Did You Know: your Featured Gallery, linking chats

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Deviation Actions

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Your Featured Gallery

When someone visits your dA gallery, the first thing they see is the so-called "Featured" part of your gallery. You can rearrange the order of thumbs in this gallery completely to your needs. Simply drag a thumb around and put it in the spot you want it to be. You can also remove them from Featured, or move them to folders.

Everything you do this way, is saved immediately, so you don't have to worry about that. 

For more information on editing your Featured gallery and deviations, check out FAQ #864: How can I add or remove deviations from my Featured Gallery section.

Linking to Chatrooms

Did you know that you can make a link to a chatroom without any HTML?
All you have to do is put the chatroom's name and the number sign (#) between colons (:) like this :#communityrelations:, and it will look like this: #CommunityRelations.
This works in journals, comments, on your profile page etc. This way you can make a link to any existing chatroom! Cool isn't it? :la:

What would you like to know?

As we write this article series for you, the community, we would like to know: What aspects of the website do you want to learn more about? Or what can you teach other deviants about? If we decide to use your suggestion we will be sure to credit you. :) Thank you for your input in advance!

Let us know your ideas through our feedback page :eager:

Previous editions

To help you find the information you are looking for, we have composed an overview that lists all former Did You Know? articles and their topics. With every new article we release, we will update the overview, to ensure it remains up-to-date.

Have a look at our overview of all Did You Know? articles!

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Quolia's avatar
I recently learned about rearranging the thumbs in your Featured gallery :la: It's pretty neat!
alexandrasalas's avatar
I wasn't aware of the chatroom link code. You learn something new everyday. :giggle:
SingingFlames's avatar
Very cool! I knew we could move things into different folders, but I didn't know we could rearrange the order of our gallery. Cool stuff! :la:
neurotype's avatar
I learned about the chatroom link maybe last week :giggle:
namenotrequired's avatar
I remember I discovered it back in the day when `GaioumonBatou was a GM (as they were called back then) and he posted a journal promoting a chat event, using such a link. And in the journal preview you'd be able to see the code instead of the link. :D I discovered :icon: in much the same way actually, but earlier in my dA career :B
neurotype's avatar
And as he was called back then :lol:

adumvgh's avatar
I discovered that on my own..I derped around and a link appeared :lol:
neurotype's avatar
I was editing the chat events blog :lol:
maytel's avatar
Uh!! I did not know about that chatroom link! Awesome! thanks!
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