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28. Sorrow- Gred and Little Forge

Theme 28: Sorrow.

After Theme 26: Tears, I didn't want to draw another angsty scene, which is what "sorrow" prompts. So instead of drawing Fred's death scene, as I was originally planning, to make sure my art teacher didn't think I was super emotional ("pulling a Hamlet," as my English teacher says), I decided to draw George with his new family instead. George goes on to marry Angelina, and they have a boy named Fred. (What do half-black, half-ginger people look like? I have no idea XD) Quite by accident, I drew George, Angelina, and little Freddie off-center... so I felt it was necessary to put Fred in with his twin, at least in spirit.

While this is admittedly a much sweeter scene, J K Rowling says George never gets over Fred's death- he can never cast a Patronus charm because Fred was his source of happiness. So even though he's moving on with this new life, I feel like there will always be a part of him mourning the loss of his brother...

Hope you like :heart:
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Excellent picture, really clever and moving.
Just so you know, the Patronus thing was someone's headcanon, JK Rowling never actually said that. Beautiful drawing though :)
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Sweet picture :) But I didn't know that about George's patronus - that' so very sad :(
That was actually just someone's headcanon that got passed around as a JK Rowling quote. :)
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Oh, okay. Thanks
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*tears running down face* why *sobbing in the corner* this is so amazing
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This's so emotional!
The idea of Fred be with them always, make me so happy. Beautiful concept!
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I love it, even if it makes me want to cry :tears: I like how you made Fred without color. It shows that he's not actually there. I've always wondered what people would do in situations like this where they want to include a ghost/spirit. Would they leave the figure alone after penciling it in, or color them but very lightly? I guess it could go both ways :/
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Thank you very much!

I wasn't sure myself, so I decided to just leave him as a penciled-in sketch. I feel like this makes him seem more insubstantial compared to the others.
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Great Picture - it's a reminder that life continues after the tears. I like the small details - how Fred is leaning on Georges shoulder, how little Fred is being lifted on George's foot. The whole picture will make me stretch my mind when I deal with this theme!
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Aw, thank you so much for such a thoughtful comment! I'm glad you noticed those details :hug:
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I love your coloring?
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