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For quite some time now, the Community Relations team has been writing articles called Did You Know?. The articles focus on lesser-known facets of the deviantART website, and aim to educate the community on those specific parts of the website.

To help you find the information you are looking for, we have composed an overview that lists all previous Did You Know? articles and their topics. With every new article we release, we will update the overview, to ensure it remains up-to-date.

As we write this article series for you, the community, we would like to know: What aspects of the website do you want to learn more about? Or what can you teach other deviants about? If we decide to use your suggestion we will be sure to credit you.  Let us know your ideas through our :pointr: Feedback form
Thank you for your input in advance!



Did You Know - 28th July
:pointr: dA @web

Did You Know - 21th July
:pointr: Sta.sh

Did You Know - 16th July
:pointr: Alpha Tester

Did You Know - 7th July
:pointr: Random

Did You Know - 30th June
:pointr: FAQ

Did You Know - 24th June
:pointr: Premium Membership

Did You Know - 16th June
:pointr: Deviousness Award

Did You Know - 9th June
:pointr: Blocking

Did You Know - 3rd June
:pointr: Journal Categories

Did You Know - 26th May
:pointr: Permalinks

Did You Know - 19th May
:pointr: Critiques

Did You Know - 12th May
:pointr: Community Volunteer

Did You Know - 5th May
:pointr: Scraps

Did You Know - 28th April
:pointr: dAmn / Forum

Did You Know - 21st April
:pointr: dAmn / Chat

Did You Know - 14th April
:pointr: Points

Did You Know - 7th April
:pointr: Scheduled Submission

Did You Know - 31st March
:pointr: Thumbs Code

Did You Know - 24th March
:pointr: Badges

Did You Know - 17th March
:pointr: RTE / HTML mode switching

Did You Know - 10th March
:pointr: Subscribe to 'deviantART Status'

Did You Know - 3rd March
:pointr: Suggesting DDs

Did You Know - 26th February
:pointr: Individual disabling of Mentions

Did You Know - 17th February
:pointr: DD related FAQ

Did You Know - 10th February
:pointr: Personal Forum

Did You Know - 3rd February
:pointr: Submit a Group Journal

Did You Know - 16th January
:pointr: your featured Gallery

Did You Know - 9th January
:pointr: Installing Journal Skins


Did You Know - 3rd October
:pointr: Toggle Mentions • Beta Testing

Did You Know - 17th August
:pointr: Stacks •  Commission Portal

Did You Know - 26th July
:pointr: Seniority Suggestions • Work at deviantART

Did You Know - 10th March
:pointr: Closing your threads • Art History Project

Did You Know - 25th January
:pointr: Easy Official Links • My Correspondence Page

Did You Know - 17th January
:pointr: Tutorials in Sta.sh Writer • Setting up your Wishlist

Did You Know - 3rd January
:pointr: Browser Scripts • Note Icons


Did You Know - 6th December
:pointr: Checking a DD's category • Searching for deviantMEETs

Did You Know - 1st December
:pointr: Llama Trading Game • dA on Twitter

Did You Know - 22nd November
:pointr: Username changing • Locking your llamas

Did You Know - 25th October
:pointr: Faving folders and collections • Suggesting changes to the website

Did You Know? 18th October
:pointr: Submitting Fan Fiction • Direct deviation links

Did You Know? 11th October
:pointr: your Featured Gallery • Linking Chats

Did You Know? 4th October
:pointr: Adding Collections to your Channels • The Journal Portal and its categories

Did You Know? 27th September
:pointr: search Tips • Suggesting your own work for DD

Did You Know? - 20th September
:pointr: Did You Know? returns! • dA's World Page

Did You Know? - July 7, 2012
:pointr: This installment focusses entirely on critique.

Did You Know? - June 29, 2012
:pointr: the today page • official deviantART accounts on other social websites

Did You Meow? - April 1, 2012
:pointr: cat invasion • critiquing

Did You Know? - March 17, 2012
:pointr: Saint Patrick's Day • bi-weekly critiques in #CommunityRelations.

Did You Know? - March 1, 2012
:pointr: This installment focusses on deviantART Points, and more specifically how to start earning them.

Did You Know? - February 26, 2012
:pointr: the Discovery tool • the improvement of projecteducate, the official home for Project Educate

Did You Know? - January 29, 2012
:pointr: how to deal with new deviants • how to get noticed on deviantART

Did You Know? - January 20, 2012
:pointr: how to edit an existing deviation

Did You Know? - January 15, 2012
:pointr: Provides a very detailed, easy to follow, step-by-step instruction on how to report bugs on deviantART.


Did You Know? - December 10, 2011
:pointr: how to check if an artist has previously received Daily Deviations • how to offer commissions

Did You Know? - December 2, 2011
:pointr: get help on deviantART • handy e-mail addresses which you can also use if you require assistance

Did You Know? - November 25, 2011
:pointr: This installment helps you with getting involved with the deviantART community.

Did You Know? - November 18, 2011
:pointr: personalize your account • how to customize the deviantART footer

Did You Know? - November 11, 2011
:pointr: dAmn it • - create your own chat room

Did You Know? - November 4, 2011
:pointr: This installment focuses on where to go if you need help on deviantART.

Did You Know? - October 28, 2011
:pointr: sta.sh writer • suggest a Daily Deviation

Did You Know? - October 21, 2011
:pointr: deviantART Portfolio •  projecteducate.

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As we write this article series for you, the community, we would like to know: What aspects of the website do you want to learn more about? Or what can you teach other deviants about? If we decide to use your suggestion we will be sure to credit you.
Thank you for your input in advance!

Let us know your ideas through our feedback page  fellallama by mintyy

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Well now I know that a certain person I'm contacting is reading my notes, but not replying. Idk why, I'm being very peaceful to them and just asking their opinion on something. :/

~ Louise
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Added to #DevNews under the CR section of the weekly deviantART news release, which will post August 18th.
MamaLantiis's avatar
You know, these are so informative that it would be great for them to be searchable in the Help & FAQ section. Just a thought. The FAQ is helpful and searchable, why not the Did You Know? articles which do more to help elaborate on the community and the site as a whole? (and do a heck of a great job answering common questions by community members!)
lost-angle's avatar
Will this list be inclusive of the fella and communityops Did You Know articles? Cause... I know where to find links to most of those as well (not in a concise list) if someone is interested...

FritsPlays's avatar
I'll have to check, and will come back to you on that! Thanks :)
lost-angle's avatar
I look forward to the answer you may find! :)
TheCreativeJenn's avatar
:thumbsup: You all show do more facts in-depth, like Daily Deviations & how they came to be, and maybe some history of the deviantART staff behind their symbols.

Doesn't hurt to know your history! :D
FritsPlays's avatar
Great tip! We will definitely keep that in mind! :D
TheCreativeJenn's avatar
Ahhh thanks for seeing through my grammar mistake too. Haha..I meant "should". :blush:
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