Chapter 6: The Past

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Chapter 6
The Past.

Beyond the boundaries of the Mist Valley, far from the trees of the Gusto forest and the stone city of the Gishki lay a small wood that stood separate from the world around by a series of fast running rivers and streams. Here the trees stand barely half the height of those within the Mist Valley and the lavish plant growth provided a sanctuary to a great variety of wildlife which had failed to survive in the habitats of the world beyond. The small makeshift island was in every way an isolated haven from the trials of the world.

And it was here, in a great school of stone and marble and glass that stood within a clearing in the centre of the wood, that Wynn the Wind Charmer had grown up.

"Hey Wynn! You coming?"


Grabbing her green gem baring staff as she ran from her room, a ten year old Wynn jogged from the front doors of the school and ran over to where her friends and fellow students had gathered around a large horse drawn carriage. Just above her right shoulder, the small form of her familiar, Petit Dragon, gave a squeak of complaint as he flapped his tiny wings again and again in an attempt to keep up with her but she paid it no mind, focusing on moving faster as she saw the carriage door open and the other girls begin to climb aboard. All except for the blue haired Eria, who remained where she was stood, waiting until Wynn had finally caught up and exchanging a big grin before the two finally climbed into the carriage. With a shout from the driver and whip of the horse's reigns, the carriage began to move and the young charmers held within gave loud cheers.

Today was a very important day for the trainees in the spiritual arts, it was to be the first day in which they left the wood that surrounded their home since they had first left their families behind and begun their teachings.

As the carriage moved through the forest, six pairs of eyes gazed from the windows towards the sights around or chatted eagerly about what the expected to find at their destination. Wynn laughed as a pair of birds flew down to fly alongside of them for a moment before vanishing back into the plant life whilst Hiita bragged to Lyna and Aussa about the latest trick she had managed to bend her control over fire to do.

Six charmers, five girls and one boy, each trained to wield complete control over a certain element, one to understand each of the six attributes that governed the very core of the world around them. Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Light and Dark all represented in turn and chatting happily amongst themselves and bound by a youthful friendship that had formed into a tight bond over the years they had known each other.

All unknowing parts in the grand plan for the world's future.

But their young thoughts lay not with the future today, no today they thought only of the destination of their journey and of the excitement that they felt as they rumbled over the stone bridge that crossed the river that separated their home from the rest of the world. Today, they were going to a guild for magicians and mages which stood on the boundaries of the Mist Valley, a place where they were told they were to get a special lesion from one of the most powerful spellcasters in the region.

Added to the fact that their teacher had needed to leave the day before to ensure that this spellcaster was free to see them on that day, their excitement was understandably at boiling point.


By the passing of the second hour, that excitement had turned into annoyance.

"Ah! Are we there yet?" Hiita groaned as her head thumped against the side of the carriage repeatedly and shooting a venomous glare towards Aussa when the earth charmer attempted to ask her to stop. Then, with a loud thud, Hiita's head was slammed against the side of the carriage with a lot more force as it drove over a bump in the road and the Aussa took satisfaction from her yelp of pain with a slight grin as pay back.

"Calm down back there" The gruff voice of the carriage driver called out and Hiita stuck her tongue out in his general direction through the wood "We're there now"


Wynn gave a giggle to herself as she saw Dharc roll his eyes at the fire charmer's outburst before looking out of the window to see the carriage turn around a corner to reveal a great building of white stone which stood in the centre of a field. Great banners of purple cloth and stain glass windows. It was a truly beautiful sight that made Wynn pause in her own breath as her green eyes opened wide.

This was it; she thought to herself, this is the magician's guild.

"All right girls" The driver called out as the carriage ground to a halt around half a mile away from the gates of the guild and the door swung open "This is where you're getting off"

"You're not taking us all the way?"

"Sorry Mrs. Light" The driver grinned as he stepped aside to allow Lyna room to step down, tilting his head at her question "Aint my job to take you all the way. Besides, I think you've been given some…research to be seeing before you go in"


"Yup" the driver said no more as he gestured to where two figures could be seen standing in the in the middle of field. Once the charmers were looking in the right direction, he jogged back into his seat and left them to it as he pulled out a book and zoned out. Exchanging looks with each other, the Charmers began to walk towards the two figures…

…only for the two to suddenly start attacking each other.

