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Did you know that there are many different ways to earn deviantART Points :points:?
Points are an alternative currency on deviantART, which you can use to buy things like a Premium membership, or items at the deviantART shop. The easiest way to get points is to buy them on the points page. A transaction history is also available at this page, so you can easily check out your incoming and outgoing points transactions!

There are other ways to earn yourself some points, however. This edition of Did You Know? will focus on several ways to earn points, other than buying them!

Participating in contests

There are a lot of user- and group-run contests on deviantART, often offering prizes, such as premium memberships, art gifts... and points! Entering a couple of contests might help you win some of those prizes, and even if you don't win, you've still practiced on your art skills in the process, and maybe even gained a few watchers along the way! You can browse contest announcements in the contests category of the Journal Portal. You could also try to look for ongoing contests in the Projects forum, and the Groups, Chatrooms & Events Showcase forum. Good luck!

Start accepting commissions

Another way to start earning some points is to start accepting commissions. A commission is a work of art commissioned (asked for) by a fellow user, for which you receive points or money in return. Just like with contests, you are also going to practice your art skills again!

For useful tips on how to offer commissions, please refer to a previous issue of Did You Know?, where Hardrockangel wrote about this very subject.

Setting up a donation pool on your userpage

Lastly, you can always set up a donation pool widget on your profile page. A donation pool widget is a box on your page which deviants can use to donate points to you as a way to say thanks or to support your goal or cause. To install a donation pool widget on your user page, first navigate to your page, and then click on the Edit Page button located in the top right of your page on your page, and scroll down until you find it in the list of widgets you can add.

In the Goal Description, you can write a personalized message. Usually this is used to explain why deviants should donate points to you, and what you would like to do with the points.


Hopefully this edition of Did You Know? will help you gather some points so you can buy your own premium memberships, art prints, commissions or maybe even spread the points :points: love!

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ChocoCookiePuppy's avatar
I've set up commisions but no one buys them >.< I have a donation pool,and I completely gave up in contests with large amounts of points because they end up picking someone they know ._.
namenotrequired's avatar
What do you do to promote your commissions and donation pool? :)
ChocoCookiePuppy's avatar
namenotrequired's avatar
You said you've set up commissions but no one buys them - what have you done to find audience for them?
ChocoCookiePuppy's avatar
I put up examples........There was n zazow,nothing that catches your eye. No one would notice a non-premium member's commision really,unless they really really cared
namenotrequired's avatar
You can't just make them and expect people to come... you need to promote your commissions as well. ^^ For a start you could use the Job Services and Job Offers +forum, and the Commission widget and/or dreamup :D
ChocoCookiePuppy's avatar
Gay-Butts's avatar
I knew already:dance:
AwesomeTrinket's avatar
I have a few problems with all of them.
1. I've participated in tons of contests, and no points.
2. No one's asking for commissions!
3. People are rarely going to my donation pool, and if they do, they don't really give me much points!
namenotrequired's avatar
Yeah, none of these are a magic ticket to getting points. I think you need to understand something. These are ways that allow getting them if you really can't buy them, but they all rely on other people giving them to you. And points are worth money. So you do need to be able to convince them to invest in you for one reason or another.

Like pretty much every way of getting money, it's a social activity. It's not a matter of ticking boxes. So I recommend you replace the "have I done this yet?" in your head by "how could I do this more effectively?". And there are plenty of ways to do that :)

On to your specific points :#1:

1. There are plenty of them that offer points as prizes. Of course participation doesn't guarantee winning.

2. What have you done to promote your commissions?

3. And why would they? Points are worth money. How often do you give money to random strangers, or even randomly to friends? You're lucky you got some in the first place :)

I hope that helps you :hug:
Dead-Deviant's avatar
Or beg every deviant you come across too! :thumbsup:

Lol, next time someone asks me for points, I'll send them here. ;)
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