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"Here you are Ser'...something nice to eat"
Jack sighed as his Snivy, whom he had nicknamed Sersbi or 'Ser' for short, simply stared at the poffin in his outstretched hand before closing its eyes and looking away. This was the second time in as many days that he had tried to feed his new Pokémon one of the treats that he had brought with him from the Goin Region but, from what he could see, poffins were completely none existent in the Unova Region and thus Sersbi had never seen one before...and that only added to her apparent distrust of him.
"Mime mime mime"
Sersbi opened its eyes as Jr jumped onto the counter beside her and took the poffin from Jack, making a point to be completely visible to the grass type Pokémon as it snapped the poffin in half and proceeded to eat away at one of the pieces. Once he had finished, Jr gave another loud cheer and its best 'you can trust me because I'm cute' smile before holding the second half up for the Snivy to take.
Again, Sersbi was silent for a time before slowly reaching out and taking the poffin half from the Mime. Jr's outstretched hand. She held it before her nose for a time, sniffing at it as if she expected it to suddenly transform into a Pokémon and attack her before taking a small bite. She looked up towards the ceiling as she chewed before looking down again at the poffin and holding it at arm's length with a look of utter surprise over her face before simply stuffing what remained into her mouth with a sudden burst of hunger.
"See" Jack grinned at her "I told you that you would like it"
Sersbi looked back at Jr as soon as she had finished and gave a short nod at something before turning and walking down to the other end of the table and looking around the practically empty Pokécentre with her arms folded tightly across her chest.
Watching her, Jack whispered a quick 'well done' to his partner Pokémon, who responded with the usual grin of 'Mime mime' before resting back into the velvet chair and sighing as he fished through his pockets and pulled out the Pokédex that professor Juniper had give him. He muttered the odd name to himself as he flicked through pages and pages of data about Pokémon he had never even heard off before. He saw ones that had a resemblance to Pokémon he had seen back in Goin, such as Pidove and Gothita but then saw ones that looked like nothing he had ever seen before, such as Gigalith
It felt quite daunting to see so many Pokémon that he had never heard off stretched out before him like they were in the Pokédex. Back in the Goin Region, it was taken for granted that Pokémon from all over the world lived in the wild among the human population and thus whenever Jack had left to the Johto or Sinnoh region's he had always already had experience with the Pokémon that he saw there. Here however, he felt like he had felt when he had first stepped out of the Academy back in Shadow City all those years ago, feeling both terrified and overjoyed at the future that had placed out before him. Of course, parts of his journey had not quite gone as he had planned but the goods have more than over shown the bad. But here were so many new Pokémon for him to see and he was sure that he could do well here, unless Sersbi's negative feelings towards him were anything to go by. It was hardily engorging that his first Unova Pokémon simply seemed not to trust him in the slightest. But he would show her that he meant well and he was sure that he would have more than enough material to brag about to Mike soon enough.
Still, as he looked upon the Pokémon that he was soon to meet, he couldn't help but feel a little homesick.  
"Hey mum? What's going on?"
"I don't know John...but there seems to be something going on in the square"
Jack snapped back into reality as he saw a mother and son walk by his table, Sersbi taking a step back from them just for the sake of increasing the distance between itself and humans, and making their way towards the Pokécentre's windows. They watched through the clear glass for a couple of seconds as some people ran by, all heading in the exact same direction as they moved towards the large grass square in the centre of the town that Jack had seen on his way in, before calling their thanks towards the confused looking Nurse Joy behind the counter and vanishing through the door to follow.  
"Any idea what's going on?" Jack called over to the nurse as he stroked Jr's head gently, causing the small psychic Pokémon to giggle to itself.
"Probably another of those 'Ante-trainer speeches" She replied to him, nodding her thanks towards a pair of Audino that had already begun to pick up the various chairs around the centre and place them atop the tables as they cleaned up. "They've been held in the town squire at least once every week for the past month, but I can't say I've been paying much attention to what they have been saying...something about how it's cruel for humans to capture and train Pokémon. I understand where they are coming from but..."
