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Holy crap this place doesn't get many comments X'D
(But the rate appears constant, if tiny! (after the initial founding) )
(And by extrapolation, it's about due for another one.  So I feel honored the universe chose me :3 )
hey everyone ^_^ i am a computer gamer who builds PCs for my friends and family and i got a question for a hardware geek. i bought a new set of ram for my pc. its a 16gb (8x2 sticks) of corsair ddr3 1333mhz 9-9-9-24 timing. now my problem with this is that as soon as i installed it seems though my pc will not accept it. i made sure that its the same type as my old ram (ddr3 1333mhz) and i know my settings are correct in the bios. i have no clue whats going on. (update) okay so i mixed both my old ram and my new ram totals at 24Gb and using both sets at the same time half runs... my pc recognizes it and even says 24Gb ram under my specs. when i try to run game it seems to crash the game after a short period. so still dose not work right... im so confused and have no clue whats wrong... if anybody know plz msg me...
Thanks for the add :)
I wish to share with you this musical Interpretation of Computer Nostalgia:

Fornax Void - Memory Machine: [link]
ty very much for inviting me. [link]
Hi guys!
I have a question for the C# developers. I've submitted a screenshot of my recent app [link]
It uses WMI to show system and hardware info. Looks like it's not 100% relevant (see deviant description). If you experienced such things, please share your knowledge. Thanks.