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Newbs are for Snuggling, Not Eating!

Something I've noticed quite a bit recently is that new deviants, especially on the chats, tend to get the short end of the stick. Did you know that it doesn't have to be that way?

For you more seasoned deviants, don't thrash out on a new deviant if they do something silly, be kind. Adopt them! Take them under your wing and teach them the ways of the deviant. Remember, a long long time ago you were like them, nervous, unsure, and if you were anything like me, a little bit annoying. ;) If you want some help, send me a note, I'd be happy to provide more advice.

Commenting is the Best Way to Get Noticed

Did you know that attention on dA tends to come around in a full circle? It's true! The best way to get your own work noticed, is to notice and participate in others' works and projects. Leave a comment, fave a deviation, give a critique! You get what you give in this community! For more information, check out FAQ #56: How can I get noticed on this site?

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Amen to loving the newbies! :love:
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I try to help. But I don't take them under my wing. It tickles and they may burn to death under the powerful wings :nuu:
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I read that as smuggling and went Waaah:?

It is true tho', some deviants seem to take pleasure in goading new people and others into either misbehaving or leaving. :|

Strange really, much more enjoyable to take some moments to welcome them and show them the ropes (not the hanging ones xD) and take a look at their gallery or leave a welcome message. :)
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AHH! I just did a tutorial on how not to comment and a news piece on the price of comments ^^ It is like you are in my head. I hope it is cozy in there. I have heard it is rather cluttered... 0.o
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It can't be as cluttered as mine right now :paranoid:
paulbernard's avatar
I snuggle newbs for breakfast (and eat oatmeal after as a healthy alternative). :love:
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