay... *cough* *cough*...I'll be fine...
Blue: You sound weird.
Red: It's my throat...*cough*...I have some sort of cough...
Bella: Oh dang.
Win: Must be awful.
Blue: *holding onto Red Ball's arm pulling him along* Come...on!
Red: (being pulled by Blue Heart) It'll be alright, I'll manage! *cough* *cough* *cough*
*Bella and Windows follow Blue Heart out of Red Ball's room*
(outside in the lobby)
*everyone is talking as well as waiting for Red Ball to come*
Twirly S'mores: (to Bubbles Twist) What's taking the owner so long for him to get out?
*Then Blue Heart comes pulling Red Ball along, with Bella and Windows following*
Churraffle: Where'd you been? We've been waiting for you!
Blue: Oh, just had to get Red here *points at Red Ball* to wake up and come out of his room.
Candy: Anythin' wrong with him? His color's a little faded...
Blue: He's coming down with some sort of illness.
Win: Don't worry though, I'm sure he'll get better soon.
Red: Let go of me.
Blue: Oh, sorry. *lets go* Now you gotta monitor the lobby.
Red: I know. *cough* *cough*
Blue: Well cya, bye, good luck monitoring! *leaves with Bella and Windows following her*
Red: *sniff* *sniff* A-choo! *rubs his (invisible) nose* Oh dang...I might be having the flu...

Later that day...

*everyone is nattering again wanting to know where Red Ball went*
Bella: *about to go downstairs, then sees the mob* Blue Heart! You gotta come quick!
Blue: *comes* What is it, Bella?
Bella: There's another mob out there!
Blue: What? *sees the crowd of objects* Why are they all here?
Bella: How should I know?
Blue: Maybe Red went back to his room.
Bella: Well it's vital for him, so of course he has to sleep.
Blue: But then who will monitor the Discord Lodge?
Bella: Now, that IS a question...
Blue: We gotta wake him up again! *runs to Red Ball's room*
Bella: Wait! *follows*
Blue: *knocks on the door* Wake uuuuuUUup! *opens the door*
Bella: Blue Heart, I don't think...
Blue: *is now shaking Red Ball* Come on!
Red: Agh! Stop shaking me! *cough* *cough*
Blue: The whole Discord Lodge needs you! There's a crowd outside!
Red: *sighs* Look, tell them I don't feel well, alright? *sniff* *cough*
Blue: But then who will monitor this place?!
Bella: One of the moderators can do it--
Blue: Bella, they're just moderators! 
Bella: They still own the place aside from Red...
Blue: Still! *still shaking Red Ball*
Red: *being shaken* AaaaAAAAaaAGGGggggghhhhHHHH!!! Let go!
Blue: Okay fine. *lets go of Red*
Red: Now leave me alone and let me rest, alright? I feel so horrible today. *cough* *cough* *sniff* A-choo!
Blue: But then who will look after this place?
Red: The moderators can do it.
Bella: I told you.
Blue: Why not me? Or Bella?
Red: For obvious reasons...
Bella: And anyway neither of us know anything about monitoring.
Blue: We just gotta watch the lobby! How hard can it be???
Bella: I think there's more to that than just watching the lobby...
Blue: Well it's gotta be easy!
Red: *sigh* It may look easy... *cough*...but it's not. Now please leave me alone.
Bella: Come on, Blue. *takes Blue Heart by the hand and walks out of the room*
Blue: Now with that out of the way...How's Windows doing? I'll check on him. You go tell the mob.
Bella: *goes off to tell the crowd the news*
Blue: *knocks on Windows' door* Hey, it's your best friend Blue Heart.
*no answer*
Blue: ...Hello? *enters the room and sees Windows lying down on his bed* Win? You okay?
Win: *opens one eye* ...Oh. Hey there, Blue. *cough*
Blue: *sees that instead of the usual red-green-blue-yellow color that Windows usually has, he's white all over* Windows? How're you feeling?
Win: *sigh* I don't know how it happened, but I'm feeling awful! Almost as if I have...the flu...
Blue: *gasps* You got Red's illness!
Win: Exactly...
Bella: *comes in the room* I told the crowd out there the news, and that only made them riot even more!
Blue: What didya tell them?
Bella: I told them the person who was gonna monitor temporarily was one of the moderators.
Blue: And what did that do?
Bella: It seemed to have shushed them. Glad it's stopped.
Blue: Okay...Bella, Windows caught Red Ball's illness!
Bella: Oh! But how did it happen?
Blue: That's what I'd like to know.
Bella: *walks over to Windows* How ya feelin'?
Win: Awful...
Bella: Oh dang. Must hurt.
Win: Yeah...
Blue: *puts her hand on Windows' forehead, pulls it away immediately and blows on it* Aggh! It's as hot as a volcano! Is this normal?!
Win: Yep, it's normal for software beings like me...
Blue: How do you...?!
Bella: It happens with computers.
Blue: Oh. I see.
Bella: Now I'ma go check on Red first.
Blue: Hey, let me come too!
Bella: I...uh...don't think he wants to be disturbed.
Blue: You're going to see him! Aren't YOU disturbing him?
Bella: I'm not going to persuade him to look after the Discord Lodge.
Blue: Just let me come? Please???/?/?
Bella: No.
Blue: *puppy eyes*
Bella: Look, you look after Windows, alright? Pretty sure he needs company.
Blue: Oh. Will do, Bel. (thinking) How did my puppy eyes not work?
Bella: *leaves to go check on Red*
Blue: Soo...Win, how ya feelin'? Again?
Win: I already said I felt awful. *cough*
Blue: Oh. (thinking) I wonder if there's any antivirus I can use on him. *looks back at Windows* Need anything? A hug? A kiss?
Win: Just a hug. I don't wanna become any more ill.
Blue: *smiles* Alright. *hugs Windows*
Win: Hehe. *faint smile*
Blue: *lets go of Win* Anything else?
Win: *cough* Nah. I'm good.
Blue: Alright.
Bella: *comes back in the room*
Blue: So, what... *sees that her colors are now grayish* ...happened? How did it go?
Bella: It wasn't pretty...
Blue: How were you infected?
Bella: I don't happened very quickly... *sniff* A-choo!
Blue: Here, have a tissue. *hands Bella a tissue*
Bella: Thanks. *blows her (invisible) nose*
Blue: So what? Am I the next to get infected?
Win: Hope not.
Blue: (thinking) Maybe Billy isn't infected. I wish he isn't. *starts heading for the door*
Win: Where ya goin'?
Blue: Just off to see Billy.
Win: Alright.
Blue: *leaves*
(At the door to Billy's room)
Blue: *knocks on the door, goes in the room and sees Billy sitting on the side of his bed reading a novel* Phew! You're not infected!
Billy: *looks up from his novel* What?
Blue: I would know because your colors aren't faded.
Billy: What are you talking about?
Blue: Weell, its 'cause the other 3 have got the flu, and you haven't. I haven't too, thank goodness.
Billy: Oh...alright.
Blue: *huddles up close to Billy* We must stay safe. Or we will be infected too.
Billy: Stop overreacting. We'll stay still as long as we don't come in contact with any germs.
Blue: Alright. *lets go of Billy*
Billy: So, I heard that the moderators were monitoring the Discord Lodge today.
Blue: Yeah, it's cause Red Ball's sick. And Windows and Bella.
Billy: Wait, they are?
Blue: Yeah.
Billy: Now I see why we must stay safe. But I still don't think that's something worth overreacting about...
Blue: You don't wanna get all these germs on ya, don't cha?
Billy: No...
Blue: So you gotta stay safe. And me.
Billy: I know what to do, Blue. You don't have to tell me.
Blue: Oh, alright. Oh, be right back, Billy, I'ma go check on the moderators to see how they're doing. *goes out of the room and into the lobby* How ya mods doing?
Mousey: *chasing down a runaway toy car* We're fine, Blue Heart! Just need a little... *throws himself on the ground trying to catch the car, but to no avail*...getting used to!
Blue: Alright...Hey, Superstar, how's it goin' for ya?
Superstar: *sees Blue Heart and gives her a thumbs up, when really things are going badly for him*
Blue: Alrighty... *gives Superstar a thumbs up too* ...with that outta the way, how's Morphi doing?
Morpheus: Oh, me? Well... *ducks because two legless objects are chasing each other*...okay for the most part...
Blue: Okay then...hope your monitoring goes well! *goes back upstairs*
(Inside Blue Heart's room)
Blue: Things are going really weirdly today...well, I know things always go weirdly in the Discord Lodge, but this one is the weirdest yet....
Billy: *comes inside Blue Heart's room* Hi, Blue Heart.
Blue: Oh, hey, Billy. Whatcha doin' here?
Billy: Oh, just decided I should come here because you visited me a while ago.
Blue: M'kay then.
Billy: I can tell that the moderators aren't having an easy time monitoring and looking after the lodge.
Blue: Well they're just starting.
Billy: Yeah, I knew that.
*both stare at each other in silence*
Blue: Whatcha staring at?
Billy: I dunno. What are you staring at?
Blue: Dunno either.

