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Faving a folder or collection

Suggested by PirateLotus-Stock, written by namenotrequired.

Did you know that you can favourite a whole gallery folder or favourites collection at once? If you want to add a deviant's entire folder or collection to your faves, or to one of your own collections, go to the main gallery or favourites page (or the containing 'parent' folder if you want to add a subfolder). Click and drag the thumb of the folder or collection, and your favourites bar will appear as normal when you drag a thumb. Drop it on top of your collection of choosing and it's added!

This has been illustrated in the screenshot below, where I am dragging VelCake's gallery folder "My Best Works" from the left hand side of the page to my Favourites.

What's the best way to suggest a change to the website?

This question was asked by neurotype through our feedback form (see below to ask your questions). Answered by namenotrequired.
Do you have any ideas that you think could improve dA? There are several places on the site where you can suggest them to the staff.

First of all - this is for live site suggestions only! If it's a bug, contact the Help Desk. If your suggestion or bug is for a =beta project, go to :devdevbug:.
Some of these places are for text only, but for many suggestions, an image showing how you imagine a feature should look and work can be very helpful. This is often done by taking a screenshot of an existing dA page, and then modifying it to show what you want to suggest. You can submit your work to the deviantART related > dA suggestions > Visual Suggestions category. If you only want to write your suggestion without visual, you can also use a Written Suggestions subcategory.

There is also a Suggestions Forum where you can make a thread or post in an existing one with your ideas. This forum is useful not only for getting your suggestion seen by dA, but also for getting feedback on it from other members. They will often respond with their opinion and with possible disadvantages of your idea.

And lastly, hq - the official dA HeadQuarters - post weekly Site Updates, which is also open to public comments - you may make suggestions there as well.

Did you know that deviantART has a team of staff whose main job is to collect feedback from deviants like you? If you use one of the mentioned channels, you can always be sure your suggestion is being looked at. You may even get a personal response from a staff member, however this is (outside of bug reports) not guaranteed.

What would you like to know?

As we write this article series for you, the community, we would like to know: What aspects of the website do you want to learn more about? Or what can you teach other deviants about? If we decide to use your suggestion we will be sure to credit you. :) Thank you for your input in advance!

Let us know your ideas through our feedback page :eager:

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SingingFlames's avatar
I didn't know about the folder faving! :omfg: That's neat! :D

Hehe, I keep trying to think of a question, but every one I think up, I find the answer to when I research it a little (to explain the issue better to you). :facepalm: On the plus side, every article you keep finding things I didn't know that I didn't know. Thanks for doing these for us!
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Well, maybe if you have the question, there may be others that have the same question and didn't look for it or find it? :) It's always good to suggest anyway!

Glad to hear :hug:
SingingFlames's avatar
Good point! I will do that! :D
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awesomeness! xD
a WHOLE folder :love:
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Collectionception. :iconscreamingemoteplz:
MirachRavaia's avatar
I have an entire collection of collections and folders :D
Stygma's avatar
I wish I could drag a folder into my group favorites...
namenotrequired's avatar
Yeah, that doesn't seem to work unfortunately!
WhenPigsFry's avatar
:wow: I didn't know you could :+fav: an entire folder! AWESOME!!! :dalove:
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