Announcing Glass Week

Sun Aug 15, 2010, 9:13 AM by MyntKat:iconmyntkat:

Over the next few months I would like to introduce and highlight certain galleries within the Artisan Crafts main gallery. This week will be Glass week! Please also check out the Costumery Week and the Culinary Arts Week!

Over the course of the next seven days I will post interviews, features and specials all around the Glass galleries. This week's Artisan Crafts DDs will all focus on glass work as well.

Additionally to interviews, features and specials, there will be two chat events this week! They will happen TODAY and on Saturday the 21st. Here are the details:
Sunday 15th: 1pm - 3pm Pacific Time
Saturday 21st: 2pm - 4pm Pacific Time
I will be giving out 3 one month subs, 2 three month subs and a total of 400 points at EACH of the two events. So whether you are a glass artist or not, come and join us in :#artisancrafts: to chat about glass, crafts and anything deviantART related.

Check out the Glass Introduction to get an overview. Also, keep an eye on this journal, where I will list all interviews and features that will be part of the exciting Glass week!

I do encourage you all to write your own features or informational articles focused on Glass work and submit them to the Artisan Crafts News Section. (Please keep in mind :faq687:)
Then send me a link so I can add it to my glass week journal. :party:

I hope you enjoy,

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