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Kobold Kommando 2

Well, I promised to draw more kobolds with guns, and I deliver. SAS kommando with a P228 w/ surpressor. I dont know if a surpressor can even be attatched to one, and if it cant, imagine it as a gun that can fit a surpressor.

Hopefully there will be more to come.

Compare it to the last kommando why dontcha: [link]

Art and character is © Me
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Feb 19, 2008, 2:25:51 PM
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I love the idea of Spec Ops Kobolds. Can see at night, check. Super small - can stow away in crates, vents, and other things (trash bins) for fast and easy infiltration. 

And they hold a grudge like no other.
i literally just had this thought: that kobolds would be the sneaky agile specialist types, and followed it up with Kobold Kommando
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This is too awesome.
Passin's avatar
SAS kobold? I love it
CptPhoenix's avatar
Love it!!! His expression is great!

His whole attitude is just awesome. If I ever play a kobold, I'm basing it on this one picture right here.

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It's a JACKAL!
lol. Kobolds are so crazy.
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If it can be done, the Kobold can do it. Win!
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dude i was making a post nuke gurps (generic universal role playing games) campaign and wanted to have a kobold mercenary group and decided to give them a badass leader so searching on google this picture popped up so thanks man gave me a good idea
This makes me want to play a kobold in 20D modern :D
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Fantastic little Kobold!I'm sure they make excellent commandos.
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Awww Kobolds who look like a Dragon - a Wolf , are so cute :D
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Indeed this would be qutie the sight to see on a squad force.
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A lot of players like to think of kobolds as being interchangeble with goblins. These players' characters deserve whatever the Underscale Legion does to them. ;)
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Love kobolds! Esp. when they're armed.
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30 years ago, when I ran AD&D in high school, the "Kobold Kommandos" went from a running gag to major NPCs.

Al, Al and Al weren't quite so well-armed, but they dressed a lot like this.
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Kobolds and SAS: A winning combination. :D :+fav:
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Can I use your kobolds for my browsergame?
I'll give credits to you. ;)
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lol that's awesome! :)
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We need more awesomebolds.
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The kobold has a gun!!!!!!!!!!! Run for your lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That too awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You continue to win at everything forever.
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