Blue: *streeetch* Ahh, another awesome day. *hops out of bed and comes out of her room* I wonder if Red is better? 
Blue: *sees the moderators running around trying to maintain the lobby* I can see you mods are still the substitute owners, eh?
Mousey: Yep.
Blue: Okay...with that out of the's Red doin'?
Mousey: Still sick, I'm afraid.
Blue: Dang. Oh well, I'll go to Billy. *proceeds to go upstairs* C'ya.
Blue: *knocks on Billy's door* Hello?
*No answer*
Blue: Yoo-hoo! Billy! You there?
*Still no answer*
Blue: Can you hear me?
*STILL no answer*
Blue: Oh well, I'ma just get in. *opens the door* It's nine 'o clock in the morning! Why ya still asleep? *then sees his colors are faded* ...Billy? Are you alright?
Billy: Huh? *opens one eye* Oh, good morning, Blue. *cough* *sniff*
Blue: Oh crap, you're infected as well...
Billy: Yeah...
Blue: Ugh, now what?
Billy: I guess you'll have to wait until I've recovered.
Blue: Alright. *leaves the room*
(Outside in the lobby)
Blue: *sitting on one of the armchairs* If Red can't watch the lodge...then who will? Who knows what'll happen... *falls sideways on the armchair*
Dottie Dough: *sees Blue Heart lying down muttering to herself* ...Are you alright?
Blue: Oh! Oh, yes I am. Just...worried.
Dottie: Worried? Why are you worried?
Blue: It's just...who will monitor this place while Red is resting?
Dottie: Resting?
Blue: Yeah...he got the flu.
Dottie: But aren't the mods already looking after the place?
Blue: Huh? *then remembers* Oh yeeeah! Sorry, forgot.
Dottie: *rolls eyes and walks past*
Blue: I must find a way to cure my friends somehow...but how?
Candy: *flies to Blue Heart* Hey there. Whatcha doin'?
Blue: Nothing.
Candy: Oh really? You were saying something about how you needed to find a way to cure your friends.
Blue: Wait, you heard me?
Candy: You said it out loud, Blue.
Blue: Oh.
Candy: What were they affected with? Was it a zombie infection? Because curing them of that is easy. All you need is a Splash Potion of Weakness and a Golden Apple. Just make sure the potion doesn't get you too.
Blue: No, of course they weren't infected by zombies. Just the flu.
Candy: Oh, the flu...that disease is awful, Blue. I've had it before.
Blue: So how do we cure it?
Candy: Seriously? You cure it with meds of course!!!
Blue: How do I know what kind of meds to get?
Candy: Wait there. I'll be right back. *goes out of the Discord Lodge*

Later that day...

