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Adding Collections to Channels

How many of you liked to browse through other deviants' Collections? They can often be great sources of outstanding deviations following either a theme, or a category you're interested in. We all know you can add collections to your Favorites, but wouldn't it be great to actually have some sort of updates on the freshly added deviations to the said collection? You can add Collections to your Channels by clicking the "+Channels" button at the bottom of each page of the collection. This way, you'll be able to see the new additions in your Channels.

To find out more about Collections or Channels respectively, see:
FAQ #6: What is the Collections Feature and how do I use it?

News & the Journal Portal
(note: some links are to screenshots to clarify.)
Did you know that all the old +news categories can still be found in the Journal Portal?
When you submit your journal, you have three choices;

:pointr: Submit to My Journal or not; if you pick no, it will not appear in your journal widget on your profile. It will not show up on your Featured Journal page, only when someone clicks 'browse'.

:pointr: To the Journal Portal or not; if you pick no, it will not appear on journal browse pages and it will never appear on the footer. The category of the journal will appear as "Personal Journal".

:pointr: If you submit it to the Journal Portal, people will be able to find it on the browse journals page. You can choose whether you want to submit it to the "Journals > Personal" category, or one of the old News categories, such as Culture > Art Features.

:note: Note: Be selective when you submit to one of the news categories! It may potentially appear in the footer, and it will always appear under "news" instead of "journals" in the messages center of your watchers. They will expect something truly newsworthy there. You should only submit journals to a News category if it's truly newsworthy and valuable to the community at large.

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Itti's avatar
Wow, I didn't know there was a 'browse' for journals.

I wish there was some sort of 'personal' option for groups. I don't submit to 'journals > personal' when writing a group blog because it doesn't sound right, but some things I'm sure would only be of interest to people in the group...
namenotrequired's avatar
Yup! :D

It defaults to personal currently, that's for groups as well :nod:
Itti's avatar
'Personal' doesn't sound right for groups :hmm:
namenotrequired's avatar
I understand :nod: there is no separate category for them though.
rotane's avatar
"and it will always appear under 'news' instead of 'journals' in the messages center of your watchers"

Are you sure about that? If someone I watch makes their journal a news article, it shows up in both sections of my Message Centre… (Which is quite retarded, but that's a different story.)
neurotype's avatar
That would be them not unchecking the option to send it to their personal journal :B
rotane's avatar
And that's quite valid; if I submitted a news article I'd want it in my Journal page as well. I do not, however, as a watcher, have the same journal (or news article) in my MC twice. :hmm:
neurotype's avatar
Do you mean not want it twice? That drives me nuts, too. I'm hoping they can come up with a system to remove duplicates :O
rotane's avatar
Yep, exactly.
namenotrequired's avatar
I am :nod: That probably means they submitted it to a group you watch as well, so you also receive it from the group.
rotane's avatar
Nope, it's not a group-submit. Next time it happens, I'll happily take a screenshot.
namenotrequired's avatar
Please! I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to happen.
rotane's avatar
Hm, I guess you were right before and this is a matter of when someone submits their news article to a Group. (Or it was just a very slow weekend.) Regardless, duplicates are silly.
SingingFlames's avatar
Very cool! I never really knew how to make things appear in the 'News' portal (not that I ever needed anything to appear there, but I've seen others do that). Thanks! :thumbsup::D
prosaix's avatar
Looking for contests with in that journal portal is so annoying... :tantrum:
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