With a series of loud crashes and magical explosions of light, the two figures threw their all against each other in a duel that both captured the attention of all nearby and forced them to look away in the face of the power that burned around them.

On one side stood a man dropped in purple robes that seemed a mix between cotton and armour seemed to be both made out of cotton and metallic armour all in the exact same material, all topped with a large hat that stood at a point twice as high as his own head, the tip leaning inwards. In his hands he clutched a staff in a double handed grip, spinning it around in blinding patterns as he formed a magical shield around himself to block a spell from his opponent which exploded with enough force to shake the ground. Wynn felt sure that the magical attack would have immolated the wagon they were in and all the charmers along with it in an instant, even had they all been focusing their powers into a single shield. Yet, as the bright purple flames of the spell died, the man hadn't even taken a step back as he simply spun his staff around to blast an orb and darker purple magic out towards his opponent.

His foe didn't attempt to block the spell from where she hovered in the air, simply doing a barrel roll where she hovered in mid-air to allow it to fly past her before retaliating again with a spell from her own staff, a miniature version of the males that was barely half the size and tipped with a golden swirl. Whilst she wore the same pointed hat style as the other, her clothes were much less armoured and designed more for freedom, a large amount of bare skin areas allowing her to carry out a dance in the air that would have been impossible in armour. She didn't need protection in such a fight, her speed and grace of movement allowed her to avoid any form of injury from the other spellcasters attacks. Blonde hair flew in the wind that blew at her higher altitude and the sound of loud giggling echoed down towards them as she did a cartwheel before releasing her spell in order to give it momentum.

With a jolt, Wynn felt realisation of who the two where grip her and she exchanged an amazed look with Lyna when she heard a gasp that revealed she had come to the same realisation.

Right in front of the young Charmers, the Dark Magician and the Dark Magician Girl were clashing in a duel of amazing proportions. It felt to them like this was a show being performed just for them, two of the greatest mages in the world (the master of magic and his apprentice) demonstrating their power at its height simply for them. It was both terrifying and exhilarating in one, a spectacle that thousands around the world would have given anything to catch a glimpse of…and they were seeing it performed just for them…

The children could only stare on as if mesmerised as the Dark Magician Girl rose a little higher into the air and summoned two large orbs of purple light on either side of her. With a loud laugh she swung her arms forward and the orbs shot down towards the Dark Magician who braced himself and raised his shield again. The first three orbs exploded against his magical barrier with a spectacular array of sparks and his shield faltered, instinctive he directed his energy towards the front of the shield but the fourth orb changed its direction and flew over his head to come crashing down behind him.

Taking advantage of the momentary stumble that the explosion caused, the Dark Magician Girl began to fall to the ground, keeping her arms straight to her sides to decreases the wind resistance as she aimed directly at him. With a triumphant cheer, the younger mage swung into the male mage, and for a moment, the entire area was engulfed in smoke and sudden airborne dirt.

The charmers all held their breaths as they watched the cloud of dirt that had been hurled into the air by the force of the clash begin to settle to the ground, unable to so much as blink as they awaited to see which of the two was still standing.

The dust seemed to hover for what felt like years as the charmers squinted in a vain attempt to see though the smoke wall and catch a glimpse of the duelling magicians, Hiita gave a grumble of annoyance as she took a step forward before jumping back in fright as a blast of wind tore the dust apart. The last flash of energy from the spell imploded in and exploded at the same time to send the dust high in a great tornado that shattered just as quickly as it came. The wind howled around them against the magic that swarmed the air before stopping in an instant as a tall figure walked towards the charmers from behind.

Turning, Wynn found herself automatically bowing slightly as she saw her mistress and teacher approach them, her hand steadying the wind around them with a magical efficiency that was still beyond the young wind charmer.

With a warm smile, the mistress of the charmers, Doriado the Elemental Mistress, returned the bow of your young pupil (as sign of respect that Wynn instantly felt unworthy off) before gesturing for her to look back towards the duel with the slow extending of her palm and nod of her head.

