Did You Know? 12/02

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Getting help on deviantART

Did you know there's a huge database of frequently asked questions on deviantART? You can find the answer to most asked questions on a wide range of deviantART-related topics there, from chat-related inquiries to groups help and more! If your question is not listed, you can also contact the Help Desk from the same page!

Did you know that you can also go to #help on dAmn to get answers to a range of questions? Friendly volunteers are happy to answer general deviantART-related questions!

Getting help via e-mail

Did you know you that if for whatever reason you cannot access your deviantART account, you can also e-mail your inquiries to the deviantART staff? You can contact the Help Desk team by e-mailing to :email: help@deviantart.com, and you can contact the Copyright & Etiquette Administration team by e-mailing to :email: violations@deviantart.com.

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(: :heart: always useful things to know.
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You're awesome! :squee:
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Chirp, it's been twittered. :)
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used the help desk more than I can count........:faint:s...............!
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The help desk is excellent!!
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Good work Help Desk team :clap:
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Now I know. :heart:
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