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Jester Boi
Name: Calamitai "The Doomsday Trickster"

Age: ???

Gender: Male

Species: ??? never seen without his mask

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 95 pounds

Likes: Trickery, Destruction, Chaos, Magic, Masks

Dislikes: People ruining his fun, dead magic zones

Calamitai once was like every other jester, but his life changed once he stumbled upon a dying sorcerer, Calamitai offered to continue the dying sorcerer's legacy on for him, unfortunately, the sorcerer did not know Calamitai's intents with those spells, but the sorcerer agreed, so Calamitai learned and mastered all the spells the sorcerer taught him, Calamitai, once he mastered his spells for a time, did good with them, but over time he got tired of doing good deeds with these incredibly powerful spells, so he turned to causing chaos and destruction, which he had a BLAST (quite literally) with it. During his tide of chaos and destruction, while remaining unseen, he found a certain fountain of legend, one related to youth, which allowed him to continue his chaos, trickery, and destruction till he dies from wounds if someone could get close enough to wound him.

Feats: Almost knows every spell in existence so far, Demolished a continent with a single meteor spell, has a rather large collection of masks.

Sicle: It may not do much but it's surprisingly seen it's fair share of decapitations and limb removal on living targets that dare attack Calamitai

Spells: There are way too many to list, but every elemental magic is within Calamitai's grasp of spells.

Finale: No one has lived to tell tales of this weapon. Some say they he strums his lute and a spear of fire and electricity falls from the heavens and pierces the target's heart.


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