Candy: *comes in Blue Heart's room* Here, gotcha somethin'.
Blue: *looks up from her Scribblenauts comic* But I'm not sick.
Candy: No, this isn't for you. It's to cure your sick friends.
Blue: Oh. *takes the bottle from Candy's hand*
Candy: It's antidote.
Blue: Oh, cool! Does it have any instructions?
Candy: *reads the box* It says you have to mix the antidote in water before taking. Not doing so may give you some pretty strange results...
Blue: Okay, where's the water? I needa mix this right now!
Candy: I'll be right back! *goes out of the room*
A few seconds later...
Candy: *comes back holding a glass of water* Here's the water.
Blue: Great! I gotta mix this up! *gets the bottle of antidote*
Candy: Don't add too much. Five to ten drops is enough.
Blue: Okay... *adds ten drops* Now what?
Candy: Mix it up.
Blue: O-kay. *mixes it with her finger* Now what?
Candy: Give it to whoever's sick.
Blue: Cool! Gotta give this to my friends! *leaves the room*
Candy: How will she give a single glass of water to a bunch of pals?

2 minutes later...

Blue: *walking in her room* Finally. I'm done.
Candy: How did you give it to all your friends?
Blue: They just shared the glass. No biggie.
Candy: Okay.
Blue: So what does the box say?
Candy: It says the sick person should be better in a day or two.
Blue: A day?
Candy: Yep.
Blue: Or two?
Candy: Yep.
Blue: Oh.
Candy: Don't worry, it's just a day.
Blue: Now if only I could fast-forward the time...
Candy: That's impossible.
Blue: I know. I'ma just have to wait. *sits on her chair* *bored face* *slump* Uggh, waiting is soo boring! I can't sit here all day!
Candy: Can't hang around here long either. I've got a volleyball game to attend. C'ya. *flies off*
Blue: Bye.
(again im not gonna say what happened for the rest of that day because itll be so long)
The next day...
Win: *wakes up* Ah, another...Hey, I'm all better! Woohoo!
Win: *sees Bella reading one of her Nice comics* Hey, Bella.
Bella: Hey there. *waves*
Win: Whoa you're better too?
Bella: Yep.
Win: Cool!
Billy: *comes up to Windows and Bella* Hi guys.
Win: You're better as well?
Billy: Yes.
Win: Woohoo!
Bella: How about Red Ball? Is he better too?
Billy: He is, and everything is back to normal.
Win: Awesome!
Bella: What about Blue Heart?
Win: Lemme go check on her. *goes upstairs*
Win: *knocks on Blue Heart's door* Blur? You there?
Blue: (in a tired voice) Come in.
Win: *opens the door and sees Blue Heart on her bed* ...Blue? You alright?
Blue: I feel terrible...I must have got the flu...
Win: Oh crap.
Blue: *smiles* Don't worry, I'll be fine in a day or so... *cough* *cough*
Win: Let's hope.
Blue: *sniff* *sniff* A...a...A-choo!


YAAAAAAAAAAY FINALLY I FINISHED IT okay. This was one long story and I worked soo hard on it. Also used an OC I hadn't used in soo long. Hope you all like it, and Episode 4 will come out, soon! :D

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Inside the Discord Lodge, where it's not your usual hotel...

