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I haven't put up anything new in AGES. I'll throw something up tonight, but it will probably take me months to actually sort through my backlog of recent work to find what's worth sharing.
I am super super busy getting a Sesame Street ipad app out the door, but I squeezed in another Fan Art Friday sketch.  I'm looking forward to having more time for drawing and my own work again next month. :iconrandybishopart: did another great piece, and he's already finished his Storm piece for the redesign challenge!  I want another 24 hours in every day so I can catch up!
I recently have gone in search of new drawing challenges to participate in, as the weekly drawing blog I was a part of has ceased to be a going thing.  I've always enjoyed browsing the work at Project Rooftop, so I've decided to submit there more often, especially as their subject matter tends to be outside the area of my professional work.  My first go at Fan Art Friday is up there now.
Other DAers submitted great work too, including :icontomkellyart: , :iconwizworldinc: , :icontloessy: , and :iconedi-ills:
Check it out!
Hey, heard about the tee shirt contest DA is having?  I'm a bit late to the party myself, but I came up with this little guy tonight.  If you'd like to see him on a DA shirt, please give him a vote.  Thanks!
Hey world of DA!
I've been real busy lately making games for kids with these folks:

They are anticipating more work coming in soon, and so they're looking to get more people into their freelancer pool.  
Here's the listing-


Orange is in need of:


-Proficient in character design, Flash character animation, and simple UI design
-Is comfortable working with shared files and assets
-Can work quickly, follow an established style, and take direction
-Preferred experienced in animating for a handheld, Bonus if it's a Leapfrog device

Excellent drawing, typography & color skills a plus, must be comfortable working in Adobe CS 4+
Must be able to work on call in our San Francisco office in the sunny Mission District


So if that sounds like something you'd be interested in, message me with your contact info, reel link, and hourly rate.
So there's a bit of an uproar happening around here if you haven't noticed.

An indy developer posted on his blog about how he "hires" artists for his game projects by searching for inexperienced talent on DA and then insisting on work rules that most artists would consider to be exploitative, or at the very least unprofessional.  I'm not going to re-post the link (he's already been flamed pretty well and if anything it's only causing him to dig in his heels) but I wanted to say something about the situation.

It doesn't matter if you are young, or have a day job, or whatever-
If someone wants to pay you for your art, then you are a professional artist at least for the duration of the job.  You should act as such by meeting your deadlines, communicating clearly, etc...and they should act as such by treating you as someone hired for having a special skill and meeting all their obligations.  The best way to make sure of this is to put everything in writing beforehand in a legally enforceable contract.  I use the AIGA's standard agreement… it can be easily tweaked to fit most projects.  The Guild of Graphic Artists also has a contract you can use.
I already posted this to my FB.  FYI, that's where I tend to put chatty type stuff.  I often forget DA even has a blogging feature.  Anyway, the most awesome thing about Red Dead Redemption? You can stand on a balcony, whistle for your horse, jump onto said horse and ride off. You also make an appropriately realistic grunt of pain when your video game character's crotch impacts with the horse. I dropped my controller I was laughing so hard.

Also I've already bonded with my horse.  He's deep brown with black markings and I will shoot any man that tries to steal 'em.
I didn't make the Final Fight contest finalists, but I thought I'd post the voting link so anyone stopping by could vote:

There's some amazing work there; I personally voted for Emilio Lopez.  I felt like his did the best job separating out the characters into a recognizable composition.


Whoops, voting is already over.  That was really fast.
After some consideration I've decided that instead of uploading old stuff, which is available on my regular website & blog anyway (, I'll only add new things to my DA.

So I've uploaded my first official DA creation, an entry into the Capcom Final Fight/Udon coloring contest.  Man, I haven't done a coloring contest since I was like 6 years old.  Using a Wacom is a lot different than crayolas, ha ha ha.
If it makes it to the finals, please give me your vote!
I've been meaning to get one of these here deviant-art pages for years now.
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