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Community Operations

What is Community Operations?

DeviantART's Community Operations Department is dedicated to providing a high standard of community development, encouraging innovative and creative opportunities within the community.

Areas which we are responsible for include:
:bulletblue: Providing community support and assistance via the Help Desk.

:bulletblue: Providing customer service for prints and merchandise customers.

:bulletblue: Developing and enforcing policies, including copyright issues, inappropriate content and other violations.

:bulletblue: Providing opportunities for interactive events and encouraging collective action within our community via the chat network and forums.

Our department drives an environment where deviants can come together and be empowered within, and by, the community. We believe that community development is not a department -- it's an approach which helps people to recognise and develop their ability to reach their potential. By providing this organised, motivated, accountable and effective department, we are leading the way for deviants to continue participating in a way which they feel listened to, valued and inspired.

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Wednesday, May 31st @ 9:00pm

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community.




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K4nK4n Featured By Owner Edited Aug 19, 2018
Your so-called official deviantART community in Google Plus is very poorly maintained, with spams popping up there several times a week.…
The Owner and Mods of said community don't seem to give a damn about them.
Ikue Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hiya! I'm afraid that is a public Community run by members of the Google+ community. Any activity/spam that may occur there would need to be handled by the individuals that run that Community, which unfortunately is not us. You can find a link to our official page here:
K4nK4n Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2018
I have reported all the spam posts there, but nothing has ever been done about them even after 2 years. That community doesn't even have a filter.
Grace-Gallop Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2018  Student General Artist
I commissioned a couple of artists on here, and when I try to pay them it says I "don't have enough points". I remember having over 1,300 points from commissions and adopts, and would like to know what happened to them. I was told that some sort of scam was going around where points disappeared after a couple of days receiving them. I was wondering if there was any way to get my points back since hey somehow vanished? I worked really hard to get those points, and some sort of explanation would be appreciated. ^^
Thank you,
—°SnarkyFeline° (a.k.a Grace-Gallop)
Pockyun Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Hello There
Recently I took a small break from DA to take care of some work and whenever I came back all my points were gone. I looked at the "Latest Transaction History" and it said I gave my points to a user named "PrinceHidden" but, the user was crossed out and grey. Im literally worried about my account because I dont want to try to get more points and this happen again. I have the screenshot of the Transaction if you need it.

Im also upset because I worked hours on things to get points from and its like all my hard work was for nothing. I worked hard for points to commmission a artist I really liked for my friend and I as a gift.

Do you know anything I can do to get the points back or is there no way I could get them back?
Squishjunkie Featured By Owner Edited Mar 8, 2018
Hello, I would like to know how I can speak to a representative of
DeviantART for a payment that I made of 50 dollars that went through
transaction. They never activated my Core Member subscription or
gave me any points after the transaction. I already sent a complaint
ticket (941518) but I haven't got a response yet. How long does it take
for a ticket to be responded to?
CorruptTempest Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Disclaimer: I am not a deviantart volunteer or staff member.

Bullet; Green -Please refer all bugs to the devBUG group after reading the directions, and submit them in an orderly and proper fashion.

Bullet; Green -Please submit hacker abuse, user abuse, and distasteful behavior / language to the 
Help Desk after carefully reading the directions.

Bullet; Green -Please, if you feel the need to really get a staff member's attention, note one privately with your issue or question.
-You can find out who to note by looking at the list of people staffing this group, or note an official staff member directly if very dire.

Bullet; Red DO NOT copy and paste abusive deviations, abusive words, or personal issues to the front page.
It's very unlikely it will absolved using this approach, and also is bare for other users passing by to witness.
animelover648 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2017  Student
hi i would like to change my birth day thing because i 14 when i was making this when i had to help my mom with something my younger bro wanted to prank me so he enter my birth day wrong and i noticed two days ago i tired changing it i cant so can a member of staff reset i or change to January of 5 2004 please 
VesnaRa014 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 20, 2017
I have one question...
What is this?! Please, how can I report this?! This is the abuse of my work and also DA community!!! I'm sorry, My English is very bad , so I hope you understand, why I'm writing here. I hope you understand me ... I expect your help...

PS:This is just one example, but there are  so many! A lot of my photos and many works from my friends, it was used for this nonsense !!!

Best wishes!

 VesnaRa-14 (Vesna Raković) | DeviantArt
RogueMudblood Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2017   Writer
Hi there. :wave:

I'm not part of DA's staff or anything like that, but I'm unsure of what your complaint concerns exactly.

A couple of questions:

Is this issue on DA?
If yes:
  • Can you provide a link to the problem deviation? You may be able to use the report function on the page itself to help resolve your issue.
If no:
  • DA can't force another website to remove content. You would need to contact that website to resolve the issue.

If the issue is on DA, then your best option is to file a complaint through the help desk.
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