Bella: *reading a comic book*
Blue Heart *comes downstairs and sits beside Bella* Hey.
Bella: Oh hi there. You gotta look at this comic!
Blue: *looks at the comic*
Bella: Cool right?
Blue: I didn't know there were living bushes.....
Windows 3.1: *comes downstairs holding a bucket of paste*
Blue: Hey, Win.
Win: Hey there, Blue. Hi, Bella.
Bella: What do you have that bucket of paste for?
Win: Oh, just gonna decorate my room.
Blue: With what?
Win: Oh, the usual...colored paper, pictures...
Bella: You're gonna turn your room into a kindergartners' classroom?
Win: What? Course not. Why would I?
Blue: Weeeell, it's 'cause usually kindergartners' rooms have colored paper shapes and pictures all over their walls know, all that colorful stuff.
Win: Well not all kindergartners' rooms have colorful stuff all over their walls.
Bella: We know.
Blue: Is that paste quick-drying?
Win: Yep.
Billy: *comes over to the three* Hey guys. What are you up to?
Win: Just going off to buy stuff to decorate my room.
Billy: Oh, alright.
Bella: *turns a page of her comic book* Hey, check this one out!
Billy: Oh, nice comic.
Bella: Especially the puppy eyes! :D
Blue: *comes near Bella to look at the comic*
*Suddenly all of the people in the Discord Lodge, including Bella, Billy and Blue Heart, hear a scream*
Blue: Who was that?
*Then the three see Windows on the floor with the bucket of paste on him*
Blue: Win! You okay?
Red Ball: *comes* Who was that?
Blue: It's Windows!
Red: What happened to him?
Blue: He slipped and fell, and his bucket of paste fell on him!
Red: Why does he have a bucket of paste?
Bella: He was gonna use it to decorate his room and make it look like a kindergartners' classroom.
Win: Mmmmmph! (Not a kindergartners' classroom!)
Blue: What? Didya say something?
Win: Mmmmmmmmmph! (I said not a kindergartners' classroom!)
Blue: What are you saying?
Bella: Why's he saying "mmmph"?
Blue: That's what I'm wondering too.
Win: Mmmph mmmmph mmmmph! (It's the paste!)
Blue: Seriously, what IS he saying?
Billy: I think it's cause of the paste.
Blue: Hmmm...You're right!
Bella: Why doesn't he haul himself up?
Billy: I think it's the paste as well.
Blue: *tries lifting Windows up, but can't because of the paste* Right again, Billy.
Win: Mmmmph mmmph mmmph! (You have to get me unstuck!)
Billy: I think he's saying you have to get him unstuck.
Bella: But how can we do that?
Blue: With a scraper perhaps? *turns to Red Ball* Hey, Red...*blushes* you have a scraper?
Red: Sorry, no scraper.
Blue: Dang.
Bella: (calling) Do any of you have a scraper?
Youtube Orb: I have one, but Two-Handled Teacup borrowed it from me.
Blue: Anyone else?
Blue: Okay, I guess no one does.
Win: Mmmmph mmmmph?! (Now what?!)
Bella: Now how do we get him free?
Blue: Hold on...I'm thinking...
Billy: What is it?
Blue: Just a sec...Aha!
Bella: What is it, Blue?
Blue: *starts picking at the sides of the dried-up glue on Windows*
Win: Mmmph mmph? (What are you doing?)
Blue: Keep still, Win, I'm trying to get you free. *keeps picking at the glue*
Win: Mmmmph mmmph. Mmmmmph! (I AM keeping still. I can't even move!)
Blue: Can anyone help me here?
Bella: Sure thing, Blue Heart. *also starts picking at the glue* You should help too, Billy.
Billy: Oh, alright. *also starts picking at the glue*
Red: It'll take you so much time to get all that glue off him.
Blue: It's the only way we can help him at the moment, Red, considering the only one here with a scraper had someone borrow it from her.
Bella: Also, you mind givin' us a hand?
Blue: *somehow manages to pick some of the glue off one of Windows' "hair"* There. Got part of him free now. *suddenly has an idea and then snaps off the hair, then uses it to scrape the glue off)
Two-Handled Teacup: (calling from upstairs) Here's your scraper, Youtube Orb. Sorry if I used it for too long. *tosses the scraper at Youtube Orb*
Youtube Orb: *catches it* Thanks, Two-Handled Teacup.
Two-Handled Teacup: No problem. *comes downstairs and sees Blue Heart, Bella and Billy scraping off the glue on Windows* Any idea what these three are up to this time?
Youtube Orb: They're trying to get Windows free because he slipped, fell and his bucket of paste fell on him, and now he got into this mess.
Two-Handled Teacup: Why does he have a bucket of paste?
Blue: Because he was going to decorate his room.
Two-Handled Teacup: Why would he decorate his room?
Bella: I dunno. I think it looked better before.
Blue: Hey, Youtube Orb, can we borrow your scraper?
Youtube Orb: Again? But THT just gave it back...
Billy: It's the only way.
Youtube Orb *sigh* Okay... *gives the scraper to Blue Heart*
Blue: Thaank you. *takes the scraper from Youtube Orb's hand and continues scraping the glue off Windows*
Win: Mmmmmph mmmph? (How long will I have to keep still?)
Blue: We gotta be quick. Windows is probably dying to get free now.
Red: Can't you just peel the glue off?
Bella: You can't just peel this sort of glue off.
Blue: It's superglue.
Red: Oh.
Bella: So can you give us a hand here? I asked you a while ago.
Red: Alright. *flies over to the three and starts picking the glue off*
Coco Custard: (whispering to Mint E. Jiggle from afar) Are we seriously gonna watch three phonies and the owner try to get a piece of software free?
Billy: I think Windows is probably planning to try to heave himself up and peel all the glue off by himself...
Bella: But he can't do that, since he's stuck to the ground.
*Then the Discord Lodge door opens*
Blue: Oh, I wonder who that could be?
Fiona Frosting: (trying to push Berry Slushie inside) Come on, Berry Slushie...*pant* *pant* get...*pant* inside!
Bella: (calling) Hey, Fiona. Whatcha doing?
Fiona Frosting: I'm...*pant*...trying to...*pant*...get Berry Slushie...*pant* *pant*...inside...You?
Blue: We're just trying to get Windows free. No big deal.
Win: Mmmmmph mmmmph! (It IS a big deal!)
Fiona: (somehow managed to get her breath back) Who's saying "mmmph"?
Bella: Oh, that's Windows, but he can't speak properly and can only say "mmmph".
Fiona: What happened?
Blue: He was gonna turn his room into a kinde--I mean decorate his room.
Fiona: How did he get himself into this mess?
Billy: He had a bucket of paste with him.
Fiona: How did a bucket of paste get him into that mess?
Blue: He slipped and fell and the bucket of paste fell on him and now he's stuck to the ground.
Fiona: Oh, I see. (goes back to pushing Berry Slushie in) Now, come on, get...inside! *successfully manages to push Berry Slushie in the Discord Lodge, only for her to topple over and spill all her contents out*
Berry Slushie: Aaaaaaah!
Everyone (except Windows) : *gasps*
Blue: Look out! Smoothie flood!
Bella: Yikes!
Billy: Ruuuuuun!
Red: We better get out of here! *takes Bella, Billy and Blue Heart by the hand*
Blue: But what about Windows?! He can't run from the smoothie flood because he's-- *cut off because the flood was upon her and the other 4 as well as the others living in the Discord Lodge*

