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It's 2012!

Happy new year, deviants! We've certainly been busy, and we're happy that Did You Know is back for 2012! So we're leaving this up to you... what topics do you think your fellow deviants would be interested in for our Did You Know series this year? Let us know!

:bug: That you can report bugs on deviantART?

Bugs aren't fun, we know. :( A bug is something that's amiss, an error, a glitch in the matrix, etc. If you think you've found one, there are several steps you should take!

1. Check the Status Forum. Your issue may already be listed there! If it is, then you can be assured that it's being worked on.

2. If you're a premium member, make sure that beta testing is not enabled. Also check :devdevbug: to see if your issue is one with a feature currently in beta testing. If it is, file a ticket on the :devdevbug: issue tracker! For more issue on beta bugs, check out this article!

3. Clear your cookies and cache, and check your extensions. Corrupt cookies, cache, and various third party extensions can cause issues with the site. Check out FAQ #643: I was asked to clear my browser's cache. How do I do this? and FAQ #645: I was told I should try deleting my cookies. How do I do this? - Also, check out the list of extensions that are known to cause issues with deviantART. If you need more help with this process, pop into #help on dAmn!

4. At this point, you've likely found a bug. So you should contact the deviantART Help Desk. When reporting a bug, try to be brief, but provide as much information about the issue as possible. Useful information includes the time/date you started experiencing the issue, steps to reproduce the issue, and what browser(s) and operating systems you've had the issue with. You should also try to provide a screenshot of the issue, if possible. FAQ #861: How do I take a screenshot for my Help Desk ticket?

If you follow these steps, you'll be able to help nudge those buggies out of the system! :bug:

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Where would you like us to post topics?
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Sorry! Super late, but here (or sending me a note) would be fine!
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I think some Did You Know's on the FAQs would be great. Such as when it says to give credit, is "brushes (c) their respective owners" appropriate? What defines a proper base, what traced bases are acceptable, etc. I see lots of people making a base from a copyrighted piece of art and thinking it is okay because there is a traced base category (and it isn't okay - they do get removed by the Help Desk Lords). Extrapolate on the FAQs to help people understand them, especially the ones that are there to reinforce the TOS and Copyright Policy as most people don't quite understand them and inadvertently get in trouble or get harassed.

Also, because of some of the groups I am in, I get questions about what people can do with points. Lots of people ask for points to help them out with real world tragedies, and I think a Did You Know on that would great since points won't help pay a hospital bill. With that said, a Did You Know on spotting dA scams would be great too as that points to pay hospital bills is quite clearly a scam.

A did you know on using some of the lesser known shortcodes you can use in chat rooms would be fun too! Sometimes in a chat room, we get questions on how we are adding emoticons or thumbs. dA use of these seems to not transfer to chat rooms for some people.

And a Did You Know on critiquing and what the different categories mean would be great! I know there is a FAQ on it, but lots of people don't know it is there (I just found it a couple days ago!!). Pointing it out and giving an example might help spread the word about it and help people in using it.

And my final idea for a Did You Know (may have more ideas later so don't hold your breath lol), a fun piece on ways to give back to the community for free such as by using the News to expose your favorites artists, do features, the giving of llamas, and the option of giving a llama for a point (I remember it somewhere) and then giving those points to someone else (hey, can't argue with free points)... Just a fun piece on helping others the easy way as everyone seems to think you have to have money to do anything. (BOO! Not true!)
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:la: Just came across these! Thanks a lot! I've just taken over Did You Know. I've saved your suggestions for the future for those that haven't been adressed yet; if you have any more please send them here [link] ! :hug:
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No problem! Glad the Did You Know's are back! :love:
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btw ... Hal, I love your avatar. WIN.
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Yes, :nod:

Thank you deviantART :woohoo:
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