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:COM: Ryuu by Amenorium
Commission for sayukihikaru by turnipBerry
Beatrice Commission by TamikaProud
commission: Fearyn by MathiaArkoniel
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[AT] Luciel / For tarobunnies by teddichuu
Commission by ruthana0825
[C] Kaiser by Ryuvhiel
Lara || $15 USD Commission by M1karu
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Lucius by CristianaLeone
Kija and Jae Ha by Claparo-Sans
Underground by Isbjorg
50's Beauty watercolor by Lady-Valesya
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FFXIV Ciahnna Amariyo sketch commission by Zolaida
Daetrius sketch commissions by Zolaida
SplitHeart by cantieuhy
Commission: Jibrille and Verse by sionra
Sketch commission for Mordecc by Rina-Li
Sketch Commission by DaryaSpace
Sketch Commission by DaryaSpace
COM: SilverAngel907 [Eternelle] by CuBur
ETSY Commission White Cat by MalinaToys
Poseable toy commission for costume-cat by MalinaToys
Poseable toy commission for dizzykat28560 by MalinaToys
ETSY Commission Cheshire cat by MalinaToys
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BNHA: Alex Krylov portrait by Banished-Dreams
Pixel Pt Commissions by rika-dono
PIXEL COM- Forged-Artifacts by WONNYSOUP
Commission #11-GinaDraws by hanatsu04
[C] Nihilynn by RisSiriae
Serenity by Puzisama
:: COMM :: by purenai by G0ldenGlasses
Girl Chibi by JessicaPegoraro
Flower boy by Dorothy-Douglas

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Commission 138 E - Salmairion/Gwenolyne sketchpage by NikeMV
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Commission Sheet (TEMPORARILY CLOSED) by TheHobbyHorse
Commission Info [2021 Update] by Drikkzee

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commissions are open here:

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Portrait Commission by irenillart COMMISSION DO NOT USE by irenillart Princess Zelda by irenillart

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Welcome to Commission-Bazaar

Any other work will be declined.

We do not accepted YCH and adoptable pieces.

Your Deviation MUST say it is a commission and who it was drawn for.
Not including this in your description will cause us to decline your piece.

Please ensure you are submitting to the proper folders.
If you upload an image to the wrong folder, it will be declined.

Advertisements on the front page are not allowed,
If you want to be featured, please contact the Justyne in a note on this group to be added to our "commissions available" or "news" widget!


:bulletgreen: irenillart is open for commissions.
:bulletgreen: tece-cartoonist is open for commissions.
Hi folks,

we could do with a few hands looking through submissions to the group and approving them.

Drop Justyne a note a please if interested.

Cheers folks!
More Journal Entries

Client Guide

# How to find an Artist

When thinking about commissioning an artist take your time finding the right person for the job. Have a look at the people you watch. Is anybody offering commissions? If they aren't, there are the deviantart forums and commission groups to check out. You might find what you are looking for there. Of course, there is also the option of posting an advertisement in the deviantart forums to see if there is anyone interested in your job. The best recommendations usually come from friends through word of mouth.

# How to Select an Artist

Assuming you have found some potential artists, take your time to review their gallery. Look out for the following things:

- Do you like their style? If you don't like what you see, don't commission. Artists may promise you that they can do any style, but I would take this with a pinch of salt. Unless there are pieces on display in the style you want, be critical.

- Has the artist done fanart, OCs or both? If you are trying to commission OCs make sure you can see some OCs in the gallery. Drawing from a reference is different from drawing from imagination. So make sure your artist has the necessary skill to complete your commission. If your artist does nothing but Sherlock fanart he might not be the right person to draw your OC. Likewise, someone who draws OCs all the time might not be the best choice for your Sherlock fanart commish compared to somebody who draws Sherlock art every day.

- Has the artist done commissions before? It's always nice to work with somebody that has some experience. Especially on your first commission you probably don't want to be working with an artist who is about as lost as you are.

