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Deviation Actions

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Checking for Past Daily Deviations

Did you know that there are several easy ways to check if and when a deviant has had Daily Deviations before? This is very helpful when you want to suggest a DD, since one can only be featured once every 3 months. You can click on their badges, and then in the drop down menu under their icon select "Daily Deviations".
If they have had a DD before, you can also click "browse" on their gallery, and a link to their DDs will be there to the bottom of the page. You can also simply add /dds to the URL of their profile page.

You can always find this information back in this brand new FAQ item: FAQ #313: How can I find out if someone already has a Daily Deviation? :la:!

Offering Commissions and Getting Hired

Did you know that on deviantART there are dedicated forums for those artists looking to advertise commissions and for employers looking to hire? Often times people confuse this forums though, so here’s a handy overview.

Job offers is where employers post paid work-opportunities, paid in cash only.

Job Services is where you, as a commisionable artist, can post a thread advertising your prices and work. This forum too is cash only.

Last but not least, there’s the Projects-forum. Any and all job offers or job services that deal with points should be posted here. same goes for unpaid work or contests.

So with that in mind, you’re ready to discover an interesting part of the forums! :dummy:

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Thanks for adding this new FAQ, it would help many people who wants to suggest DD and maybe relieve the note box of suggestors :)
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Well, I knew that about DD's, but it's good you made a FAQ about it. :ninja:
Amberrant's avatar
I could use a little brushing up on my forum knowledge but cool :D
DomiSM's avatar
Good stuff to know! :happybounce:
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DamselStock's avatar
Very nice to know! Thank you for letting us know.
DamselStock's avatar
Regarding the forums, that is. Already knew about the DD thing!
violetstory's avatar
Awesome :heart: And cash only means no paypal too?
DamselStock's avatar
I believe it just means not being paid in dA points. As you can't pay bills in dA points.
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Yay :happybounce:

Thanks to `Anoya for the inspiration to write the first part :love:
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And thank you for writing it! :giggle:

I thought it needed a FAQ and suggest it. See, people? dA does listen ;p
namenotrequired's avatar
I'd be the last to doubt that. :D :hug:
Anoya's avatar
I know you wouldn't, but there seem to be a lot of people who think so. Just wanted to show one of many examples that it's just not true :B

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This was a particularly helpful issue. :heart:
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