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Don't Say Stop Believin', Ch.11 (part 3/3)
"You weren't in class."
"I... wasn't ready."
So far, this was about as deep as Azusa and Jun's conversation had gotten. The awkwardness between them had been too great for either of them to make a real first move. They'd done little more than exchange trivialities.
Finally, Jun asked Azusa, "When did you find out?"
"Something seemed weird the whole time," she said. "But I didn't know for sure until you forgot your phone."
"What was suspicious about - oh! Oh! You read my messages, didn't you?"
"Well, excuse me! They were showing when I looked at it! Whose fault was that?"
Strangely enough, this broke the ice. The two girls half-talked, half-argued, going over each detail of the past month that either of them had been wondering about. Azusa was careful not to give away the existence of gimmicks, which wasn't just her secret, but otherwise they were completely truthful with each other. They were at it for a good 25 minutes, by which time they were both in a better mood.
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Don't Say Stop Believin', Ch.11 (part 2/3)
The science teacher had just left, so Ritsu's class had a few minutes before Ms. Kawasumi would come back to teach history. The drummer glanced back at Yui. Yep - still at it. She got up and moved to Yui's desk.
"Hey Ricchan. Is it nice being able to walk around again?"
"It's exactly as nice as you bein' able to see again, if you get me."
Ritsu pointed at the papers on Yui's desk. "So every time I've turned around today, you've been workin' on something. What gives?"
"Oh, this? It's a song! Take a look!"
Ritsu picked up the top sheet. "Hmm. Happy, jumping... kinda Mio-y so far... wait, 'study after school'? Since when?"
"That's the point! I was thinking about Mio's new song from yesterday. It was great, but taking a break is what got the principal so mad at us in the first place, right?"
"So I'm writing something he'll like better. If we play it for him, maybe he'll let Sawa-chan off the hook!"
Ritsu considered. "Could work. But when are we gonna do it? The big meeting
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Don't Say Stop Believin', Ch.11 (part 1/3)
Chapter 11: What I Did For Love
"Our next category is high school pop and rock music clubs. This year, third place goes to... Yokozuna High!"
Sawako watched the club members take the stage to get their third-place trophy. They were over the moon, and they had a right to be. This category was one of the most crowded at Regionals - finishing third out of 15 schools was something to be proud of.
She sighed. Her club had things to be proud of, but this wasn't going to be one of them. Their moment of triumph had come and gone. Now it was time for the reckoning.
"In second place... Astraea Academy!"
Mio was okay. The rest of the band had brought her back around without too much trouble. Physically, she was none the worse for wear (except a small bruise where she had hit the floor), but she was absolutely mortified about ruining the performance. In the end, everyone had decided it was best not to make her stay for the final rankings. She would be sleeping over with Ritsu tonight, and S
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Don't Say Stop Believin', Ch.10 (part 2/2)
Warmup room C was usually empty for about ten minutes between one band clearing out and the next setting up. This time, however, it was occupied a little early... though not by the intended users.
"Okay," said the first journalism club member, drumming her fingers. "You were right. We didn't need to rush to get here."
The second club member just nodded.
Suddenly a short-haired girl burst through the door and slammed it behind her. "Safe!"
Someone knocked frantically. "It's me! Let me in!"
"Oh!" The short-haired girl opened the door for the briefest of instants to let her friend in. As soon as she was inside, they both leaned back against the door, holding it closed.
A moment later, the door shook as someone tried to force it open. "We know you're in there!"
"It's our practice time!" the second girl called back. "You can't come in!"
"Oh yeah, 'cause that stopped YOU!" The door shook again, harder, but with no more success. "Well, fine! You've gotta come outta there sometime! We can wait
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Don't Say Stop Believin', Ch.10 (part 1/2)
Chapter 10: Light Up the World
Sawako wiped the sweat from her forehead. There! Three costumes complete. That just left...
Huh. Was it two or three? All of a sudden she couldn't remember how many junior students the club had. This had all been simpler last year, when everyone was in the same grade and had a unique instrument. (Cramming a year's worth of emotional turmoil into the last two days hadn't helped either.)