- Does the artist have an active deviantart account, keep a regular journal and does he interact with his watchers? Someone who is active and involved in the community is much more likely to be honest and reliable than someone who isn't. Be critical of people who have only been on DA for a few weeks and don't seem to have formed any attachments. Some of these might be scam accounts.

- Go through the artist's journal to find out if there is commission information available. Have a look at the prices, rules and limitations. If things look like you want to go ahead, you might have found yourself a suitable artist.

- If you have any doubts, approach the artist with them. They will be able to tell you what they can and cannot draw. Sometimes, it might be worth tracking down a past commissioner for an opinion. When doing so, stay polite and be patient while waiting for your note to be answered. Be prepared to not receive an answer at all.

# Approaching an Artist

When approaching an artist it is generally good form to interact with them the same way as one would with other human beings. Start your message with a greeting, introduce yourself by name and end your message with a polite phrase. You might not want to overwhelm the artist with your commission brief right away, so ask if they are open for commissions first especially if their commission journal is a couple of months old.

Don't ask artists to make a sketch for you just to apply for the job. It's bad form. How would you like it if you had to work for free for a week as part of your job interview?

If you get an affirmative reply send your commission brief and ask the artist for a quote. There might be prices listed in their commission journal, but they often depend on complexity and aren't set in stone. Make sure you know exactly how much your commission will be. Make sure you have the money set aside and are able to pay at any time. If you don't have the necessary funds when you start a commission, don't commission.

It might very well be that your commission gets declined. If that happens, don't lose your cool and move on. There are other artists out there and you will find somebody suitable eventually. Don't get into an argument with the artist over drawing something they don't want to draw. Even if you manage to convince them to take your job, it'll probably not look great.

So, you've gotten your quote. Now, there are a few more issues to take care of. Ask how the artist works and how many work in progress steps you will be shown. Unless commissioning something very simple, being shown no work in progress images at all is generally not a good sign. Make sure you get to see at least one WIP (best at the sketch stage) so you can make corrections.

Work out how long the artist will take to complete your commission. Even if you do not have a pressing deadline, get a rough estimate of how long things will take. Otherwise you might be in for nasty surprises.

Because of the massive amount of horrid clients on devianart, many artists will require you to pay for the commission upfront. Be careful with that. You might end up paying for a commission you will never receive. When dealing with pricier commissions (75$ and more) most artists will be willing to compromise and let you pay a deposit (or half) upfront with the rest due towards the end of the commission. If your artist feels uncomfortable with such an arrangement, you probably have a reason to be suspicious.

With regards to payment make sure you know how to use paypal, PayZa, Western Union, MoneyGram or whatever other method of money transfer is chosen. Also, be prepared to cover the transaction fees. They are usually not included in the artist's price and will have to be paid on top of the commission price. If in doubt, ask your artist about this. Paypal charges a 4% flat fee for its transfers.

If ordering traditional art and you want the original shipped to you make sure the fee for that is included in the price.

Lastly, make sure you understand your artist's licencing terms. Most commissions on deviantart are private commissions, meaning you cannot use the image for commercial purposes such as printing and selling t-shirts, book covers, book illustrations and advertising. If you need a commercial licence, make it clear that you need one. Even some non-commercial uses might not be okay with the artist. It is always better to ask before using your commission as a forum avatar or for your personal website's layout. Also make sure you understand which rights the artists retain. It's perfectly possible that prints of your commission will be offered or that your commission might be licenced to other clients for commercial purposes. If you are not okay with that, make sure your artist knows. Your licencing options will likely heavily affect the pricing. If you want a commercial licence, be prepared to pay accordingly.

# Preparing your commission brief.

Your commission brief will depend on the type of artwork you are trying to commission, the style and of course the artist you end up working with. Before submitting a brief it is always worth asking exactly what information the artist prefers to see or if there is a particular form to work from.

When the artist doesn't have a particular layout for you to follow, I recommend going with this template:

Ethnic Origin/ Race:
Height/ Weight:
Facial Features:
Body Features:

Here a not-so-brief explanation of how to fill in this template and what to look out for. In several places I will recommend you include reference images. The best thing you can do is to incorporate them in the text at the appropriate spot so your artist doesn't get confused what the reference is for.