"You think that it's good for humans to train Pokémon?"
"Yes. I think it's wonderful when people are able to befriend wild Pokémon but when trainers actually capture and work with their Pokémon, they form a sort of relationship that you won't find anywhere else...and it's that bond that I believe in"
"Couldn't have said it better myself" Jack grinned as Jr gave a loud cheer beside him, even punching the air as it did so simply for the effect. He gave the Pokémon another pat before pausing as he looked down to the end of the table to see Sersbi looking at him from over her shoulder, the grass type having a strange look in its eye as it seemed to examine every inch of him before simply turning back around and hopping of the table.
"I think you're Snivy wants to go see..." Nurse Joy chuckled as she watched the small Pokémon walk towards the door and simply stair at the door with its arms folded, waiting as Jack sighed and stood up with Jr taking its usual place on his shoulder "Though I can't see why?"
"I think I can..." Jack muttered to himself, keeping his voice low so as to make sure that Nurse Joy didn't hear him as he looked at his new Pokémon. He knew it didn't trust him yet and that it had been returned to Professor Juniper time and time again before that due to its total distrust of humans in general but surely...it wasn't agreeing with this protest...right?
"Thank you for your help" he called back to Joy as he opened the door, putting on his best face to hide his thoughts from her, Sersbi giving a whisper of something before running down the street, leaving him to simply curse and chaise after with Jr clinking onto his black trilby for dear life.  
From behind the Pokécentre, a figure watched as the trainer ran after his Snivy, and sighed loudly to himself. There was clearly a Pokémon that was calling out for help and to be freed from its human formed prison...but its cries were falling upon deaf ears as they always did when Pokémon cried out for help from their so called 'trainers'.
It was so sad that things like this had ever been allowed to happen the man thought as he stepped out of the shadows and joined the small collection of people that were driving their way towards the main town square, let alone that the capturing and forcing of Pokémon to battle had become a global pass time...
He had hoped that the declaring of the miss treatment to people in the speeches he had ordered his subjects to carry out in all the major cities and towns in the Unova region would awaken the blind people to the suffering that they were placing upon the Pokémon they claimed to 'love'...but so far it had all been to no avail. He had seen some people actually free there Pokémon after seeing a speech but it was a hopeless few when compared to the thousands upon thousands of people that still forced their Pokémon to work as slaves and confined them within their Pokéball.
Perhaps he would have to resort to a new tactic in order to get people to recognise what they were doing...  
The man stopped as he turned to see a small Pokémon rummaging around inside an over turned bin and pulling out a discarded piece of pizza. It's beautiful coat of deep purple fur seemed to glow in the daylight as the Pokémon looked up at him when it heard his footsteps draw near and it's claws extended threateningly.
"Hello there..." The man smiled down at the Perrloin as he flicked a long strand of green hair from his eyes "...my friend"
"Arceus damn it...there you are Sersbi"
Jack coughed as he drew close towards a large wooden plant piece that had been placed in the middle of the town squire, its wooden barrier high enough to allow it to crash his arms over it as he tried to regain his breath after having run none stop for more than ten minutes as he had tried to find the Pokémon. He was too exhausted to even be mad at it for running away from him...
Jr sighed and jumped from Jack's shoulders, landing next to the blank expression Snivy and embarking on a heated chorus of "Mime Mime Mime Mime Mime!" which Jack could only assume to be his partner Pokémon actually taking over the job of shouting at the grass type for him. Even Sersbi looked slightly startled by the Pokémon's incredibly un-characteristically angry outburst before looking back over towards the large crowd of people that stood atop of a grass him in the centre of the square, the height of the plant shrubbery that it had found more than allowing it to see over the heads of the people in front. Deciding to let the argument go for now, both Jack and Jr followed its look towards where the people were stood, immediately getting a kick of amusement as they saw the unusual costumes that the people where wearing.  
