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:iconn-tempest::iconsaysplz:Comments of prices or requests will be hidden. I don't know how plain to make it.
If you have a request, please submit a text deviation or journal.
If you don't know how, please read the FAQ:
Frequently Asked Question (PLEASE READ)Hello everyone!
Seeing as I get asked this question a lot, and I mean a lot, I thought to put the answer in this journal. If there are any questions or problems that you think have not been answered, please let me know and I shall update this journal accordingly!
- I'm also going to be putting the constant mistakes people make and how to avoid doing them.
Q: How do I submit my journal entry to a folder?
A: DA has a funny way of doing this, it's true, when writing the journal there is no option to add to group, nor is there an option when you view all your journals. What you need to do is create your journal, submit it to your profile, and then click on the title of the journal to open it, because on the right-hand side you will see, "Edit" "Delete" "StashWriter" "More from DeviantART" and below them should be "+ Add to group", click it, choose this group - "Type a group name" (Commission-an-Artist) - and add your Jou

:iconzededd::iconsaysplz:And READ THE FOLDER NAME YOU ARE SUBBING TO!

Please post a price-list to the Price Sheets folder [Link]. you don't have to be a member.


We need to get to as many artists as we can.
ANY ARTIST CAN JOIN Any style, any skill-level, any medium, any niche.
Every artist who wants a little more publicity has a place in here.
This is for ANY kind of artist. Any skill level. The only requirement is that you want to receive or buy commissions.

We want to be the go-to-group for commissioning an artist and offering commissions to the general public.
Open-to-all membership to join.
Contributors are subject to vote... Preferably for artists offering commissions or people who wish to have more access to the admin roles of the group.

:bulletblue: Rules
ANYONE can submit a price-sheet. (non-members are subject to vote)
ANYONE can submit a request (non-members are subject to vote)
MEMBERS can submit to the Commissioned Pieces folders (preferably ones commissioned through here... but till we're properly up and going, we'll settle for anything)
MEMBERS can submit to the Examples of Commissions folder. There is now a 2 deviation limit on this to avoid spamming and to promote you putting your VERY best works forward. Ask GothicVampireFreak or any other mod if you can include more and we'll review it.
CONTRIBUTORS can submit to the Examples of Commissions folder too, they get up to 4. But becoming a contributor requires voted access and a search of their gallery for quality control.

:bulletred:Comments with prices or requests will be hidden
:bulletred:Please check the description of the folder before posting as incorrect submissions will not be accepted
:bulletred:If any of your work is denied you are either submitting to the wrong folder or you have submitted too much work. - You may personally ask for an answer as to why things were denied, and if there are any mistakes, it will be dealt with.
:bulletred:Do not note the group with a request.
:bulletred:Any work put into DA storage will be removed from the folders.
:bulletred:Any out of date or closed Commission Price Sheets will be removed - Although they should be removed by you.


As I'm sure you've all become aware of, we have been forced to use an unfinished upgrade, as such, it means that many of us have to deal with relearning the site because it is not at all user friendly (not to mention buggy as all hell) and many things we are used to are either gone, hidden or yet to be implemented.
The group, as you can see, is still in the old layout, which though ridiculous, is pleasant to see, however it doesn't mean maintaining the group is as easy as it was before. I won't take up your time and rant about my opinions on the upgrade in relations to groups, but I do wish to inform you all that if there is any long wait for submissions to be accepted or if you run into any issues when trying to navigate and submit, I'm afraid it is because of the upgrade and unfortunately I won't always have the answers you seek to rectify that.
I also wish to make you aware of my personal thin patience with this mess of a site. If things aren't corrected and altered to make it better, then I will be leaving, which means I will either be deleting this group or looking for someone who isn't tortured by the upgrade to take over. Let me know, just in case, if you are interested in taking on the group. I can't say for definite I will leave, but I know that I am not happy and things have been made a lot more difficult to deal with lately.
Aside from that, I want to remind you to please take the time to read the name of the folders before you submit and to remove any commission sheet, adoptable, raffle, or auction once it is closed to help me and free up space for others.
Thank you for taking the time to read this!
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GothicVampireFreak Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Put your prices and examples into a folder, not into the comments. Your work/prices will be seen more if you put it into the correct folder(s):…
The comments section is not a good place to promote your work/journals. The folders in the gallery are watched and people are informed of new additions, no one is informed of a new comment but me.
Post your work in the correct folders and hopefully you will get more viewers and more people wanting commissions from you!
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