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Did you know that members have the option of having a portfolio? That's right! You can have a portfolio which focuses on your artwork and can be customised with deviations straight from your gallery. And if you're a premium member, you can have unlimited portfolios :dummy: Click here to head over to the portfolio page to start!

Project Educate

Did you know that the volunteer team are currently carrying out Project Educate? During Project Educate, we aim to bring focus to different galleries across deviantART as well as the chat and forums network. It's a great way to find out about galleries, or other things you're not familiar with. Keep an eye on communityrelations and projecteducate for regular updates!

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When my art is a more satisfying representation of myself, I'll use that portfolio.
What I'd use it for is beyond me, though
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I luff my portfolio I can show my family my art without them knowing I'm gay :la: :dummy:
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Pfft... I know about the Portfolio and I keep neglecting it. :B One day I'll properly set it up. :XD:
The-Golden-Knight's avatar
EPIC! :dummy: I'll have to take a look at this.
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So it's now released to all members, not just beta testers? :D
kinipelahh's avatar
Portfolios? They've been released for a while :meow:
catluvr2's avatar
:slow: I knew that.

It's just that I'm wondering why it's being paraded around like it's a totally new feature. :B
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It's not :B

It's just a DYK blog about site features that some deviants might not be aware of :)
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That totally brings back memories :P
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