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4074 MSS Spook


4074 MSS Spook



Personal Information

Name: Spook
ID: 4074
Height: 17.2hh
Type: Mountain
Age: Unknown [Estimated at around 6 yrs or so based on physical build and overall health]
Gender: Stallion
Companion: None

Genotype: Ee | aa | Ww
Phenotype: Dominant white on black

BDA Plaque: ID 4074
Registration Note: None/Import

Discipline: Undecided
Stat Tracker: TBA
Stats: 0Stat Points[No Level]


Loner | Lonely | Sad | Pure-hearted 
Spook is a loner type, not because he doesn't like others though. He finds both tranquility and a realistic view of his future in it. He is eternal, there are no others whom he has known to last the waves of time as he has. While he is a sad creature, he doesn't cast his sadness onto anyone else and tends to keep most emotions bottled up. In addition, Spook is extremely shy and introverted so he has no longing to burst into the life of another unannounced. 


Earlier past tbw.

After the passing of his third mate, Spook has spent much time wondering the world on his own. His heart was broken after watching both her and their children grow old before finally passing on, as he wish he could. Instead he carried on and found little else to live for, save for giving final goodbyes to the graves of those he'd known while they were alive before embarking on his own quest to end his suffering. Or at least attempt to. On his way to visit the forest he grew up in Spook was confronted by the mare that would soon become his next mate, Decorus Crux. She was strong, outgoing, and not in the slightest bit shy to new faces. He was intrigued, but decided not to get involved due to the fear of losing anyone else. Instead he carried on, visiting his old home(with her following of her own volition), then to say his farewells to the graves of his family members and still she was at his side. Spook became curious as to how long this strange mare would follow him, asking him all sorts of questions, telling him all the stories she knew, making light of the fact that he was so quiet, so he didn't chase her away. Rather he continued his journey and allowed her to accompany him, but as the days turned to weeks and weeks to months with her still walking beside him Spook grew used to her company. Slowly but surely he opened his heart to her, began sharing his knowledge and wisdom, even his life with her. And she readily accepted it all. Spook isn't quite sure when they became the couple they are today, but he wouldn't trade it for the world. Currently they are both in search of a cure for mortality so they can break the cycle of Spook's past and stay together.

Quirks and Misc Facts: 

Spook's canon story revolves around a world with no humans. Please do not depict him with any kind of tack or humans/handlers.
He is permanently mated to Decorus Crux who teases him relentlessly, but there's something about her playful personality that he can't help but to love.
Probably wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for his mate.




Mourning Star Stables Breeding Regulations
The above terms must be read and signed before you are allowed to breed with any of MSS's horses.


Sire/Dam | Breed Pic(If any) | Foal | Owner | Usable?/Used?

1. NouveauStables
2. ReQuay952 Design Comm. for ReQuay
3. FreeHeel
4. kaons5954 Vega | Mountain
5. soulswitch / mvseratii
6. Zugunruhes with 5954 Vega | Mountain
7. EclipsisHorreum with 583 Avicula
8-15. CLOSED- Do not ask

Regale Earned Slots

1. Locked
2. Locked
3. Locked
4. Locked
5. Locked
6. Locked
7. Locked
8. Locked
9. Locked
10. Locked

Stat Earned Slots

1. Locked
2. Locked
3. Locked
4. Locked
5. Locked
6. Locked

Misc. Earned Slots


Regale's Quests

Level 1

    → "Meeting" Incomplete
    → "Home" Incomplete
    → "Greenhorn" Incomplete
    → "Searching for a Shadow Pt. 1" Incomplete
    Reward: Note Earned | Not Approved

Level 2

    → "Good Genes" Incomplete
    → "Over My Dead Body" Incomplete
    → "Instinct" Incomplete
    → "Folklore or Fantasy" Incomplete
    → "Show Me Your Teeth" Incomplete
    → "Playdate" Incomplete
    Reward: Not Earned | Not Approved

Level 3

    → "Searching for a Shadow Pt. 2" Incomplete
    → "Amorous" Incomplete
    → "Bear Your Soul" Incomplete
    → "Over the River" Incomplete
    → "Winning Streak" Incomplete
    Reward: Not Earned | Not Approved

Level 4

    → "Competitor" Incomplete
    → "Among the Greats" Incomplete
    → "Like Vultures" Incomplete
    → "Elite" Incomplete
    → "The Final Act Pt. 1" Incomplete
    → "The Final Act Pt. 2" Incomplete
    Reward: Not Earned | Not Approved

Highlord Gifts

Gift Earned | Date | Approval | Earned/Gifted By


Badges & Trophies


Equus Ballators are a closed breed by Fargonon. You may not make your own.
Character & Art belongs to ComplacentFool 
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Heya! Just letting you know that I'll be using my slot with this lady: 5954 Vega | Mountain !!
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touches him gently 
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spook: takes hand and kisses softly
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Gorgeous boy HNNNNNNNG :heart: Does he have Barbary :O he looks freaking stunning ;v; love your art as always :heart:
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ahhhhhh!! Thank you bby! <3<3<3
and yes he does~
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Dis is mine now thank !
That horse + your art is just a magnificent and appealing combo !!!
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nevarrrr!! D8<
And thank you!! I've been stalking this boy since I first saw him in the old group and am so stoked to finally own him <3
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Do Not Ask About Slots To This Stallion! His Slots Are Stated As Closed And Will Not Be Open To The Public! 
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