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dAmn it

Did you know that dA has a database of funny user submitted quotes from the chat network?

It is called dAmn it and you can submit your funny chat quotes to be review by the Community Volunteers team. Only quotes that originate on the chat network should be submitted by copying and pasting the portion of chat you wish to be submitted. Who knows your quote may even end up in The LOL Corner.


:bulletpink: Trim useless parts
:bulletpink: Avoid inside jokes. Remember, these quotes are going to be seen by everyone, and few people are going to appreciate private jokes!
:bulletpink: This is supposed to be a database of funny quotes, so please keep it in topic
:bulletpink: Remove potential thousands of "lol" and "rofl" lines from the end

Creating your own chatroom

Did you know that you can create your own chatroom on the Chat Network?

To do this you can go to the chat page and click the "Create a Chatroom" button to the right. From there you can enter your desired chats name and a brief description of the chatroom. Keep in mind you can not use a name of an existing chatroom, username or group.

Here are some useful FAQ's and articles to help with your new chatroom:

:bulletpink: FAQ #289: How do I create or delete a chatroom?
:bulletpink: FAQ #540: How can I customize my chatroom?
:bulletpink: Project Educate: Your First Chatroom

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I did, I did know about the dAmn it. Possibly 'bout personal chats, but with whom to utilise one?