There were all wearing a strange hooded, grey coat that reminded him of what the knights and crusaders of the past had worn, an image that was only fortified by the fact that several of them were bearing a large pole that was tipped by a flag of a black and white pattern, with a blue P over a Z pattern across the front. Then, as one voice, the gathered group of people seemed to raise their flags and slam them down against the ground, again and again as they beat a pattern and begun to chant in some unknown language, every one of them keeping their eyes closed and their faces pointing downwards as they sung and beat the drum beat. There were at last a dozen of them standing atop the grass hill, and even Jack had to admit...it was an incredibly impressive sight.
Then, the front two men rose their flags and stepped to the side, allowing a large man in a golden brown robe to step forward and look upon the crowd. The others rose the pitch of their chanting higher and higher as they beat their flags against the ground faster and faster as they reach fever pitch before, with a loud call of 'HO' they slammed them down again and fell silent, not one of them even looking up or opening their eyes as the man in the robe slowly held open his arms like some profit addressing his followers.
"My friends!" he called out "My name is Ghetsis and I stand before you now to represent the glorious journey of Team Plasma! Now, if you would all but lend me your ears for but a second...I would like to talk to you about Pokémon liberation"
"What's he on about?"
"Pokémon Liberation?"
"What's wrong with our Pokémon?"
"Please, Please. Let me speak" Ghetsis called out as he begun to pace around the hill "I am sure that many of my words may sound strange to you, most of you probably believe that we humans and Pokémon are partners that have come to live and work together and as one because we both want and need each other. However...I ask you now...is that really the truth?"
"The hell is he on about?"
Jack sighed as he rubbed is eyes in irritation, he really hated being near rallies and protests like this and he had heard this sort of topic more that often back in the Goin Region "Look Sersbi...can we go now? This crowd is getting annoyed real fast"
Beside him, Sersbi gave him nothing more than a quick glance before looking back towards the gathered group calling themselves 'Team Plasma', leaving Jr to give their trainer a sympathetic look as Ghetsis continued.
"Have you ever perhaps considered that it is perhaps that we humans...only assume that this is the truth? Have you ever considered that perhaps this is a relationship not of love and companionship...but one of slave and slave owner?"
Now the crowd burst into a hail of roaring and shouting of annoyance at the man, calling out that what he was saying was nonsense...in a more ruse manor. Even Jr begun waving his hands in the air and crying out towards him, much to Jack's amusement and flattery that his partner Pokémon was so sure that their relationship was nothing like what Ghetsis was saying.  
"Pokémon are subject to the constant and selfish demands of their trainers!" He called out as he swung open his arms again; seemingly deaf to the rage that the crowd before him was showing now "They get pushed around and used when they are our so called 'partners' at work! You show anger but can any of you...any single one of you say with complete confidence that there is no truth in what I am saying? Speak now and I will leave without another word!"
Now the crowd begun simple whispering to themselves as they looked around for someone to speak up against him, none seemingly willing to be the one to claim that the treatment of Pokémon was fair.
"Now, ladies and gentlemen!" Ghetsis called out, suddenly seizing advantage of the confusion he had placed upon the crowd "Pokémon are different from humans. They are living beings that contain unknown and unbelievable potential and power! They are living beings from whom we humans can learn! So tell me! What is our true responsibility towards these wonderful beings that we call Pokémon?"  
Now the crowd was completely silent as they watched him spread his arms out wide and step forward, the strange eyepiece that he had over his right eye glowing a deep red as the gathered Team Plasma members behind him again resumed their chanting and beating of their flags, quite so as to add a very dramatic atmosphere to what was begin said.
"Our true responsibility is that of gifting freedom to these wonderful creatures! We must liberate the Pokémon! Then, and only then, will we humans and Pokémon truly be equals in the world! Everyone, I end my words here today by imploring you to consider the relationship between people and Pokémon...and the correct way for us to proceed!"
