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The Holidays are Here Again

Did you know that it's the holiday season once again? I'm sure you did! We're all super excited about it, and we hope you have a fantastic holiday season. But there are some important things to note with regard to deviantART during this time!

Holiday HQ - deviantART offers up quite a few deals during the holiday season! If you're looking for a gift, you may want to check out this article for more information!

Holiday Seasonal Delays - deviantART's Customer Service department always sees an increase in tickets during the holiday season. And as such, response times customer service tickets may see an increased response delay. Check out this status post for more information, and for information on how to minimize the delay for your tickets.

Becoming Active on deviantART and Reaping the Rewards

I barely have any watchers, what am I doing wrong?

This is a question I often see in the forums and beyond them and the answer is fairly simple. You need to become more active on the site!

Just sitting and waiting for people to find your art doesn't work.
You have got to put yourself out there.

Join groups, comment on people's work and make friends!
Make use of :#Thumbsshare: and the Thumbshare-forum

Join groups like ProjectComment to get feedback or join specific art-groups to showcase your work and meet like-minded artists.

In the end, you get as much as you give.
And who knows, you might meet amazing people in the process!


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Just being active in the forums themselves helps, too!

But commenting on art (really good comments, helpful comments) is really the best, and I've had a few comments, faves and watches from people coming to my page to return llamas I've given out. (Llamas are a great way to find amazing people).

Also, #GetWatchers is REALLY helpful! You get back what you put in. :thumbsup:
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I found that commenting is the way to get more noticed :nod:
just sitting there and waiting for people to come and talk to you won't work. unless your art is already amazing. but that's rarely the case :B
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Yay for community spirit~ :dummy:
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I'd also like to add that a great way to gain exposure is to participate in contests. :)
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:nod: I would also like to add that it's good to create your own group, as long as that group is active.
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I have sure met amazing people in the process :happybounce: I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the awesome people that make up the dA community :love:
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We love you too, Bart! :hug:
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Yeah, I love the two groups. There I met wonderful people.

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I think it's :#Thumbsshare : ;)
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Whoops, my bad!
Thanks for noticing my mistake. D:
electricjonny's avatar
Haha no worries. It's a common mistake =P
electricjonny's avatar
Trying again, #Thumbsshare.

Bloody space :shakefist: That's what I get for copying the room name :B
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