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Here is a list of the folders and their descriptions to help you for when submitting your works into the group and help some of the admins decide whether or not to accept! Even though some of these are self-explanatory, I have an explanation anyway. This guide also goes for journals, we encourage you to submit them for what kind of art you're doing

:bulletred:Featured is closed to becoming a dump folder for most people. Stuff in there going back to around early December 2013 will be moved to more fitting folders.

:bulletgreen:Anime-Manga is where you submit prices if you focus only on anime/manga styles of art and examples of your art done in the style of anime/manga.

:bulletgreen:Portraits is where you submit works that are of people, done realistically/semi-realistically. Prices can be submitted here too.

:bulletgreen:Animals is where you submit pictures of animals and prices for animal related art.

:bulletgreen:Fantasy is where works including fantasy like qualities can be submitted along with prices.

:bulletgreen:Landscape-Scenery are works focusing on landscapes and so on, along with prices.

:bulletgreen:Misc. are works that you are determined do not fit anywhere else or have qualities of many different folders and cannot choose. Prices can be submitted here too if you do many different types of commissions too.

:bulletgreen:Contest originally was for contests held by this group, but now can support contests of other groups and deviants that are giving out cash/points and so on.

:bulletgreen:Anthro is a folder where you put works that features anthro qualities or prices for anthro works.

:bulletgreen:fanfics, stories Are writing related commissions and prices. Examples of writing can be submitted here too.

:bulletgreen:Seeking Artist Journals Are mainly journals looking for artists/writers to commission. PRICES DO NOT GO HERE.

:bulletgreen:Pixel is pixel related commission examples and prices.

:bulletgreen:Priority Commissions - AKA EMERGENCY COMMISSIONS is where people who are in need can submit journals explaining their circumstances and why they desperately need commissions. If they submit an image, it must explain why they need commissions (you can put it on the deviation/journal or put it in the comments for your piece on the correspondence page (where you can see if your piece was accepted or not)).

:bulletgreen:Adoptables is where you put up you adopts up to sell.

:bulletgreen:Variety is where artists who have a variety of different styles available to be commissions will post their prices. The only art that will be accepted has to show a variety (example: character going from cartoony to realistic)

:bulletgreen:NSFW is where works that are deemed not safe for work, adult or other mature works should be submitted. Please post the proper warnings on these pictures otherwise they may not be accepted!

:bulletgreen:3D This folder includes things crafted traditionally (plushies, jewelry, sculptures) as well as 3D models made on the computer

:bulletgreen:Sci-Fi Science Fiction art goes here (Space, aliens, technology)

:bulletred:What is NOT accepted
:bulletred: Selfie Pictures unless photo able to prove commissionability
:bulletred: Submissions to wrong folders
:bulletred: Inappropriate imagery unless holding proper adult content warnings

:bulletblue: If you see any anything submitted to the wrong folder, admins abusing power, have any advice, send Tambergal a note or put a comment on the page's main comment page.

:bulletblue: Also, if you have any suggestions for folders, feel free to leave a comment here. Also if you notice a folder is full, please let us know so we can close it and make a new one. Closed folders will remain for at least a month before being removed.

:bulletblue: Why was my piece not accepted? If you need to know, please place a comment on the submission from the correspondence page so we can see which folder you submitted to (because accidents do happen) and that way we can also see who declined it.
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AmateurOwl's avatar
What folder can I post my info in?
spinachtoffeee's avatar
I can't find the Portraits folder.. is it alright if I just submit my artwork to Misc.?
kitanafury's avatar
How do i post something in the right folder?? Step by step, ive been away from deviantart for years so i need the basic steps.
SatisfiedSkye's avatar
hello, so i only do a stylized cartoon style. where should i be putting my stuff exactly?
EiraBlair's avatar
I would suggest our Misc folder unless you're doing a set category (like animals/anthro) then those can go in those folders.
SatisfiedSkye's avatar
ok, thanks! i mostly just do humans or humanoid and such is all.
MajorasMasks's avatar
Is there any new rule?
Tambergal's avatar
Not really, just explaining newer folders and clarifying a few things. 
CrashGordon94's avatar
What if something fits in more than one folder?
VinnyIndigo's avatar
You should submit it to the variety folder.
VinnyIndigo's avatar
Say somebody did both animal and human commissions. Should it be submitted to both portraits and animals?
Tambergal's avatar
If your journal features both, I'd say put it in variety or misc, but you can also submit to portraits and animals as well and then the deviations themselves go where they fit. 

Also unsure if you do animals with human like qualities, but you'd put those in anthro
Jazzmusak95's avatar
Hi there I'm Jazzmusak and I am a graphic artist of many styles and I am looking for commission please help me join your group and I am hoping to get my artwork out there and get a commission
kevintheradioguy's avatar
You have only Seeking Artist Journals opened for submission for some reason :c
Tambergal's avatar
It should only be set that way to non members, so if you're not a member of the group, join and they should be open :) 
RosyPumpkin's avatar
where would i submit my commissions info page? i made a sheet explaining my offers but i don't know where i would put it
QuickStarBlossom's avatar
okay well
it is only letting me submit in featured 
all the other folders aren't an option 
Aliuh's avatar
Is it alright if I submit one deviation to featured?  When I go to the galleries there is no option to let me select the proper folder. 
CherrysDesigns's avatar
it doesnt allow me to choose  a folder o:
TurtleStar-Adopts's avatar
where would my little pony commisssions go? animal or fantasy? or somewhere else?
maybe their should be a FC folder?
KaraSkakalac's avatar
What is FC? They are most often classified in Animals ^^
TurtleStar-Adopts's avatar
Fan Character. I know people call mlp characters "OCs" but technically a character made from a show is an FC.
thank you!
SoulEscargoon's avatar
Can you display my prices for commisions?? They are on my page here
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