Name: I suppose, technically, you could get by without naming your character, but it just makes life easier to have a handle to refer to.

Intro: Say what universe or fandom your character is from and what their role in this universe is. This can be very short. However, a simple sentence like 'My character is Jedi Knight in the Star Wars universe' will help the artist imagine what kind of feel you are looking for. It will set the tone for the rest of your commission brief.

Age: Usually you should include the actual and visual age of your character. People may look younger or older than they actually are and especially with fantasy characters this may be the case. Your artist won't know that your 400-year-old sorcerer only looks like 35 unless you actually state this information.

Ethnic Origin/ Race: Include what ethnicity or race your character has. Mention the skin tone. If you are dealing with fantasy characters, you might have to describe your race here unless it is a well-known one. Have some sample pictures of what your lesser-known race looks like or if that isn't possible, create a mood board for your race. I'll explain mood boards at a later point.

Height/ Weight: This is useful to know for any type of commission just to give a rough indication of how thin or chubby your character is.

Eyes: When commissioning a chibi or anime style piece you probably just need to mention the colour here, but be specific. There are a lot of shades of blue. (However, if your chosen artist does more than one style of eyes, don't be shy to say which ones you like.) For more realistic pieces have a think about the shape of the eyes. Are they hooded, protruding or looking average? Are they set closely together or further apart? Are they deep and sunken in? Make-up websites can be a great tool in helping you out with your description. Have a reference picture. If your character has protruding eyes, for example, google search for that and find a picture that looks like the kind of thing you mean.

Hair: Include colour, style, hair accessories, facial and body hair. Make sure you have a reference. It doesn't matter if your reference is drawn or a photo as long as it clearly shows what you mean. Again, be careful with your colour terms and try to make sure there are no misunderstandings. There are many shades of brown, such as auburn, chestnut and chocolate just to name a few. If you're struggling, google for a hair colour chart online. Loreal (or maybe Manic Panic) will kindly help you out with this. Your commission is worth it.

Facial Features: If you are commissioning chibi or anime art you can probably skip this. Otherwise, take a moment to think about your characters face in detail. What does the shape of the face look like? Is it round, oblong, rectangular, diamond, heart, square, oval? Is the nose big or small? Does the character have freckles? Are the lips thin, full, curved, oval, mismatched? Are there piercings? Are the eyebrows thin or bushy? Google for references. However, make sure they match up and are consistent. You won't help your artist if you show three noses that look different from each other. In general try not to have more than one reference per feature.

Body Features: Depending on the type of artwork you might not need this section. If you are commissioning a bust you can obviously skip this. Otherwise work out the body type of your character. There are two things to keep in mind here. Try to work out where your character is placed on the skinny to fat scale. Also work out how muscular he or she is. Aside from that, no two people are alike or idealised as you can see in anatomy books. Therefore, try to work out what your character's unique features are. Your cool female OC might have a flat chest and wide hips regardless of her weight and muscle mass. Again, have a reference for what you mean unless your description is crystal clear and can't be misunderstood.

Clothing: If you have a specific outfit in mind, describe it. Otherwise, a mood board is a great way of letting your artist know what you want in general, without being specific.

Background: Truth be told, backgrounds are even more complex than characters and for that reason can be very expensive. If you are going for it, take your time with describing it. Your commission is probably quite expensive, so make sure you get the most out of it. Mention all objects present and what the look like. Talk about colours and the general mood you want. What time of the day or year is it? If your scene is happening outside what does the vegetation look like? What kind of plants grow in your chosen setting? Personally, I often find it hard to describe backgrounds in detail as it starts to get heavily involved with composition. Often, a mood board is a great way to communicate background ideas.

Personality: Take a paragraph or two to describe what your character is like and what you want out of your commission in terms of mood. Your character might be a tough warrior, but you are trying to show his softer side.

