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Deviation Actions

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Personalizing your account

Did you know that you can personalize your account by uploading an avatar? The avatar you choose will be the icon that represents you on the site and can be changed from your settings page at all times!

FAQ #147: How do I upload or remove an avatar for my profile?

Did you also know that deviantART is filled with awesome iconists who make free to use icons to personalize your page with? For example: Free-dAvatars. So there's no excuse to stick to the default avatar anymore. :dummy:

Customized channels on deviantART footer

Did you know that you can customize your browsing experience by customizing your channels that show up on the footer? Well you can!

If you scroll down to the bottom of the deviantART homepage you will find an assortment of information there. One of the first things you see are your "Channels". You can also choose to launch "sit back" and watch an awesome slideshow of your channels! You can even select what channel you want to view! If you feel that this is a feature you will not use or feel like it clogs up the space on your browser you can choose to hide this feature by selecting the arrow at the far top right of the box.

To customize your channels, simply click the "Channels" button in the drop-down menu just right of the deviantART logo on the top of the page, or click here. From this page you can add, edit or modify your channels for your viewing pleasure! Its a great way to view your favorite artists, galleries and more all from one convenient place!

Happy browsing!

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great tips for the newbies ;) Mine was made by ^Syrilla
FullMetalMono's avatar
I think I got my avatar from #Free-dAvatars, it's a great resource.

And the Channels page is pretty cool, too, even though at the moment I only use it for DDs. :)
WDWParksGal's avatar
Thank you for the pimpage for#Free-dAvatars I'm a co-founder of the group on my stock site!
Hardrockangel's avatar
It's one of my absolute favourite groups for avatars. :love:
WDWParksGal's avatar
Sara and I were always having stuff going on at ~FreeAvatarProject, which is a club, so when it came time to turn it into a group, she and I talked and thought it would be better to have a separate group. Having the club is still handy since point donations can be made there. The group gets loads of free avatars in the gallery!
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I really like the channels page :nod:

I wonder if picking the news section of deviations and putting that on the channels page, then sticking that in the top footer section would help people, since a lot of people are annoyed that popular news and journals now show up in the bottom footer on the left :slow:
Astralseed's avatar
it's actually just news now :B or rather only journals that are submitted to the news sections :P
FullMetalMono's avatar
Oooh, really? :la: Awesome!
Astralseed's avatar
well I've not seen anything official about it.. but I've not seen any personal journals make it into the footer the last few days, only journals that have been submitted into the news sections, so I am fairly certain they changed it so only 'news' makes it into the footer.
FullMetalMono's avatar
electricjonny's avatar
Oh is it? Well that's good :phew:

I still think giving people an option down there would be best, but going just news is good too. I just never keep any of the footers open so I don't pay much attention to them :slow:
Astralseed's avatar
Yeah, I think they changed it the other day.
TheMaidenInBlack's avatar
(: this will be useful for a lot of deviants out there.

kamy-ska's avatar
I love this journals! :clap:
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