Right, there were two juniors now. Azusa and Jun. She would need most of the remaining time for Yui's costume, so those two would have to be quick. Fortunately, Sawako already had a pretty good idea how to handle Azusa. As for Jun... hmm... well, she'd just see what was left over.
She set to work on Yui's outfit with gusto. This was just what she needed right now -- something to sink her teeth into. She didn't want to think about anything more serious than what kind of frills to use. This was simple. Distracting. Creative. So was it absolutely necessary that her phon
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Don't Say Stop Believin', Ch.9
Chapter 9: Never Going Back Again
Sawako got outside, leaned back against the building, and took a deep breath. She'd taken care of the urgent matters: getting the band into Regionals and reclaiming her role of supervisor. Now she had time to think. And there was something very important to think about.
According to Tsumugi, she had quit her job at Sakuragaoka yesterday. Had she?
Sawako forced herself to remember the day in as much detail as possible. She'd woken up late because she'd been too excited to get to sleep the night before. She'd hurried out the door without breakfast, eager to get free of her responsibilities once and for all. She'd gone straight for the principal's office. And then... then what?
Oh! The sign! There had been a "Do Not Disturb" sign on his door. She'd decided to come back later.
Sawako's memory was clearing up now. All morning, she'd kept visiting the office looking for a chance, but that sign had always been there. At noon, she'd given up --
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Don't Say Stop Believin', Ch.8
Chapter 8: She's Not ThereTwenty-five seconds ago, Sawako had been drunk. Deeply, impenetrably drunk. The pill she'd taken for it had only been able to do so much. Her thoughts had been murky and confused, her senses even more so.
Sawako was dead sober now.
She looked at Tsumugi's face and saw her mistakes. Things she had missed over the past month were suddenly all too obvious. She could remember with painful clarity every warning sign she'd ignored, every clue she hadn't picked up on. What she had done and what she had failed to do.
It was all reflected in Tsumugi's lovestruck expression... in her bright, shining eyes.
"Mugi..." she began, desperately trying to think of what to say. "I'm... I'm sorry, but..."
"You don't have to apologize, Sawa-chan. I understand about you and Tetsuo. Part of you just wanted a traditional relationship, and he was very tempting. But I wasn't worried. Oh, I was a little jealous at first, but after this" - she patted her stomach - "I knew
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Mai-HiME: X Gon' Give It To Ya by CommodoreZeke Mai-HiME: X Gon' Give It To Ya :iconcommodorezeke:CommodoreZeke 6 0
Fun Times With Ruu
"It's all right," said Yuuri. "They're friends."
Kurumi looked at Miki. Miki looked at Kurumi. They both looked at Yuuri.
"See?" she continued, giving her left hand a little shake. "She's right here. She's alive, isn't she? I made it in time..."
Dumbfounded, Kurumi could only say, "Uh... yeah."
Miki managed to squeeze out a whole sentence: "We were... worried for you when you went in on your own..."
Behind them, Yuki emerged from the RV. "Welcome back, Rii-san! ...Oh? And who's that?"
"She was hiding all this time," Yuuri explained. "That place was dangerous."
Kurumi saw the same look on Yuki's face that had been on Miki's, but only for a moment. Yuki hurried over and patted the small head at Yuuri's side. "I see," she said. "It must have been hard. Don't worry, it's all right now. We're all together now."
At a loss, Kurumi changed the subject to something she understood. "We'll be leaving soon," she said. Remembering that they had been planning to search the school for more supplies,
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Don't Say Stop Believin', Ch.7
Chapter 7: Blame It On the AlcoholHe'd only spoken one word, but it had been enough to bring Sawako's whole world crashing down.
Her heart felt like lead in her chest. She wanted to run and hide somewhere and never come back out. She wanted to crumble away into dust. But most of all, she wanted to know why.
Tetsuo straightened his tie awkwardly. "I thought we understood each other, Sawako."
Tears burned in her eyes. "I thought we loved each other."
"See, that's what I mean about understanding." He sighed. "I do love you, Sawako. But there are different kinds of love. There's ours, and then there's the, uh..."
