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deviantART Tutorials are now found in the Resources/Tutorials Gallery. This was done to end the confusion over the previous placement of dA Tutorials that used to be in the "DeviantART Related" gallery.

Now ALL tutorials will be submitted to the Resources/Tutorials Gallery!!

In addition, deviantART Tutorials now has more categories!! Behold:
  • Groups Tutorials - DeviantART tutorials that teach people about using deviantART's Groups functioning, such as managing members, submitting blogs and how to keep groups active.
  • Journal & Gallery Tutorials - DeviantART tutorials that teach people about using deviantART's journals and galleries, including tips about journal submission, CSS, HTML, widgets and gallery management.
  • Miscellaneous dA Tutorials - DeviantART tutorials that teach people about using deviantART's miscellaneous features, such at news articles, forums and polls.
  • Promotional Tutorials - DeviantART Tutorials that focus on pageviews, commissions, features and using deviantART promotional ads.
  • dAmn Tutorials - DeviantART tutorials that teach people about using deviantART's chat system, including tips about creating and moderating chatrooms, navigating dAmn, and hosting chat events.
  • deviantART Muro Tutorials - DeviantART tutorials that teach people about using deviantART Muro.
Please feel free to move your deviantART tutorials into these new categories. You may use the following tutorial if you don't already know how to move your deviations to the new categories:
Keep in mind that video tutorials are still to be found under Video Resources & Tutorials.

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3wyl's avatar
It fits better, I guess. :nod:

I will have to move mine at some point. >.>
pica-ae's avatar
lol yeah ive always seen art tutorials in dA related which was really confusing :lol:

nice to have sub-cats :)
scaramoushe's avatar
ahh finally :D I was hoping it would move there :)
alexandrasalas's avatar
Patt-Ytto's avatar
I guess muro tutorials should be about the actual app and not how to draw in it, since then it would be considered a digital art tutorial instead.
namenotrequired's avatar
Another thing - you only mention chat things under dAmn. How about the forums and the shoutbox?
FantasyStock's avatar
I'll leave this up to admin about whether shoutbox and forums should be included, but I do agree with you. I'll pass this concern along.
namenotrequired's avatar
Thank you :) I just don't think it makes any sense to exclude them from the category when they are also part of dAmn ^^;
namenotrequired's avatar
Well I must say this move does make a lot of sense. The amount of miscats has always bothered me here. :nod:
I don't get why there's a 'muro' category though, wouldn't that be a digital art tutorial?

And why does 'promotional' not show up as a possible sub category when I try to move my tutorials?
pica-ae's avatar
well, if the muro tutorial covers how to use the tool, it should be there :)
im sure there are tuts that are only about muro and contain no general drawing information
namenotrequired's avatar
Yeah, that makes sense. Still it feels a little weird that whether something is about drawing in photoshop or it explains the tools of photoshop, it should go in that category, but for muro it is split. Ah well. ^^;
pica-ae's avatar
yeah, i think drawing tips should be independent of the program :B
if it is something you can only achieve in photoshop, its a photoshop tut.
FantasyStock's avatar
Promotional tuts has been reported as missing from the submission page. In the meantime, you can upload to that category here: [link]

Muro is an extension of dA, so that was my thinking about it. I figured it would be helpful to have a place to have tutorials about the application itself.
namenotrequired's avatar
Alright! :) I just think that [link] ^^;
VelCake's avatar
interesting, that!
Xadrea's avatar
awesome! but now i have a bunch of tutorials to move :XD:
litecrush's avatar
Very awesome. :la:
sTiViA's avatar
That's great. o3o
namenotrequired's avatar
Hm. :hmm: Sub categories look great but sad to see that leave my fave gallery :noes:
bradleysays's avatar
I'm also sad. I think the value of the dA Related gallery is starting to deteriorate.
namenotrequired's avatar
Eh, it's just emotional attachment that is the problem with me. I'll get over it =P
FantasyStock's avatar
This was done only in an attempt to prevent so many miscats in the dA Tuts gallery! It's still considered very much a VALUED part of dA Related culture in my opinion. I really did NOT intend to make any kind of statement against the dA Related Gallery at all!!! It is BECAUSE the dA Tut gallery is so highly valued that it needed to be kind of "saved" from being overwhelmed by all the other kinds of tutorials.
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