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Soviet Reptiles Abound
United States
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Favourite cartoon character: Space Ghost
Personal Quote: "I take commissions, but only if I can draw Lincoln in the picture too."
Alrighty, lets see how this types out after playing nothing but Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines all of today and tonight up to right now, about 3:00 AM.  It’s an addictive lil bastard, and probably will hamper my studies more so than they were before.

Anyway, yes I am back once again, sorry for the delay, etc, etc.  I have to say though, the reason for a lack of posted material was due not to laziness like all of the previous times, but rather a mixture of my assumption that my work really wasn’t to the finished degree or good enough to which work posted here should be, and that no one was really interested in my work all that much anyway.  Lately I’ve realized that I really shouldn’t be taking Deviantart all that seriously.  It’s a nice forum for critique, but its not like a website send an employer to look at after you show em a demo reel.  That and there are less finished pieces all over Deviantart that I rather like by other artists.  As far as the interest in my work, there’ve been a number of people who have managed to help me realize that there still IS an interest in my work.  You know who you are, and I’d like to say that I give out oodles of thanks.

Now I suppose this is a good spot to tell yall what the hell I’ve been doing with myself this past… 7 months.  I wish I could string all of this into a “We Didn’t Start the Fire” beat,  but I lack the musical talent.  I suppose you could always read this journal while taking just the right substance, that would make anything musical.

But right, since the last journal I went through a birthday and got to play with explosives on mah birthday.  Nothing like having your birthday on the 4th of July in the USA while setting off illegal fireworks in the street wearing a Soviet winter infantry hat and blaring Hendrix’s “ Purple Haze ” in the background.  My way of realizing the American dream.  After that, I’ve had two quarters in college where I think I might have actually discovered the specific job I want in the field I’m going for: 3D rigger/animator.  First quarter I had my first 3d animation class, second quarter I had my second.  I’ll go into that a little more in my gallery where I’ve posted work from those.  I also had another 3d modeling class and a materials and lighting class.  The former was great cause the teacher was great, I took her beginner’s modeling class before too and she’s a real asset to this school.  The latter was terrible cause the teacher was terrible, maybe worst class I’ve taken so far.  I didn’t learn jack.  Other than that, I had a bunch of GenEds  where I didn’t learn much of anything else either, with the exception of some interesting anecdotes and theories I got from a fellow student in my sociology class.

Now during the first quarter, I got me a new computer up and working thanks to my friend Kevin and his brother.  It’s now up and running in my room here.  Tricked out real nice cause I didn’t have to buy a monitor, keyboard, or mouse.  That really helped along the rendering times for my animation.  Then next quarter I got the orange box.  Good golly miss molly.  TF2 became my new addiction, which I’ll prolly do some fanart of soon enough.   Portal was short but rightly so, because it honestly felt like it was playing a movie, a hilarious one at that.  I wouldn’t mind seeing more games made like that.  And the HL2 episodes?  Loved em all.  So much so that I made sure to do all the achievements in Episode 2, including Little Rocket Man, including driving that damn gnome around that track and its slipping out all the time and ya gotta stop and that’s when the chopper revs up and blasts you and it happens every damn 5 feet and you wonder why Alex cant just hold the damn thing after all I’m saving the human race goddamit.

Speaking of women, Kevin got married to a woman who lives at Quiznos.  
Now that those quarters are over, we go into Christmas.  Was nice and peaceful, didn’t want much, and it shows cause I still have yet to actually open a few of the gifts I got.  Crysis and Battlefield 2 are sitting on my shelf doing not much of anything.  I was mostly playing World in Conflict, which I bought myself months before this, and was enjoying the fun of dropping so much goddamn ordnance on everything.   There are so many types of death that can come from the sky in that game, my personal favorite being the Russian Air Fuel Bomb.

After that, I’m still on vacation, for I decided to take this semester off.  It was all a ploy to work on some of my artwork on my own time, get a job, and learn to drive.  Unfortunately this was a bad idea, cause no one is hiring right now, 'least not me and my 70 applications so far, no one wants to or can drive until weather improves and stops its epileptic flail up and down the temperature scale, and I’ve been distracted and discouraged from working on artwork like nobody’s business.  Aside from playing games and applying all over town, I’ve started having weekly hang outs with my pals, where we’ve been doing lots of DnD and so on.  We found out that you shouldn’t grapple bats, because no matter how strong you are, bats sleep upside down on the ceilings of caves.  Plus, fuck Ethan Hunt.  I’ve also tried working out designing a modified shooting system for D20 for use with modern firearms.  I’ve also found out that this… picture of mine keeps turning up on 4chan in tradgaems.  It has been suggested to me by my friend Kevin, or as I now decide to call him, “Sandwich Groom”, I shall make more of those things.  I’ve got ideas cookin up, and hopefully I can use em as artwork in my little firearms rulebook, as well as just posting em on deviantart.

Now we roll in to right now.  I'm currently working with Joey on figuring out a location to shoot a lightsaber fight for this big ole contest, and trying to concentrate on artwork.  It's not working out all that well as of late, so this is my attempt to get myself back on track.  Not to pressure any of yall, but I would appreciate oodles of artistic feedback on my latest art dump.  I find that if I’m bombarded with a lot of artistic thought and theory that I can get myself lost in my artwork.  And that’s where I want to be.

So alright, its 4 now.  Suppose I should type out the descriptions for all this crap now.   Or maybe I should go to sleep and post all this shit tomorrow.  Look at the post time to find out whether or not I did!  Fun and joy!

Oh look, I posted it in the middle of the day next day.  Well, welcome back to the light.
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  • Playing: VampireTM, Bloodlines
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