"The what? The romantic kind? The marriage kind? Because that's what love is, Tetsuo!"
"Let me start over. Marriage... marriage is just a ring and a piece of paper. Some people need those things to make them feel safe. But true love is strong enough on its –"
"Oh, bunk! I want that ring and piece of paper! Everyone does!"
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Don't Say Stop Believin', Ch.6
Chapter 6: Turning TablesYui was in tears. Her sister was struggling to find words of consolation. Tsumugi was silent, her thoughts a mystery. Jun was in a panic. Ritsu was cracking jokes to try and break the tension - and distract herself from her own dismay.
And behind Mio's unblinking eyes, a war was being waged.
Everything she knew had just dropped out from under her. Ms. Sawako had given up on the club. They wouldn't be going to Regionals anymore. After-School Tea Time, the band and the concept, were finished. Mio's every instinct said to curl up and hide - find a nice dark corner to cry in until things got better.
But she was a founding member and the lead songwriter of this band. Yui and the first-years looked up to her. Tsumugi respected her. Ritsu might be club president, but she couldn't hold things together on her own.
And above all... this wasn't some tragic accident. This was an outrage.
"We're not giving up," Mio announced.
The others turned. "Wh-what?" sa
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Don't Say Stop Believin', Ch.5
Chapter 5: Mash-Up
The final chord of "My Love is a Stapler" echoed through the music room, and as one, the six members of After-School Tea Time held their breath and waited for the verdict.
"That was better," said Sawako. "No push-ups this time."
The band sighed with relief, Yui in particular. Ever since Sawako had gone drill sergeant, the guitarist had been learning the hard way that a diet of 90 percent sugar wasn't ideal for staying in shape.
"This song is my favourite so far!" said Jun, who said that about all of Mio's songs. "Did you really write this all by yourself, senior?"
Mio blushed. "Yes. It's nothing special..."
"Unless you mean like Special-Olympics special," muttered Ritsu.
Neither of the bassists heard that, but Azusa did. "Whoa!" she said, aghast.
"Oh, relax. It's not offensive if I say it." Ritsu patted one of her casts.
"Yes it is!"
"No it's not." She patted the other one.
"Yes it is! It would only be okay for you to say that if you really <
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Apocalypse Nao
The Obsidian Prince had been very patient. For three hundred years, he had awaited the next HiME Festival — his next chance to change the world. Meticulous planning and manipulation on a scale that few mortals could even comprehend, all working toward one goal: the selection of one woman of perfect power, strength, and determination, the only one worthy to usher in the new world at his side.
"Frankly," he told the red-haired delinquent that Nagi had brought to meet him, "I expected better."
Nao snorted rudely. "You and me both. What's the deal with —"
"Silence. Is this a trick? Are you here as part of some plan?"
"Yeah, your plan. What are you complaining about? Nagi laid it out for us: we kill each other's Childs, winner gets badass power. I'm the winner. Gimme."
"This is ridiculous," the Prince growled to Nagi. "Her? This low-class whelp defeated Kiyohime? Kagutsuchi? Miroku?"
Nagi shrugged. "I know, right? I had her pegged for sixth place or so. Funn
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Tea For Two
Washington, D.C.
The Oval Office was even bigger than Mio had expected. She stared in amazement, trying to take it all in. This was one of the last places in the world she'd ever expected to be.
Movement drew her attention, and Mio realized a man was stepping towards her. She froze with panic. It's really him. It's the president!
Indeed it was. Mio had seen him on the news, but in person was another story. For a girl who still found bus drivers a little intimidating, being in the presence of the leader of the free world was right off the charts. He only had a few inches on her, but to Mio, he might as well have been fifty feet tall.
The president, for his part, was perfectly at ease. He smiled warmly at Mio and extended his hand. "Miss Akiyama. Thank you for coming."
Mio jumped back and bowed so low she nearly snapped in half. "I am honoured, Mr. Sir President Obama-dono! Sir!"
"It's okay," said the president, holding back a chuckle. "We're friends he
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Okay, I'm fine with llamas. But why did I just get a dozen of them in one day from people I've never heard of?

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