Blue: *swims up to the surface, breathing hard* Hello? Is anyone alright?
Blue: Hellooooo?
Bella: *floats up to the surface and catches her breath* Aaah...much better. *looks around* Where are Red Ball and Billy?
Billy: *floats up* Over here.
Bella: Oh, hey.
Blue: Where's Red Ball?
Red: Up here.
Blue: *looks up* Oh, hello. *waves*
Bella: Well, we found Red and Billy... but...but where's Windows?!
Blue: You're right! *puts her hands to her mouth* Hellooooooooooo! Windooooows?!
Win: *comes up to the surface and catches his breath*
Blue: Win! You're alright!
Bella: And look! You're free!
Win: And I can say actual words again! Yay! *puts his hands up in the air*
*Then the rest of the people come up to the surface*
Red: Phew...glad everyone's safe.
*Then the flood suddenly goes out of the door*
Blue: Whoa!
Fiona: Sorry, had to open the door.
Win: Phew, glad we're on solid land again.
Fiona: Berry Slushie! *runs to the empty glass that was once Berry Slushie* Are you okay?
Berry Slushie: *trying to breathe*
Fiona: Hold on, Berry, I'll refill you! *takes the empty glass by the straw and pulls her out of the Discord Lodge*
Win: *looks at the empty paste bucket* Now I can't decorate my room anymore. And I wasted all my money!
Blue: Awww, that's okay, Win. *puts her arm round him* Your room already looks awesome. You don't have to change it.
Win: You...mean it?
Blue: Uh huh. *nods*
Bella: We don't want people mistaking it for a kindergartners' room.
Win: I said, it's not a kindergartners' room!
Bella: Oops.


GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH I SPENT SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH TIME ON THISSSS AAAAAAAA okay. Sorry if the story was too long, I just wanted to make a longer story in case you thought the first episode was too short. Okay, so it's another adventure in the Discord Lodge, where it's not your usual hotel. I decided to bring back some of my old OCs which were nearly never used. One of them was from my old account! I also made a few characters which were not mine cameo in this episode! More cameos will be in the next episode.
Thanks for reading!

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NOTE: Before you proceed to read this, I just want you to know, this object show is not like any other. It doesn't have objects competing until one is left, no. It instead, is like these cartoons you see on TV. Okay, all I wanted to say, enjoy! :)

Blue Heart: *fixing the camera* Anyone listening? No? Alright. *clears throat* Name's Blue Heart, and I'm here to introduce you to the Discord Lodge.
(Inside the Discord Lodge)
Blue Heart: Okay, so we're here! The Discord Lodge, where I, along with other peeps, live! Let me show you around! *points camera to Windows 3.1) This is Windows, my Best Friend For Life and Sidekick! Say hi to the camera!
Windows: *waves*
Blue Heart: *points camera at Red Ball, who is monitoring the whole Discord Lodge* And this is Red Ball, the owner of the Discord Lodge!
Red Ball: Hey.
Blue Heart: Isn't he cuuuute???
Red Ball: Gah, don't get started.
Blue Heart: Isn't he a precious little thing???
Red Ball: I said don't get started.
Blue Heart: Come here, Red! Come heeere!
Red Ball: Aaaagghhh...I gotta get outta here, bye! *runs off*
Blue Heart: COME BACK HERE!!! *chases after Red Ball*
*standby screen*
BH: Sorry for that...hehehehe...anyway...moving on. *points the camera at Bella, who is reading a comic book* Now here's Bella, another one of my friends! (whispering) She's not a BFFLaS, but she has yet to be one. (back to normal voice) Say hiiiii!
Bella: Hello peeps!
BH: *points the cam at Billy* And here's Billy, Say hihihi.
Billy: Uhh..hi? I'm not used to being recorded...
BH: There are some other peeps which have yet to be introduced. But these 4 and I are the main 5! Well, we've reached the end, more next time! Bye! *waves*

(Sorry if it's really short, it's because I don't have ideas at the moment.)
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Gotten from Nice444

Name a character of yours and tell what they would say in different emotional states and situations. Then, tag other people and name a character of theirs.

Character: Blue Heart

Happy: "Awesome!"

Angered: "Excuse me?!"

Surprised: *gasps*

Sad: "...Oh."

Frightened: "Aaaaaagggghhhhhh!"

Furious: "If you do that ONE more time....I SWEAR I WILL--" *cuts to another scene*

Disbelief: "...?!"

Confused: "Uh...what?"

Unamused: *one eyebrow raised*

Disgusted: "Mah eyes!" / "Yuck!"

Triggered: [Flowey Emote] TRIGGERED

Sick: "No no no, I'm alright...." *cough* *cough*

Ragging (in game): "Come on! Really?!" / "Are you f***king kidding me?" / "...s**t."

Now I tag:

Confetti Bomb :iconstorzthebfdifan:

HyNeedle :iconxxjigglycutie1357xx:
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Tagged by one of my friends, :iconxxjigglycutie1357xx:.

