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Happy Hill Farm

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Compusician, BL8ant, and

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I love art that asks questions. You have art? I have questions...

LW equals MI by Compusician


EinStud's Theory

Less Words = More Imagination

Before the Chicken or the Egg, the IDEA had to come first.

It is like art. When you are finished with some art, no one asks, "Which came first, the paper or the paint?".

(I suppose you could ask, but there is never a place in time when we really know if paint atoms were around before paper atoms... but what we do know is that the painting was born, when the artist formed an idea)

Who was the "painter"?

All art created here is blessed for good health, good fortune, and good luck. It will do the same for you.

Peace Out, Gary

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Current Residence: Dallas, Texas USA
Favourite genre of music: Psychodelic, Strange
Favourite style of art: Abstract
Personal Quote: Bringing life to reality, through the imagination.

Favourite Visual Artist
Dali, Picasso, Escher
Favourite Movies
Austin Powers
Favourite TV Shows
TMZ, Joel Osteen, Gomer Pyle, Gilligan's Island, Celebrity Apprentice
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Favourite Books
The City of Gold and Lead
Favourite Writers
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Favourite Gaming Platform
The dining room table
Tools of the Trade
Computer, Mind, Hands
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Music, Art, Lyrics


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I try. You have the one thing most people can never get: Artistic Talent. The rest can be learned.
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My first impression is how neat and ordered your cartoon is. I found more detail as to what is going on after reading the words (the story). I want to emphasize that I like it. But now, will come my critical (but truthful) eye...

Okay. This is suppose to be the opening scene? Whenever I watch the Simpsons, the intro goes from broad and general to a "tempered zoom" into the character's situation (the scene).

Maybe open the scene with a broad look (view) of this man's ranch, or city, or something that helps define this man. Then slowly zoom into the scene (I say slowly, but Indiana Jones would be an example of throwing it all at you at once, and trying to "refigure" it all out as the movie rolls. It is a fast paced wild adventure). If you're going for that feel, then the Grim Reaper needs to be slashing and chasing, without words (to give the audience some room to figure things out on the fly).

I sense you would be best with a "general to specific" opening scene at slow pace.

Also, "Yahoo!"? Get them to pay you for this ad placement. I sense Yee Haw! might be good if "Yahoo!" won't pay up (really, never give anything away for free if you can find a buyer).

I do have some interest in this, some intrigue. But what if there was a cut away of his wife (or woman) appearing smaller and looking on, pounding her fist, and looking very angry and defeated? Then the scene has "conflict". We would want to read on to see "why she is... who she is..." and what will happen next.

Your artwork is great! Yes, it is intriguing why the man is jumping for spiritual joy that he is now dead. Maybe add to your mystery as I already sufggested, or maybe place a bottle of Seagrams 7 over in the corner (sorry, "Whiskey"), or something else to give clues to your readers? (I want to add that even if you did everything I suggested, I would say it was too much or not enough. What is important here is that you either agree or disagree with my opinion, then do what you feel is best.)

Keep up the great work. Your art is on spot!
Cashing In - 001
:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
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Wow! You are one of those artists that like to hold back, then let all Hades break loose, at the EXACT appropriate time!

I am an ordinary consumer. I want everything up front, and I want it now. I prefer your tactic to delay the "wow" effect (now that I seen the promise delivered). Nice job, again.

I will bet that you are a hit with the women. They like that "delayed gratification" technique. That is not a knock at all, it is admiration.

You knew all along where you were going, how you would get there, and how the goods would be delivered. Confidence.

And you never waivered in the midst of the hecklers (namely me).

I really like the way you were able to deliver the "black comment box". This sets you above any comic I ever read. This was an attention to detail, my friend.

You get an A+ from me.

Peace Out, EinStud
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