In general, you should be able to do all this in a single page in your word processor. Try not to get excessive and include massive amounts of the character's biography. You're paying the artist for their time, so try not to waste it.

# Mood Boards

Since I made several references to mood boards I should explain what a mood board is. It's basically a collage of reference images you collect to convey a feeling and the visual atmosphere of a place or character. You're not really concerned with the details of its realisation, but want to communicate a general idea. I'll show some examples:

mood board by emily-shambles Mood Board Chinese Opera by V-Clouve :thumb104506468:

# How to survive the commissioning process?

During your commission you will probably be sent several steps of work in progress art. Try to make your corrections as early on as possible. Don't rely on the artist to spot their mistakes by themselves. They're likely not aware of them.

Err on the side of caution with anatomy mistakes. It's better to mention them early than to have a finished piece with the problem still present.

Always find a polite tone for any corrections you have. Don't tell the artist that something 'sucks' or is absolutely horrible. Nobody enjoys working in an abusive atmosphere.

Don't change the setting, scene or pose of the character once you are past the sketch stage. If you have a cool, new idea you can commission that afterwards or with another artist. Imagine someone asked you to build a table and halfway through changed his mind wanting a chair. It's not a nice thing to do.

Sometimes, words might not be enough to describe an issue you spotted. Ask the artist if it is okay to red-line their work before doing it. At other times providing an additional reference might do the trick.

Try not to go back and forth between things. Don't ask the artist to add something just to remove it again. Take your time with corrections, make sure you are confident about the ones you make.

If you are not confident and can't quite put your finger on what is wrong with the picture, ask your artist to do corrections in several small steps. Sometimes it is hard to imagine what the picture will look like with a different haircut (or any other change), so do that first and then decide that maybe the clothing design isn't quite there either.

Be prepared that even with revisions your picture might not be entirely perfect or just the way you imagined. Artists aren't mind readers or human photo copiers. If you can't get where you want to be in two or three revisions you're probably not going to get there.

Assuming your piece if going well, you should have all anatomy, pose, composition and arrangement critique and corrections in before your artist starts to render your piece. Shading (B&W and colour alike) can take many hours to complete so don't expect any changes at this stage unless they have to do with colour or small detailing.

Keeping all of this in mind, you should have no trouble with your commission.

# However, trouble may find you anyway.

If you are in a situation where your commission is going badly, you might want to cancel your commission. Sometimes this may happen due to an unexpectedly long wait or because of troubles during the process.

If you have paid a deposit, be prepared to lose it. Even if you are completely in the right many artists on DA can't actually afford to refund you. However, losing a 50$ deposit is better than losing 200$ on a piece you don't even like.

If you are cancelling a commission because of excessive lateness (I would recommend that at 6+ months of waiting time after the agreed delivery date) I think it is fair to ask for a full refund. Sure, the artist may have invested a lot of time into your piece, but there is no finished product and there probably won't be one anytime soon. I don't get to charge my software engineering clients for a half-finished program, so I don't see why you should have to pay for a half-finished piece of art.

If you are cancelling because you don't like how the commission is coming out, you probably should offer your artist some compensation for the time already spent on your work. Getting things right is quite a subjective matter and unless your black haired character is being drawn as a blonde and a blatant disregard of your brief is being shown, the commission going wrong is probably just as much the result of your description as it is of the artist's interpretation. Get together on note and agree on what is fair. Then, try to work on your description to ensure this kind of problem doesn't happen again.


