Did You Know? - February 26

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Deviation Actions

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Discover new artists using Discovery

Did you know that deviantART has a handy tool to discover new artists? This tool is called Discovery, and can be accessed by clicking on "Discover" in the drop-down menu next to the deviantART logo on the top left part of the website. It is located under the "Find More Art" section. Discovery allows you to easily find artists you like. If there are no deviations you like on the page, simply refresh the results by clicking on the "Get more" button, which is located on the top-right part of the page!

Although Discovery is currently in beta, all users of deviantART can use this nifty feature!

Tailoring your Discovery results

Did you know that you can specify which art to show up on the Discovery tool? Once you find a deviation that you like, hover over it. A box should appear, containing a thumbnail of the deviation you like, a small selection of the deviant's gallery, and some buttons. If you hover over the deviation thumbnail, it will show a button reading "More like this". The tool will then reload the picks, and show more relevant results!

Project Educate's home improvement

Did you know that our Project Educate series' page, projecteducate, has received some much needed home improvement? The projecteducate account was recently turned into a group. This way the page becomes easier to navigate.

In case you are unfamiliar with the project; Project Educate is a project to promote and support artistic growth and knowledge throughout the community. The project includes contests, interviews, and various other events for artistic and community involvement.

The current Project Educate week's all about Icons & Handhelds, and is hosted by Hardrockangel, the Community Volunteer for Icons & Handhelds!

Be sure to stop by projecteducate! :)

Previous editions

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Dragos-Sulgheru's avatar
I've been using Discovery quite often ;)
TarynNefdt's avatar
Thats great info about the Discovery Button
Qiirin's avatar
Wow that's a very handy feature.. thanks ^__^
WeluDixon's avatar
Is there somewhere to directly make recommendations on the Discovery tool? I think it would benefit from an "X" tool. Like on YouTube, you can "X" recommended videos so they don't show up. Something to say, "I don't want things like this."
Exillior's avatar
^MC-Frizzle, I think you forgot to change the icons in one of the little boxes. :paranoid:
Sassy-Cat-Sooo-Catty's avatar
Sayuri14's avatar
I did know about the discovery button....what I didn't know was that I could make it show an specific type fo art, thanks!
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