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Deviation Actions

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Sta.sh Writer

Did you know that with Sta.sh Writer, you can easily write and format your journals and Literature deviations, by the click of a few buttons? And did you know jvsef wrote an amazing tutorial about this? Did you also know that you can post any remarks or questions on $Ikue's latest journal, in which he also lists numerous helpful FAQ entries related to Sta.sh?

Suggesting Daily Deviations

Did you know that you can suggest deviations you would like to see as a Daily Deviation to a Community Volunteer responsible for the gallery in question, or to some staff members who also take suggestions? And did you know that FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen? gives you an up-to-date, official listing of all volunteers and staff members that take suggestions?

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Chirp, it's been twittered. :)
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We need the Suggest Daily Deviation button ^_^
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There was a "Suggest DD" plugin, but it hasn't been updated since the last version of dA.
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I know! I was a huge fan! ^_^
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I thought that once....
But then again, that would make the process too easy. A deviation ought to be worth the effort of finding the correct GM. If it's as easy as faving, then everyone will do it.
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I know. But there are so many amazing deviations waiting and so many lazy deviants... :D
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Too many buttons to push.
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The only thing, though, is "journals" aren't the same as "deviations", but are more closely related to "News". OH, and suggesting Daily Deviations is grand, but...I see so much here that could qualify I simply cannot make sound choices about that. ^^;
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:thumbsup: I encourage everyone to suggest DDs! Every time you see what you consider to be an exceptional piece of art, suggest it to your friendly GMs!
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When I tried to write a journal yesterday, the Sta.sh thingy ate up the journalskin I was currently using. Is there any way I can get it back? I kind of liked the skin I was using, and it took me a fair while to write and adjust.
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And of course it isn't working. It keeps asking me to login to DA then just presents me with a blank screen.
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