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Hello everyone! Welcome to the group Commissioners-Of-DA!
My sincerest hope is that this group will not only increase exposure for the artists that use it, but also increase the ease of finding an artist that an art collector will find fit to commission! Before we start, I'd like to start off by stating something...

All DA Rules Apply Here... - ... But just a little more. I won't tolerate any monkey business when it comes to art theft, rudeness, and just being overall immature. There won't be any warnings here, if you break one of the rules, you're out for good.

That's the only thing that comes to mind at the moment, but please remember that rules are subject to change at any time. Although I'll do my best to give you all a heads-up on when they change, you should check up every once in awhile to see if they have. :)

**You can now Post unlimited Journal entries here for a small fee of (50Points)
all donations can be made on my personal page --> <--
((Those who do not pay the fee will have their journals removed))
**WHY IS THERE A FEE?: it is to help build the group more eventually into a super group hopefully in order to advertise more, im just trying to help everyone out**

(if you absolutely want to post them in the comments and spam it then please donate 200 points to the group via my personal page --> <--, why? because its just spam)
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Oh sorry I didin't noticed that I don't have enough points for journal ;-; I deleted it sorry if it was a problem I should have checked it earlier D: