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I would like to open a discussion about FONTS and the categories in this gallery.

The current categories are as follows:
  • Corporate: Do you consider this necessary?? Is the genre covered in the Serif, Sans Serif and Normal categories???
  • Crazy: Should this be renamed? Should it be called "Unusual" or "Ornate" to be more descriptive?
  • Cursive: I'd like to change this to "Script." What do you think of this idea?
  • Gothic: Personally, I don't think this needs any changes.
  • Misc: I think this NEEDS to stay as it is.
  • Normal: Is this category essential? Isn't it covered under Serif and Sans Serif categories?
  • Rusted: Could this be renamed "Grunge" or "Distorted" instead?
  • Sans and Sans Serif categories: I find these entirely useful, and I don't recommend changes with these categories.
Then I would like to ask your opinion about ADDING a couple of new categories...
  • Dingbat: Is this popular enough to deserve it's own category?
  • Handwritten: Could this fit the many hand written fonts that are closer to print than cursive?
  • Pixel Fonts: This is something that's gained a lot of popularity over the past couple of years. I feel that Pixel Fonts have earned their own category.
So... The future fate of the Fonts gallery is in YOUR hands. Please let me know what you think!!

:thumb212368956: I Love Fonts by ClefairyKid More than 1000 fonts stamp by Drake1 Font Freak Stamp by Gokulover4ever Fancy fonts by black-cat16-stamps i heart fonts by 3greendogs

Thanks to nymphont :heart: for helping me with these suggestions!!

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How about these categories?:

Video Game
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Looks like this change didn't happen.

There are lots of ways to categorize fonts of course... the most likely ones are by style (gothic, modern, egyptienne,transitional), by construction (built-up, single-stroke, monoline), by feature (humanist, serif, sans, incised, outline...), by usage (text, headline, symbol, display), by mood (formal, chic, fun, emo, depressed, deviant, miserable, almost-suicidal-but-still-readable...), and the current categories mix them up a little.

. gallery descriptions could be visible when browsing?
. you don't need both Normal and Other, that makes no sense
. Dingbat, symbol and clipart fonts make a good category, yes
. Non-Latin/Arabic got 200 fonts uploaded today (although they are all from and not made by the uploader I think), a good reminder that it's worth a category perhaps. Non-Latin because most da readers are using Western/Latin scripts of course.
. Yes, change Cursive to Script, the more usual designation.
. Encourage font uploaders to choose a license. For extra points offer the SIL OpenFont license (OFL) as a choice, and remind people that they can't upload fonts unless they made themselves (no uploading Adobe/Linotype Helvetica Neue to Corporate for example!)

DA isn't really set up to be much good for a font gallery, and the primary use seems likely to be for text used on images (I CAN HAZ DAILY DEVIATIONBURGER LOL). It would be awesome to make fonts available via W3C Woff / EOT / TTF for use in journal CSS as a premium member feature.
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How about requesting fonts?

Is there a category for that?
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First, thanks for featuring my stamp. :)

Second, I think categories like on some more well-known font sites (dafont comes to mind) would work, since there would be a similar classification.
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I think pixel fonts should definitely get their own gallery. :nod:
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Oh! Awesome!! Thank you!! I just sent a note to you before I saw this...
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I totally agree with *Lydia-distracted and `Mirz123. Also, for category inspiration take a look at the categories used at daFont ([link]).
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but they have some mistakes there, too ;)
but I like their fancy gallery :la:
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I love the Pixel Font category idea. C: :heart:
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hmmm... great theme for discuss... i think...

- Serif >> the name says everything!
- Sans Serif >> =!
- Script
- Handwritten
- Decorative or Display >> here can be created Graffiti, Grunge, Gothic, etc. as sub-categories
- Pixel
- Dingbats or Symbols
- Miscellaneous

:D that's my opinion about this...

And other thing! ... How can we prevent the upload of fonts from other authors/creators/designers? I have seen many fonts and font packs that are downloaded from other sites and are posted here. I think this is not the aim of DeviantART, in contrast, should be published original works (like my graffiti fonts or another artist's fonts)
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Not that I am big in the font world or anything, but when I read cursive I know what that is and I can picture it. When I read script, I stare blankly at the screen. And looking at the most popular cursive fonts, they correspond with my mental image.

Sorry I can't be of more help ^^;
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cursive is also a proper wording for script :)
it even explains the font variant cursive/italic/oblique, because that style of a font was meant to imitate the scripted/hand-writen version of the same font; you can see this when you have a Serif Font that in the cursive style has "swashy" serifs :B

I'm not sure if there are language confusions as well :lol: at least in german "kursiv" means italic ^^;

also I'm the complete opposite :P cursive confuses me and script I understand immediately :B
might be a question of perspective
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I think Cursive may be less confusing for people like me that have no idea what goes on in the font world, but still want to find a new font occasionally for something. I would have no clue what script means and in all honesty, in a month I'm sure I will have forgotten the explanation :lol:
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dunno, script to me means "something written" (actually like a play can be called a script, too) or it makes me think of manuscript. all things that mean actually writing something down with your hand :B

well, probably the fact that I had Latin helps, too :lol:

for you to forget ;) [link]
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I failed Latin :lol: I just think of plays when it comes to script, but that's a lot of drama drilled into me over the years XD

Bookmarking =)
pica-ae's avatar
I wasn't brilliant at Latin either :slow: but I remember some random words :XD:

yeah i guess a play is the quickest connection you have :nod: cos it's more common to say
generally more people talk about plays/movie scripts than about script fonts :lol:


oh yeah, but basically I think going with the terms actually used in Typography will be better on the long term. you could compare it to teaching kids your vagina was actually called wuwu and then when they turn 16 they find out how much crap that was :B
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sorry for that stupid wuwu story :B
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Thanks FantasyStock for starting this discussion and including me in it as well. Everyone has such wonderful ideas and we all seem to share a common goal with this. Yay, it should be done! Pica and some others brought up the fact that Gothic may also be unnecessary being that it is SANS SERIF by typographic definitions, which I wholeheartedly agree with.
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:huggle: Thanks so much for helping me start this discussion!! I hope this helps get the gallery sorted out in a more professional-looking way. I think your ideas are smashing, and these suggestions have generated a lot of great input from everyone... Thanks again for your help!!
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Anytime ;) I'm glad to help :D
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I like the pixel font idea, as an emoticonist. :dummy:

In other font-related news, I found a free font that mimics the :devart: text. [link]
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