Rules :
Bullet Blue Post these rules.
Bullet Blue Post 8 random facts about your character.
Bullet Blue Tag 8 other creators.
Bullet Blue Post their OC's name along with their creator's name/avatar.

Here we are--8 facts about Red Ball!

1. He's based off of one of my friends in Discord.
2. He used to go livestreaming every Saturday, but things didn't go as planned for him, so he stopped.
3. Blue Heart, my other OC, has a HUUUUGE crush on him.
4. When he gets sick, his color fades. (But it's always like that with all my OCs, so it isn't really a fact.)
5. He can fly upside down!
6. Despite being legless, he can still kick stuff around.
7. He still can't figure out if he's completely original or if he's based off of another character...
8. Aaand lastly, he owns the Discord Lodge, a place where all my OCs live.

Now I tag...

Sketchy :iconthecreativesketchy:

Star Balloon :iconstorzthebfdifan:

Glazed Star Top Hat :iconglazesugarnavalblock:

Shamrock :iconredshamrock56:

Marx :icontye2000:

Floor Lamp :icontylerthemoviemaker6:

Arctic :iconretroplanet2004:

Egg Tart :iconbottledducky:

Red Ball (c) :iconcomputershowdownfan:

EDIT: Had to edit because something went horribly wrong....
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123emilymason and Nice444 . Their real names are both Emily!
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Decided to make one o' these 30 Day Art Challenge things...:D

So let's start!

(Note: You can make the drawings comics if you want.)

Day 1: Your favorite Object Show Character
Day 2: Your least favorite Object Show Character
Day 3: Your Object Show OC
Day 4: Your Object Show OC with another one of your OCs
Day 5: Your Object Show OC with another person's OC (credit the owner!)
Day 6: Your Object Show OC genderbent
Day 7: Your Object Show OC with your favorite Object Show Character
Day 8: Your Object Show OC with your least favorite Object Show Character
Day 9: Your Object Show OC as an animal
Day 10: Your Object Show OC in another cartoon
Day 11: Your Object Show OC asleep
Day 12: Your Object Show OC with another character (as long as it's not an Object Show Character, but you can draw the other character in Object Show form if you want)
Day 13: Your Object Show OC very unlucky
Day 14: Your Object Show OC eating
Day 15: Your Object Show OC listening to music
Day 16: Your Object Show OC as a human
Day 17: Your Object Show OC reading
Day 18: Your Object Show OC sad
Day 19: Your Object Show OC with incomplete limbs (ex. armless, legless, draw with complete limbs if your OC has incomplete limbs)
Day 20: Your Object Show OC with another canon character apart from your fav/least fav character
Day 21: Your Object Show OC sick
Day 22: Your Object Show OC all better
Day 23: Your Object Show OC with an animal
Day 24: Your Object Show OC watching their fav show (it can be any show)
Day 25: Your Object Show OC younger
Day 26: Your Object Show OC acting the opposite of how they normally act
Day 27: Your Object Show OC with reverse colors
Day 28: Your Object Show OC playing a game (it can be any game)
Day 29: Your Object Show OC doing anything you want them to do
Day 30: Your Object Show OC very happy because they passed the challenge! :D
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No one does these kind of tests, only the person OCs, so I decided to make one myself!

First off, the species...
Is your Object Show Character...

Just a normal object? (ex. Paper) (1 pt.) [ ]
An object crossed with an animal? (1 pt.) [ ]
Something you made up? (2 pts.) [ ]
Just a plain shape (maybe with some "pizzaz"?) (ex. Blue Heart, she's just a normal heart but has swirls on the bottom or her) (1 pt.) [ ]
A spherebee? (2 pts.) [ ]
A "humanobject" (ex. AgentEliteFirey 's OC)? (2 pts.) [ ]
Other? (2 pts.) [ ]
A hybrid of two or more of these choices? (2 pts.) [ ]

Second, the name...
Is the name...

Just a name that fits your character? (ex. a glass named Glass/Glassy) (1 pt.) [ ]
A name that doesn't fit your character? (ex. a cupcake name Candy) (1 pt.) [ ]
A human's name? (ex. an orange named Layla) (2 pts.) [ ]

Third, if they wear anything...
Do they?

Yes? (1 pt.)  [ ]
No? (Retain score) [ ]

If yes, what do they wear? (Multiple choice)

One or two bows? (1 pt.) [ ]
A dress/shirt? (1 pt.) [ ]
A bracelet/necklace? (1 pt.) [ ]
Other? (2 pts.) [ ]
I ALREADY SAID NO (Retain score) [ ]

Fifth, their backstory...
Is their backstory...

Soo tragic you don't want to hear it? (4 pts.) [ ]
Just an average backstory? (2 pts.) [ ]
A really happy one? (3 pts.) [ ]
Kinda sad? (2 pts.) [ ]
They don't have one/You don't want to say? (Retain score) [ ]

Sixth, relationship...
Are they currently in a relationship?

Yes? (1 pt.) [ ]
No? (Retain) [ ]

If yes, are they in love with anyone?

The character is in love with another OC and the OC loves them back (1 pt.) [ ]
The character is in love with another OC but the OC doesn't love them back (1 pt.) [ ]
The character is in love with a canon character (2 pts.) [ ]
Another OC is in love with them and the character loves them back (1 pt.) [ ]
Another OC is in love with them but the character doesn't love them back (1 pt.) [ ]
I SAID NO (Retain) [ ]

Seventh, how they act...
What is their personality? (Multiple choice)

Calm/serious? (1 pt.) [ ]
Smart/nerdy? (2 pts.) [ ]
Friendly/nice? (3 pts.) [ ]
Short-tempered/stressed? (3 pts.) [ ]
Random/hyper/Pinkie-Pie like? (4 pts.) [ ]
Other? (3 pts.)  [ ]

Eighth, if they're based off of anyone...
Are they?

