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Community Projects are a great way to get involved on DeviantArt This article lists ongoing projects in the DeviantArt Community. It will be updated often, so keep your eye on this space. :eager:

Run your own project!

Did you know that you can run a project, too? :eager: And we can help you! Check out CRCommunityProjects to find out how to run your own Community Project, or to get some support for your project!

Ongoing Projects

These projects are ongoing! Get involved! If you're interested in starting a new project, or you have a new project that you'd like listed here, please note Astralseed.

If you know of a project not listed here, let Astralseed know!

Last Updated: 05 September 2013 by Astralseed

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Featured! [link] Please fav if you enjoyed it! :)
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Thanks SO MUCH for including my pay-it-forward project!
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You're welcome, keep it up! :heart:
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I have a dA Birthday contest going on? Here's the link: [link]

Prizes included!
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Yay! :la: Best ask ^thelasth0pe to include it in his roundup if it's not there yet :)
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It's done already! But thanks.
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:( I was hoping to submit this to a group, but apparently we can't dothat now. Makes me sad. :saddummy:
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:hug: thank you!

Oh, is there no 'submit to a group' button for you?
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There is but when I choose a group and then a folder and click submit, it pops up red and states that journals that belong to a group can't be submitted. When I get home tonight, if it is still happening, I can screenshot it and submit a ticket if it isn't supposed to be doing that. It did it to me in FF, Chrome and IE this morning.
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Oh I see, that seems intentional then. ^^;
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One of my New Years resolutions is to participate on this side of Community Relations more often. :#1:
How do I post a contest for a company?
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Hi and coolio B-)

Celebrate $taff Appreciation week :la: AUG 8-15 :D [link] , [link] & [link]
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...So, how are things?
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Thanks for the update! :happybounce:
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Written by $Moonbeam13 edited by $Ikue :paranoid:

Celebrate $taff Appreciation week :la: AUG 8-15 :D [link] , [link] & [link]
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this blog's header says "09" but it's "10" almost "11"!!
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$Ikue should be part of CR too! :iconfellaseestoo:
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My dad has diabetes, and as for myself, I have epilepsy. AND my birthday is on this very month. Man, I love november! :dance:
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