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Hackintosh Wallpaper

By ComplxDesign
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I could not resist doing one more thing with the logo I made, only this time, a wallpaper for everyone to download! Tried to make the logo a little more evil looking, with those glowing red eyes.

Here was the original Logo:

I should note I took inspiration from :iconjonzy: original hackintosh wallpaper to come up with my own logo and style.

Feel free to download and use this as your wallpaper!

Logo © Apple Computers
All Rights Reserved © Complx Design 2010
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permission to use it as a logo for a podcast?
ComplxDesign's avatar
Go ahead! Just please credit me.
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That's funny, lol.
ladyshanta's avatar
Is Hackintosh bad?
sydneyrome's avatar
It doesn't really have anything to do with Dance Music or DJ Culture. It's incredibly cool though, so I guess I'll keep it in the 'Deviant-DJs' gallery regardless! ;)
ComplxDesign's avatar
Thanks! Sorry about the incorrect submission type, In the future I will be sure to submit only DJ related art.
sydneyrome's avatar
No worries at all! ;)
framedskye's avatar
i like all your work
keep up the good job
ceb20's avatar
OMG!!!loves it
ComplxDesign's avatar
Thank you! Glad you like it!
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Nice. I had a hackintosh myself at one time. Might do again.
ComplxDesign's avatar
nice! let me know how it goes!
GreyAreaRK1's avatar
I never got the hackintosh to 100% - couldn't get the graphics system to fully work with my Quadro FX card. My current machine should be easier - Intel processors and a GeForce card, but it's a Dell and the bios is finicky. I even had trouble with Windows 7.
ComplxDesign's avatar
Well you could always start from scratch... I had a friend who had 4 Dell PC's go bad on him. I really don't trust Dell, (except for their monitors!) I myself have had some problems as well. So I just build my own now.

P.S - there are tons of websites out on the net with listings of parts that will work...
GreyAreaRK1's avatar
4? - Now that is giving Dell the benefit of doubt! ;-) The best machine I've ever had my vanilla box for which I carefully chose every last component. Only my own silly mistake caused it to fail. Its AMD dual processor was still faster than this Dell Intel quad core. Funny story about the troublesome Dell bios, I removed the scsi drive (I stopped using a while back), and it could no longer find the SATA drives. I talked to an expert and there was no way around it. I had to reinstall the scsi drive to get the system to work, even though the SCSI subsytem had been turned off in the bios.
ComplxDesign's avatar
Yep, 4. I tried to help fix them all, it was always some piece of Dell Hardware that went bad, except for one time. The AMD processors are great, but Intel is more stable when it comes to macs (In my opinion) Since their OS is now coded to run on them. And the new "I series" cores are really good. I have a Gigabyte Motherboard in mine, which is very nice. So far i have no major problems with mine, except that there is no wireless internet, and im nowhere near a jack. =P
GreyAreaRK1's avatar
Dell, HP and the others traditionally made their money by buying the cheapest components and using custom drivers to make them work. (A hardware example: I can upgrade the RAM to 16 Gig, but I have to buy a custom cooling fan first (non-standard plug), otherwise the MB will refuse to turn on).

I've had trouble with Intel in the past, but the new generation of processors sound sweet. I'm fond of Asus MBs. I wonder if Mac has a 64-bit SCSI driver for the onboard 320 controller...I might be able to make use of that HD yet!

W7 is pretty nice too, if you haven't tried it. Surprisingly, there are a lot of small things they got right this time, as well as the big performance issues. Usually they ignore the suggestion boxy. Not as elegant as OSX, but it's getting there.
Awesome wallpaper!
lyonesskim's avatar
hurray for the hackintosh!!
and this is a GREAT wallpaper!
ComplxDesign's avatar
Thanks! Glad you like it!
tassiej's avatar
love it!! the eyes was a good idea :glomp:
have it on my desktop now :D
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