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commissions open !! start 10 USD (paypal only) 
In Box me or email :
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Got commissions open! Here are the details: 
Commission (OPEN)JOHNSKELLINGTON ART COMMISSION, Terms & Condition - By commissioning me you agree to ALL of the terms written below.- I will not begin working until it is paid in full or half of it has been made.- These commissions are for PERSONAL USE only. - You are NOT permitted to delete my signature from the art work. - All sales are final. If you are not satisfied with the artwork provided I will not refund you but I will give you 2 chance of minor revisions.- You may NOT re-sell my artwork or use it for commercial purposes.- I have the rights to post the commissioned illustration on my gallery and social medias. How to order- Send me a note with "Commission" in the title.- Add Descriptions- Character reference / description- Reference is highly appreciated.- You can choose from two art styles that I use.- If you want the character to do a specific pose/expression, a picture can describe better than words! *Make your description clear and easy to understand. - Plain colored background is free.*Illustration usually take around 2-4 days to finish. *You may have to wait if there's someone before you, I'll tell you how long if that's the case.- Please have an email address to which the final illustration can be sent. Process- After I read the note. I'll reply with a total price.- I may reject your request if I think I'm not capable of doing it. - A first sketch will be sent with a Paypal payment link. - I'll continue to work on the illustration or fix the sketch after I receive a payment. - We can discuss the process of commission via private chat.- I might send you another sketch with rough color/tone if the illustration is hard or time consuming, This is the last process you can request to fix major details. - The final illustration will be received via email for high resolution. ,,,,, Com Sheet 1 by johnskellington31  
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YCH auction open!
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Got commissions open! Details here:

