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Tip jar commission sheet by Championx91
Satiros and Pandora by LittleGoa-t
Dream by LittleGoa-t
|commission| by chto-to
Adopts 42.Justice.Auction.[open]. SB-50$. by VLadaR05
[Auction OPEN] The deposed Queen by ErastLarin
(AUCTION) ADOPT #65 by plantafran
Commission by Gingermill09
Custom Design Commission: Bunnyman by TheRabbitFollower
Ych for dinos (closed) by JeneryFilly
Commission Price List
Commissions 2021 [PayPal + Points]Update: Added Ko-Fi as payment platform method.COMMISSION STATUS: 🌸 INFO 🌸 Commissions generally take around 1~2 weeks ​ Payment method is PayPal invoice, DA Points or Ko-Fi(let me know beforehand which you prefer, so I can set things up for your request) ​ I mainly draw SFW, can draw partial nudity ​ I mainly draw humanoid characters, can make an exception for certain animal characters (please show me your character first so I can assess it) ​ ​ 🌸 HOW TO ORDER 🌸 You can order by directly DMing me or reaching out at ​ Send me what type of commission you would like, preferred payment method, references of your character and a brief explanation of what you want in your commission. ___________________________________________________________________________________ CHARACTER ONLY (no background or single color) Headshot $30 *Per character Bust to Half-Body $50 *Per character Full-Body $70 *Per character Includes:​ - Full color illustration of a character - Transparent, white, or single-color background ​ ​ EXAMPLES: , ___________________________________________________________________________________ CHARACTER WITH BG (simple or decorative background) Headshot $45 *Extra character +$30 Bust to Half-Body $65 *Extra character +$50 Full-Body $85 *Extra character +$70 Includes: - Full color illustration of a character - Simple or decorative background - Any extra objects character may be holding, wearing, etc. ​ ​ EXAMPLES: ,___________________________________________________________________________________Feel free to DM me or reach me at
Comission 2021 13 by Anji-Melody
Watercolor commission YCH by Inntary
Watercolor commission - Abyss by Inntary
Commission - Melancholic Tiefling by point-maitimo
:com: save the king by lncrr
Yanfei by Zeiruu
Strip Unicorns by Grimlai
[C] Ice by Ryuvhiel

Mature Content

OPEN! YCH Auction 99 by lendi29
[OPEN] YCH Auction by Katoiti
Couple Ych Auction [opened] by lncrr
Chibi Base by VenusRain
From 100 pts to 700pts comms ($2- $8 // 1,65€ - 7€)
Rehoming Characters+purgue+free (OPEN)
Thank you so much for take a look! <3333333333333
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Q1: How do I go about the feature? Do I add points?

A1: If you want to put something in the featured folder then yes.
first, submit what you want to the featured folder, it will wait for confirmation
Second, donate 2 points to :iconair-ride: when donating the points, write the name of your deviantition in the text box provided when typing in amount of points to donate.

Q2: Do you donate 2 :points: per deviantition to featured?

A2: Yes

Q3: What are the benefits of paying 2 :points: to put work in featured?

A3: All the other folders are free to submit to, by doing the points thing with the featured, it means featured folder will have images people have dedicated time to and thought, so much that they will pay the 2 :points: to promote it. This means featured will have good quality work in, and is not flooded with any old doodle, It also peaks curiosity in potential buyers so things in the featured folder get a lot of exposure!

Q4: What happens to the :points: donated in order to advertise in featured?

A4: All :points: will go into the group, aiding towards future contest prizes, premium memberships, and offering commission work to our most active members.









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F2U Moon pixel by cIefabIes  YCH Auction
  [OPEN] YCH Auction by Katoiti
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SPECIAL OFFER character sheet comm 74$ [4 slots]This offer contains:- one fullbody clothed- one fullbody in undies or naked- one bust- 2-3 detailes- you will get the fullbodies and the bust with and without background- you can add extra items, just send me a note and we can discuss itRULES:- 72$ / character - armors and complicated designs may charge more- please send a reference picture and some personality stuff about your character : 3- please send me a pose reference if you want, but i can figure out something too- paying with PAYPAL- if you are interested please send a comment or a note and we will discuss it : )- you will get several WIPs, including the clean lineart!- paying upfront with paypal- no commerical useEXAMPLES:,SLOTS1.)2.)3.)4.) SPECIAL OFFER OUTFIT DESIGN comm 34$ [3 slots]RULES:- 32$/fullbody outfit [for example 2 outfits should be 64$] [This price can go up if the outfit is super detailed. armor for example]- i can design an outfit, or you can send me references for an exact outfit that you wanna see- the price includes hairstyle and make up variations too! - armors and weapons may cost extra!- you will recieve the clean linearts and all the fullbodies with transparent background- i can do any type of clothing [fantasy, armor, goth, punk, 80's, loli etc.]- i can do male/female/Non-binary- paying with paypal upfront- you can come up with a pose or i can make up one- no commercial use- if you are interested please comment under this- send me a note or comment under this if you are interested : ),SLOTS:1.)2.)3.)  COMMISSION INFO 2021IMPORTANT:- i always have some special offers open, but i you willing to pay the full price (below) you will automatically jump to the first place, and your commission will be more detailed than the special offer onesRULES:- no commercial use (if you are interested in commercial use art, please send me a note and we can discuss the detailes) - paying upfront - paying with paypal - i accept written references and picture references too, just try to be clear and organized with your references - you will get several WIPs (work in progress), including the clean lineart - if you are interested please send me a note or comment under this journal - if you want to buy just a lineart/flat colors/sketch please note me and we can discuss the price - if you have any questions about the prices/commissions please feel free to note me, i am happy to answer any questions.OTHER INFOS- i can do furries- i can do fetishes, please contact me if you are interestedCOLORED BUST [20$]- with background is +10$,COLORED HALFBODY [30$]- additional character is +20$- background is +15$,COLORED FULLBODY [42$]- additional character is +30$- with simple background + 15$- with complicated background +35$,CHARACTER SHEET [90$](includes 2 fullbodies, 1 halfbody, 3 detailes)- additional fullbody +35$- additional halfbody +25$- additional bust +18$,OUTFIT DESIGN [42$/outfit],BONDAGE [45$]- can be male or female or anything in between,NSFW [note me with your exact wishes and i can give you a price offer],

[YCH] Summer forest picnic couple ych [4 slots] by hazumonster   [YCH] Spring fairy koi lake ych [4 slots] DISCOUNT by hazumonster  
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[OC] by Dochikun   [CM] FFXIV by Dochikun
Hello, I'm open commission, for more info:
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      Dansu plz    AUCTION OPEN      Dansu plz 

(Open) Adopt Auction #80 by Anrig
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blue fabric border b 3 ADOPTABLE / YCH / COMMISSIONS OPEN blue fabric border b 3   

Fanart Gwen, League of Legends by 8Hotaru8   Commission artwork  by 8Hotaru8   ADOPTABLE 135 USD [OPEN] by 8Hotaru8   ADOPT 100 USD [OPEN] by 8Hotaru8   [COMMISSION OPEN] PRICE - LIST  by 8Hotaru8  
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