Yes? (2 pts.) [ ]
No? (Retain) [ ]

Ninth, how popular they are...
Are they really popular?

They are not popular at all (1 pt.) [ ]
They are a little popular (2 pts.) [ ]
They are sorta popular (3 pts.) [ ]
They are liked by a good number of friends (4 pts.) [ ]

Tenth, how they look...
Are there any uncommon features on your Object Show character? (ex. Odd-colored eyes)

Yes (3 pts) [ ]
Yes, but it's common in their species (2 pts.) [ ]
No (Retain score) [ ]

Eleventh, if they can fly...
Can they?

Yes (1 pt.)
No (Retain)

If they can, how do they fly?

They have wings (1 pt.)
They are legless (1 pt.)
They fly naturally (1 pt.)
I SAID NO (Retain)

Total score: 120

0-12: Anti Mary Sue Object
Your character is quite bland. Wouldn't hurt if you made more enhancements to the character. Keep tryin'!

13-40: Normal Object
Your character is perfect! Keep it up! :D

47-67: Borderline Sue Object
Your character is close to being a Mary Sue. But it's also close to being the perfect character! Tone it down a little and you're in the clear!

68 onwards: Mary Sue Object
Oh, your character is a Mary Sue. NOW here's something you need to change. You can tone down some aspects and make them a little more "ordinary". Keep tryin'! ;)

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...but none of them seem to fit my character, which is Blue Heart. Most of the tests are just for your human character, but I don't think there are any for object show Mary Sues.
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..They've removed the "Collect" part of the page....
How will we know if a new season is released NOW?
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...Because the Wall-Of-Shame has gotten deleted. I think I know why. I went on the profile of Trouble Seeking and someone said, "rip wall of shame? it keeps coming up 404. did it get taken down?" and someone replied yes because some troll false reported it:…
It looks like we're on our own now. Without the Wall-of-Shame, this place will just be a survival wasteland with cyberbullies and art thieves running about everywhere. Man. I never should have made a dA account if I knew this was going to happen. Is this place just going to be like this, taking down groups which are actually REALLY nice and try to spread justice round, just because some stupid troll false reported? dA just keeps getting worse and worse. :(
Everyone who is all for justice, let us replace the Wall. If you see any stolen art or harassment, report it to the admins immediately! We need this place to be better, and fast!
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.....Why do I disable my comments?

Well, to prevent this insanity from happening:

I don't want any people harassing me with their "criticism". (Criticism and " criticism" are different.) Sure, I might have blocked MaximilianHimmler but there are lots more users doing that.  So I disable the comments to be on the safe side.

I will accept any criticism, but just don't use it for that.

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These are the human names of the Food Cats.
(NOTE: The genders of the cats are only headcanons, it is unknown what gender they are.)


Blackpurry: Blenda
Brownyan: Bailey
Catcha: Christine
Catchai: Christina
Cheeseshire: Chelsea
Cookitty: Cora
Cupkitty: Camila
Gumeow: Guinevere
Ice Creameow: Izzy
Icepurrccino: Ica
Lollipurr: Louise
Macaronyan: Martha
Nyonion: Nadia
Peaurr: Penelope
Rasppurry: Rachelle
Starllie: Stella
Tirameow: Tirra (obviously)


Appawle: Alan
Avocatto: Avery (i know that's a girl's name but I couldn't think of any)
Bananeko: Barry
Bluepurry(s): Billy (left bottom), Baxter (top center), Ben (bottom right)
Cat-Cola: Caleb
Catffeine Jello: Connor
Catgiri: Chase
Cato: Charles
Carrotiger: Cassidy
Cattucino: Carlos
Catwich: Cal
Donut Kitty: Dominic (is that even a name?)
Eggnyog: Erwin
Friesky: Frank
Garrtito: Garrison (4 letter combo!)
Hot Cat: Howie
Hot Kittea: Hudson
Iced Kittea: Isaac
Jello Kitty: Jeremy
Kittywi: Keith
Lemewnade: Leo
Meowspresso: Mel
Nekoyaki: Neil (center), Nick (left), Nathan (right)
Petsicle: Perry
Pizzcat: Pierre
Purrtato Chips: Phoenix
Red Velvetcate: Reginald
Strawpurry: Samuel
Sushinyan: Simon

Boy and Girl (seen together)

Pawpcorn: Pamina (girl, left), Pat (boy, center), Pauline (girl, right)

Inspired by :iconvrb14:

(ANOTHER NOTE: The cats mentioned here are NOT complete, I will add more once I collect a new one.)
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I mean, look. We do what this user wants us to do, we follow her rules, we speak to her in English, and does she appreciate it? Not a f***ing chance! She says it has to be American grammar ONLY. Not British, not any other accent. Although its ENGLISH!! She got what she wanted already! And doesn't appreciate it. She still types her comments in all caps. Its as if her caps key is jammed. And she claims that she is 27, but she doesn't even ACT like it. I've seen people younger than her and they act 20 times more mature than she is. She keeps harassing people, and I think she does it for the fun of it. Wait. THE FUN?! There's no fun in harassing! And she keeps stealing art without the person's permission! And she says she didn't steal anything?! She's only trying to cover her tracks! And says she uses them for a "review"! That is not how you make reviews! (NOTE: "Review" and review are different.) Use the goddamn critiques! That is how you make reviews! And she doesn't like the word "Thingy" as well! Honestly! Its only a word that starts with "T"! Even I have more maturity than she does.