Then, as the people behind him reached another deafening crescendo and gave a final loud 'HO', he bowed down before the crowd.
'We all sincerely appreciate your attention today"
And with that said, the flag baring people rose and formed a large circle of bodies around Ghetsis and led him of the hill, none of the seeming to open their eyes or look up as they led him down the street, the crowd parting silently to let them go. With him gone, the crowd begun giving off whispers to one another before dispersing, seemingly completely unsure on how they should react towards the topic that had been raised.
"Well...are you happy now Sersbi?" Jack sighed as he felt Jr climb back onto his shoulder silently "Now I'm going to be feeling awkward all day"
Jack simply gave a sad smile as he offered his hand for the small grass type Pokémon, only to have it take a step back from him.
"Your Pokémon..." A voice sounded out behind Jack suddenly "Just now, it was saying..."
Jack jumped as he spun round to a man standing uncomfortable close to him. He bore a strangely sad expression as he stroked that planet like necklace that hung around his neck and stared over jack's shoulders towards the Snivy that was simply staring back.
"It was saying what?"
"Oh..." The man sighed heavily as he seemed to notice Jack standing there for the first time "Then you mean...you can't hear it either? How very sad..."
"Yer...sure" Jack muttered as he took a step back. This man was not making him feel comfortable in the slightest and was downright creeping him out now "If Pokémon could talk my life would have been made a hell of a lot easier"  
"Oh but they can talk" The man snapped back at him, a flash of anger filling his face before vanishing in a large grin that could match Jr's when it got away with causing trouble "And they are...every day of every week of every year...Pokémon are talking to us...but people don't seem to be able to hear them ever..."
"Who are you?"
"My name is N" He replied, tilting his head as he spoke as if the answer had been the most obvious thing in the world.
"Errr...Jack. I'm a Gym Leader from another region and I..."  
"I want to hear your Pokémon's voice again"
"Your Pokémon. I want to hear its voice again"
"Mime Mime! Mime Mime...Mime Mime Mime!"
Jack sighed again with an amused smile as the Mime. Jr on his shoulder suddenly burst out into random song, holding its hand to its chest as it sung as loud as it could. N had asked to hear its voice, and Jr was more than happy to comply.
"Did you have to ask that?" Jack grinned as the Pokémon sung "He isn't going to shut up for the rest of the day now"
"I didn't mean that Pokémon's voice"
Jr's mouth snapped shut as it seemed to realise something before leaping from Jack's shoulders and landing beside Sersbi again, standing in front of it as if to protect it from N with its arms held wide like a shield.
"let me hear your Snivy's voice!" N cried out as he stretched his arms out wide and beckoned towards a Pokémon that had emerged from the shadows beside him, a Pokémon that looked to Jack like a purple Glameow. He laughed at something before, with a flick of his wrist, the cat like Pokémon lunged forwards towards Jr and Sersbi, simply sidestepping Jack's blind attempt to stop it without a moment's pause before jumping in the air, claws extended...
This is the official trailer for my Pokémon story that I will be soon releasing, based upon the storyline of the new Pokémon games, Black and White. This piece is a extract from what will probably be chapter five where the main character Jack and his partner Pokémon Jr, a Mime Jr first sees Team Plasma.
This will be the final of my Trainer’s Trail series (chronological that is, of course season 1 is only just getting under way here) and will be released on my Fanfiction.net account. I will post a link to it once it begins :)
Oh and in case you want to see how I took an event from the game and turned it into story mode as I had done here...than here is a link to what the scene looked like in game. This extract contains everything that happens in this vid until about 2:20 in. One of the most notable changes I have done is the adding of a chanting scene from Team Plasma.
I will give more information soon or simply PM me (or send me a note) and I will be more than happy to send you a reply :)
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N sounds so cool xD
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He was actually surprisingly fun to write for, with this. I’m looking forward to being able to expand on my own vision of him once ‘A New Age’ actually begins :)
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I can easily see why xD