Art Services (OPEN)With my new tablet comes new speed, and therefore I can more comfortably offer this, yay~!So as always, I ask you to look at my official Terms of Service first:,Val's Art ToSDecember 5, 2020Let's add a fresh coat of paint to my ToS, yes? XDAnd now for what I will and won't do:WILL DO:.:. Various NSFW - Gore, fetish, nudity, etc.- Some NSFW is a hard no though, so look in that section to see my personal limits :3.:. Females (especially with large chests and long hair)- Am willing to draw in different manners, but the above mentioned is an obvious favorite lol.:. Pretty boys- I can do more masculine ones on request, but I like the pretty ones more X'D.:. Selective Fan Art- I intend to make a list of characters I'm willing to draw~! And if anyone you like isn't on the list, please ask <3WILL ATTEMPT:.:. Taurs or similar - centaurs, mermaids, spidertaurs, satyrs, lamia/naga, etc.- Only willing to do things that have humanoid faces, I hope you understand ^__^;;.:. Mild to moderate anatomy changes - slightly bulkier/more masculine men, varied face shapes, etc.- Don't hesitate to ask me if you're looking for anything specific <3.:. Animals as an add-on only- I have no practice in drawing animals right now, so I don't feel right offering a piece that's just of an animal, though depending on context I might make an exception, so make sure to ask about it <3.:. Children, with limits- Like, if you want a fan art of a character from a show who is technically a kid and is one I'm willing to draw, then I can try... refer to the next section for limitations on that ^__^;;WON'T DO:.:. Certain NSFW - Super extreme fetish, child exploitation or porn in ANY form, etc.- Some things out there are just sick and wrong or plain uncomfortable, so I refuse to enable them. ESPECIALLY if it's the exploitation, sexualization or abuse of kids. Plain and simple..:. Anthros/Furries, especially for NSFW- If the anthro is mostly human looking (like a neko or something similar), I'm willing to attempt it, but if it has a mostly animal body I don't feel comfortable, ESPECIALLY in NSFW pieces..:. Selective Fan Art- Like with the ones I will do, I'll list ones I won't do. If something isn't on the list(s), feel free to ask :3.:. Bamharrs- Don't get me wrong, the species is gorgeous and to this day I still love them... but many people wronged me quite severely there (a lot of them being "high rank" in the community, for lack of better description). And unless they realize their errors and apologize properly, I don't feel comfortable contributing anything to it. And since I know they never will (they never think they are wrong in anything)... yeahh ^__^;;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~So what should you expect in terms of the process for commissioning me? Well, lemme 'splain it to ya XD.:. First, you'll tell me what you want done (as well as specifics like colored or black lines and so on), a reference of your character(s), if NSFW is authorized (and the limit), and for PayPal commissions your email. I may also ask you for permission to use your commission in a speed paint for a YouTube video of mine, so watch for that :3.:. I will then ask you follow-up questions, such as personalities of your OCs, specific colors/themes you like, or anything that will help me come up with the best piece I can for you..:. Once that's all done, I will tally up the total cost for your commission, as well as provide a breakdown of what each cost was (depending on if you're asking for specific stuff that requires me to charge extra)..:. If it's all agreed on, I will either set up the commission widget for you or invoice your PayPal; if doing via payment plan (for return customers or those I trust only), I will make those available based on whatever we agree on at the time..:. Once full payment is received, I will work on the rough sketch of your piece at my earliest convenience, and will provide updates once a week at minimum, and send the sketch to you for approval..:. If all good, I will work on the line art stage (or begin fleshing things out for lineless pieces), providing updates and WIPs along the way for further approval or changes. This won't be available if I speed paint your piece though, so if I ask to do so I will make sure to fully explain what my plans are and so on and hope for the best!.:. Once the final product is made, I will show it for final approval. If all good, I'll slap my signature down and upload it to dA, and send you the file(s) for your commission <3And that's all she wrote... or that I wrote. Whatever, I'm not good at talking LOLHow long should you expect to wait for your commission? If super inspired or it's a super simple and small piece, shouldn't take more than a week (unless something irl comes up or I get a backlog of commissions). If it's super complex or has a complex background (especially in lineless), expect it to take up to a month, depending on how I manage things.Enough of me blabbing about the technical shit, let's get to the commissions and prices X'D~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Please note that all PayPal prices are in USD, and for Points it's $1 = 100 PointsBASIC COMMISSIONSLINED:,,,,,,,Comes with your choice of solid black lines or colored lines :3PRICES:Bust (for profile pics) = $20 / 2000 Points*Half Body = $30 / 3000 Points*Full Body = $40 / 4000 Points Additional Characters: +50% of base cost for first character Simple Background or No Background = FREEComplex Background:Bust = N/AHalf Body = +$20 / +2000 PointsFull Body = +$40 / +4000 PointsLINELESS:,This generally takes me longer to do, since I have to make sure all the shapes look right and so on hahaPRICES:Bust = $30 / 3000 Points*Half Body = $40 / 4000 Points*Full Body = $50 / 6000 Points *Additional Characters: +50% of base cost for first character Simple Background or No Background = FREEComplex Background:Bust = N/AHalf Body = +$30 / 3000 PointsFull Body = +$50 / 5000 PointsCUSTOM CHARACTER DESIGN:If you're struggling on a character design or just need help making an idea have life, I'm willing to help <3No fancy pants poses here, just a basic standing one to show the front and back view of the design, as well as a zoom-up bubble for some details, if requested! Color swatches will also be included (to show the base color and colors used for shading and highlighting every section)Price = $60 / 6000 PointsNSFW Ref = +$40 / 4000 PointsBonus Expression Sheet = +$20 /20000 Points per sheet*Each expression sheet has 4 expressions, so if you want more than that you'll have to put in more for additional clusters of expressions ^__^;;TATTOO DESIGN:I have had a few people legit want me to make tattoo designs for them, which is super awesome! And I figured I might as well slap on some prices for all those~!This is where I will try to be the most open minded on things, as I want it special to you, and when I upload them on here YOU will receive the unwatermarked version, while everyone else sees a very heavily watermarked version, if I upload them at all. And I won't be accepting Points for this one, just PayPal, sorry ^__^;;PRICES:Simple = $100Complex = $160 - $200I apologize for the jump in cost here; I decided on a flat rate just in general because I have no way of actually knowing or proving whether their design would be a little one or a big one, so I'm covering for my efforts here. That and I typically work on large canvases when drawing anyway, so there's that. In addition, these are gonna be permanently on people's bodies, so I need to make EXTRA sure that I get everything perfect, which means more time ^__^;;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~And that's all I got~! Looking forward to seeing you <3
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Commission OPEN by IExLibrisI   [CM] Easter and Ryu by IExLibrisI   [CM]  Blush and Yumeji by IExLibrisI  
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