But, don't get me wrong. She wasn't the abusive person back then as she is right now. She was actually nicer. People used to like her. She liked them too. 2015/2016 was the big change in personality for her. She started spamming caps. She started making the most unfair rules. She started harassing. I don't understand why she had to change. She could have just stayed her old self and then I wouldn't have to go through the torture of typing this out.

Oh and I didn't mention her because I know what will happen if I did...



Oh and one last thing: Do not try to talk to her because I know what will happen to you...


She says we have to comment on her featured/gallery page. And guess what! We can't do it because of random trash and hundreds of thousands of stolen art clogging up her page. We can't REACH it. We have to comment on her scraps page because she doesn't have anything there. Its as if she's tricking us. I don't even know why she wants us to comment on her featured/gallery page. And swearing is only allowed with HER only! That is so unfair! I mean, SUPER unfair!

And look at one of her rules. It says...


What?! Why?! What if the people commenting on her page don't know how to speak English? They only know one language! What will she do, block them? Report them?! GIVE THEM THE DEATH PENALTY?!?!?!

And she also minds if there's one, even one grammar mistake in your comment!

I have to warn my friend in Discord about this user. Because she can speak Spanish only. She's not really good at English. And she has a lot of grammar mistakes in her comments. She won't be safe around this user.

I am really concerned about you all, do not talk to her or else you will get an earreap screaming in your ears.


EDIT: Her account has been suspended! EVERYONE PARTY!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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Here are the Food Cat partners of Object Show Characters.
(Note: Some Food Cats may have more than one partner. Oh, and if the character name doesn't have an object show name beside it, that means it's an OC.)
* means the OC hasn't been introduced yet.

1. Pear (Brawl of the Objects) and Peaurr
2. Gumball (Object Illusion) and Gumeow
3. Cupcake (Object Mayhem) and Cupkitty
4. Pizza (Brawl of the Objects) and Pizzcat
5. Cheesy (Inanimate Insanity II) and Nyacho
6. Apple (Inanimate Insanity) and Appawle
7. Taco (Inanimate Insanity) and Cato
8. Popcorn (Object Overload) and Pawpcorn
9. Woody (Battle for Dream Island) and Petsicle
10. Ice Cream (Object Mayhem) and Ice Creameow
11. Cookie* and Cookitty
12. Fries (Battle for Dream Island) and Friesky
13. Hotdog (Brawl of the Objects) and Hot Cat
14. Popsicley (Brawl of the Objects) and Petsicle

Every character featured here belongs to their respective owners.
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Hey all!
For all of you Num Nom fans...


They look like children of the other Num Noms.
I'll give you a few:
Mellow (looks like a mix of Maya Mallow and Softy Mallow)
Menchie (looks like a mix of Strawberry Froyo and Nilla Froyo)
Bubbly Puffs (looks like a mix of Bubbly Pop and Berry Puffs)
C.C. Splits (looks like a mix of Twinzy Puffs and Nana Splits)
Miley Mallow (looks like a mix of Bella Bubblegum and Softy Mallow)

I'll draw one of them:
C.C. Splits in my style! by ComputerShowdownFan

So anyways, iThink MGA Entertainment (thar's the people who make Num Noms, BTW) saw my "Children of the Nums" drawings and decided to do the same thing....only official.

Link to the Num Noms website:
So that's all I'll say for now, but tell me if you like the new series or not! C'ya! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Hey everyone!

For those of you who don't know how this works, here's how it works:

You tell me what character you want to sign up as, and I'll place your name next to the character you want to sign up as. (There's dashes next to the names.)

For example:

Apple (Male)-mynameizcecret

Vista (Female)-ComputerShowdownFan

That's how it works ;)
So what're you waiting for? Sign up now! :D

How many people signed up so far: One.



Action Flag (Male)-

AOL (Male)-

Apple (Male)-

Chromy (Male)-

Critical Stoppy (Male)-

Cursory (Male)-

Debian (Male)-

Edubuntu (Male)-

Error Message (Male)-

Fave Star (Female)-

Fedora (Male)-

Finder (Male)-

Firefox (Female)-

Fluxbuntu (Female)-

Foldery (Male)-

Gentoo (Male)-

I.E. (Male)-

Info Bubble (Female)-

iTunes (Female)-

Kubuntu (Male)-

Linux (Male)-

Lubuntu (Male)-

Mandriva (Female)-

Mythbuntu (Female)-

NixOS (Female)-

Painty (not to be confused with Paintbrush) (Female)-

Paintbrush (this is NOT the Paintbrush from Inanimate Insanity) (Female)-

Peppermint (Female)-

Question Bubble (Female)-

Raspberry Pi (Female)-

Recycle Bin (Female)-

Red Hat (Male)-

Snipping Tool (Male)-

Spinning Wheel of Death (or SWOD for short) (Female)-

Sun (Male)-

Tulip (Female)-syronjoson

Ubuntu (Male)-

Vista (Female)-

VLC Media Player (Male)-

Warning Sign (Female)-

Windows 1.0 (Male)

Windows 3.1. (Male)-

Windows 7 (Male)-

Windows 8 (Male)-

Xerox (Male)-

Xubuntu (Female)-

Zonbu (Male)-

Zorin (Male)-

Tell me who you want to sign up as in the comments ;)