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Clean Affiliates


If you run a group and want to be affiliates, use :spotlight-right:To the Artists:spotlight-right:

Any submissions that are not clearly marked in the title as being commissioned work of some sorts will be declined.

It's a simple as marking your title with C, CM, COM, or anything of the like to let me know that your work is in fact a commissioned work.

If it's a completed YCH that would work in the title also for letting me know that it's a commission.

Advertising on the Front Page

If you want to get exposure, please fill out a Commission ID instead. We will not allow any shameless advertising on the front page.

Commission IDs

We only accept Commission IDs done on our Commission ID template, any other Commission IDs or journal entries will be declined. Below are a link to the PSD file or a PNG file for those that can't use PSD files.

Commission ID PSD

Commission ID

Commission ID PNG

Please Submit to the Appropriate Folder

We've limited your options to 4 folders. Everyone kept submitting to the wrong folder before. There shouldn't be a problem now, all the folders are pretty straight forward.

Only Commissioned Works are Allowed

Please do NOT submit samples and personal artworks UNLESS you are selling them as prints. The 'Originals for Sale' folder is the only folder that accepts non-commissioned works.


Advertising Job Offers

Don't feel like looking for the artist yourself? Feel free to send us your request and we'll advertise for you.

Maintaining the Super Group

We're trying to raise points to use in maintaining this group as a Super Group! Any and all donations are much appreciated Donation pool located on Founder


:spotlight-left::spotlight-left::spotlight-left::spotlight-left:DO NOT ADVERTISE ON OUR FRONT PAGE! YOUR COMMENT WILL BE REPORTED AS SPAM AND ADVERTISING ON THE FRONT PAGE WILL RESULT IN A BANNING FROM THE GROUP FOR TWO WEEKS! REPEAT OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED PERMANENTLY!:spotlight-right::spotlight-right::spotlight-right::spotlight-right:

Clean Affiliates


Please submit to the correct folder! 9/10 of the time i have to decline things because they either arent commissions, submitted to the incorrect folder, or commission info not on our sheet. Doesnt take much to understand our folders and what is accepted.

As a reminder we DO NOT accept commission info that isn't submitted on our commission ID template. Submissions must also be clearly marked in the title with some sort of marker (C, CM, COM YCH) that they were a commissioned work. Submissions that do not meet this criteria will be declined.

Digital Art Commissioned art that was created with digital art programs. (PS, Sai, CSP) Traditional Art Commissioned art that was created with traditional art mediums. (Markers, colored pencil, watercolor) Artisan Crafts Commissioned physical 3D art. (Scuptures, plaques, buttons, etc.) Literature Commissioned written works (fanfics, poems) Originals for Sale Artwork for sale such as adoptables or YCH that a person may purchase from the poster. Only exceptions to the must be commissioned works rule. DOES NOT include proper commission information or sheets. Commission ID Commission info submitted on our provided commission ID template. We DO NOT accept commission info that is not submitted on our provided ID.