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Come and view my all time favourite deviations. I have an ever expanding collection. Many of the art featured here are from the legendary artists:
And the awesome TF Artist AkuOreo plus many more


I'm looking to get a tf sequence of a character of mine becoming a pokemon. however i'd like to be able to get something nice with a reasonable, yet affordable price tag. If the total comes over $80 im happy to talk about arranging a payment plan for it. please note me with any example of pokemon or tf you have done so i can seel which style i like. thank you for your time
Carolina Hirozuki
Introducing Carolina, a badass Monster Hunter. She, like Tawny, is a Natural werewolf. However when she turned 15 she became stuck in her current form. In fear that she would never be able to live a normal life in Tokyo her parents, both werewolves themselves, sent her to live in Shinjukota located in Agartha. Agartha is a magical world where any "Mythic" can live in peace without fear of being hunted.

Naturally Carolina is a fighter. She used to get bullied a lot in school so she took self defence classes with allowed her to fight off her would be bullies. This would get her into trouble a lot and eventually she found herself in street fights which lead her to participate in underground cage fights.

Years later she was scouted out by the local monster hunter guild. After many gruelling trails she was rewarded with the magical gauntlet known as the Garm Fang. This piece of weaponry is extremely powerful, able to store up magical energy and discharge it from the fanged tips much like a taser but with much more devastating force. However the drawback is that it puts a huge strain on her body, meaning that at any one given time she can only use its power twice before it starts to become more damaging to her than those she uses it on.

You might notice how her clothes have two versions. well technically it is the same outfit but the version on the left it to show it when the sleeves are attached. Due to the nature of her fighting style the sleeves tend to get in the way. And so rather than tear the sleeves off every jacket she had this one designed with Velcro sleeves which would be removed and reattached with ease

Carolina (c) Me :iconcomputerfreak:
Art (c) :iconundyingkite:
Introducing Lt.Aisha Cambell
Meet my first elf character, Aisha. She lives in a world where a fantasy world fuses with earth. Normally she would have been a regular elf but due to the circumstances of the world fusion she got fused with a US army ranger sniper trainee called Ian Cambell. As a result this made the original Aisha taller than what High Elves are known for. On top of that she gained some of Ian's memories and skills. This memory mesh does cause issues from time to time such as Ian's personality coming through which can make Aisha embarrassed about her clothing choices.

However when Aisha is able to get the Ian side of her to cooperate they make quite the team seeing that Aisha is an elf with superior sight and hearing and Ian with his army training. Combined they can take out targets further than either could have ontheir own.

With this unorthodox team up Aisha took Ian's last name and took his place in the Army. And even though she gets critism from the other Rangers she has risen up the ranks achieving the rank of lieutenant for Ian's behalf. She even earned the nickname Golden Reaper for her impressive shooting ability.

Now the two outfits she has are special. Both have Elven enchantments woven into them giving her a special perk depending on the outfit she is using. While wearing the Sniper outfit (on the left) she gains a buff to her accuracy allowing her to make better shots. And while she is wearing her standard Archer outfit (on the right) she is lighter on her feet meaning she is much more agile.

I hope you guys like her, i know i do. Oh and let me know in the comments which outfit you like most

Aisha (c) :iconcomputerfreak:
Art (c) :iconundyingkite:
The Half Dragon, Dakota Drachen
Dakota was once blind, born into a world of darkness. Unsure they would be able to care for him properly his biological parents put him into foster care. There he grew up not knowing his real parents. He eventually was taught a way to get around without the aid of a service dog, in the form of Echolocation. By the time he was 17 his foster family had moved to Kyoto and so he went with them.

There he eventually would meet up with Tawny, Sammy and their friends up at the Yamamoto temple. He quickly became part of the group. However after learning about a brand new world where Mythics existed this made his lifelong desire to see even greater than before.

This desire to see the world lead him to ask Rosaria Yamamoto for help. However she wouldn't be powerful enough to grant him sight. Instead she brought him to see an old friend of hers, Lady Tatsuya, a Dragon. There they discussed the possibility of giving him the sight he desired.

However there were a few things he had to keep in mind. 1. The procedure was irreversible and 2. There would be side effects over time. Dakota accepted these and so Tatsuya got to work, granting him sight by removing his old ones and replacing them with dragon eyes.

In addition to receiving theses he was given a transfusion of Tatsuya's blood so that his body would accept the new eyes more easier. It took a while for him to get used to his new found sight and began working under Tatsuyta to pay her. However as time went on the side effect Tatsuya mentioned began to manifest. At sitst it was slolw with patches of scales appearing here and there, but then his horns began to grow in and he had a pain time when his new tail decided to grow in in a matter of minutes. His hand and feet changed and scales soon covered 70% of his body. He was hardly human anymore at this point.

However Tatsuya's kindness went to new heights and he offered to take Dakota in as part of her family which he graciously accepted. Now he own his own shop in Agartha called "The Dragon's Parlour" a sister branch of his mother's own shop in Kyoto.
Her Royal Highness Princess Milliana
This sixteen year old is the royal princess, Milliana Lockhart II, of the city of Recardia, a city much like Balboa Park is San Diego in design but far larger. Milliana or Milli for short is the current crowned princess, heiress to the Recardian Throne. Though while she might be a princess she doesn't like being cramped inside the palace all the time and so she sneaks out, hence the other outfit you can see. When she sneaks out she loves to mingle amongst the public and enjoy what she considers a normal life.

One of her hobbies involves helping out a local band of orphans, all of which figured out her little secret. But she doesn't mind too much. She trusts them not to tell. She likes to buy them food and looks after them while she can. That is until she is found by her maid, Erina.

Milliana (c) Me :iconcomputerfreak:
Art (c) :iconundyingkite:


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Nate Dual
United Kingdom
Hi im computerfreak, but please call me Nathan or Nate which ever is easiest for you to remember. I do have a female fursona called Natalia but due to personal reasons and positive life developments i am assuming Nathan as my primary character from now on.

You'll find that most of my gallery contains mostly reposts of artwork i have collected/commissioned over the last few years i have been on FA. Though this doesn't mean i don't do original art though, its just im not that confident in my art abilities to post something original. Though I am an avid writer so you might see me post stories based on artwork i have commissioned or artwork that has inspired me.

final thing i think is worth mentioning is i have a webcomic called 'The Other View', writing by me and drawn by :iconnalem:. you can find my comic here, though due to my money circumstances the dtaes which it is updated are unknown. but please take a read if you have a chance:…
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Hey guys. I know its been a while since i did anything on here so its only fair i give you an update on things.

First off, as some of you may or may not know I now operate more on Furaffinity than I do here. Which is why I haven't uploaded anything in so long. But that's going to change. I'm going to be slowly adding some of the art I've commissioned over the last 4 years over on FA. So expect art dumps now and then. Also I'd love to see what you guys have to say on some of the characters i had made.

Secondly, As much as I know many of you have seen, the Harry Potter Fanfic is probably one of my most popular submissions. However, due to other life pursuits I never had the time to continue with it, nor did I ever find the motivation to make a second part. Neither do I think I ever will, so as of today that is officially discontinued. I spend most of my writing time preparing the transcripts for my newest pet project, The Other View. This is a furry webcomic that you are all welcome to go read. here's a link: But shout-outs to everyone who read and liked the small portion of writing i did on the Harry Potter thing. It was a spur of the moment thing that i never expected to get so popular and widely demanded. I will try my best to write something that can compete with it.

Thirdly, my gallery has undergone some re-jiggling and general tidying up. You should be able to find folders that contain pictures of particular themes like Refsheets, cosplays, TFs etc.

Finally, I'm gonna try to make a comeback on here, though how often I upload "Original Content" depends on my drive to draw or write. But be vigilant and keep an eye out in any case.

And with that that's all I have to say really. If any of you want to see regular updates of anything I urge you check out my FA first and check back here at a later time. Peace out everyone.


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