Slowly turning, Wynn saw that the dust had finally cleared enough for the two figures of the Dark Magician and the Dark Magician Girl to be revealed to the on looking charmers. With the crackle of still charged energy, Hiita could be heard cheering as they saw that both mages will still stood tall, their staffs pressed against each other in a harsh lock that kept both pinned and yet both standing. Neither could move from the deadlock without giving the other the chance to strike a crippling blow and neither could strike out without the other moving. A perfect deadlock.

Then, with a silent nod to each other, the two magicians simply lowered their staffs and backed away from one another. Once far enough away they placed their staffs against their chests and gave a deep bow to mark the end of the duel.

The charmers stood in silence as they watched them, still too stunned by the sight of the two duelling to even move before the sound of slow clapping sounded out to their side and they saw Doriado take a couple of steps forward, her hands clapping in a slow, calm beat. After a moment, Hiita began clapping, faster and with the addition of a few cheers, before slowly all six charmers joined in and the sound of applause rose around them.

Looking up towards them, the two magicians began to walk up.

"Children" Doriado spoke as they approached; turning around to face them with a smile "I would like to introduce to you the ones known as the Dark Magician and the Dark Magician Girl, though I suspect you may already know that. They are going to be the ones who will take over your teachings for the next two days"

Again a stunned silence struck the charmers as they heard her words and watched the magicians walk up towards them. That couldn't be right could it? They still didn't believe that the magicians had put on a show for them in that duel, believing it must have been pure chance that they saw it and now Doriado was telling them that the magicians were going to teach them!


The charmers could barely mumble a reply as the Dark Magician Girl rose back into the air and flew the last few meters ahead of the Dark Magician, hovering at their head height with an almost childish grin as she waved in greeting. Behind her, the Dark Magician simply walked up towards Doriado and gave a nod, beginning to speak with the Elemental Mistress in a low tone that was utterly drowned out by the loud, bubbly voice of the hovering girl.

"So your Doriado's students huh?" She grinned as she drifted from side to side to look each one of them in the face, Dharc being the only one to look away "Good to meet you all. I'm sure that were going to get on very well and have fun. Just because you're here to learn doesn't mean your can't have fun am I right? Of course I am"

Something about the girl seemed to simply radiate enthusiasm and happiness and, even star struck as the charmers were, it proved to be incredibly contagious as they joined in with her laughing and quickly found themselves talking to her as if she was an old friend as she asked them each for their names in turn. She spoke to them each as if they were equals and not six kids speaking to one of the most famous mages in their region and her eyes seemed to shone with genuine curiosity and kindness as she gave them each her undivided attention when they introduced themselves.

There was nothing about her that even hinted at anything but the kindest of intentions and, for a moment Wynn found herself making a comparison to the kind smile of Doriado but she quickly realised that, whilst Doriado emitted ever caring motherly figure you could always turn to, the Dark Magician Girl instead emitted an aura of the giddy big sister that you could tell any secrete to or trust to have a laugh with. If that made any sense…

"If you are finished" The Dark Magician spoke out when the girl had finally managed to fish out a name from the uncharacteristically silent Dharc. His voice was a deep and authortive tone that made even the Dark Magician Girl break from her relentless questions to look back. Had he been alone, he would have seemed simply serious but, when standing beside the enthusiastic girl, he seemed angry at something and the charmers all fell completely silent. For a moment he simply ran his eyes across them, looking as though he was searching their very souls for something before he simply nodded and rose his staff.

"You are each welcome, students of Doriado" he spoke out to them "All of the services that my guild would provide a fully appointed magician or mage will be open to you, with a few minor submissions, and you will spend the next two days attending lessons in the arts of magical arts that range beyond the elements that you have so far trained in. My student will give you a tour of the building and answer any question that you may have. Is this understood charmers of Doriado?"

"Yes sir!"

The charmers all called out the reply in unison as an automatic reaction to his tone and the Dark Magician raised an eyebrow, though Wynn felt that was more at the fact that the Dark Magician girl had for whatever reason decided she was going to shout it too.

Then, with a clap of her hands, the Dark Magician Girl took back into the air and flew over the heads of the charmers calling for them to follow her. Zigzagging through the air, she lead them up towards the door of the guild and waited for them to catch up before disappearing within with a final big wave over to her own teacher and Doriado.


"You always did think big" The Dark Magician remarked simply as he watched the children follow his own student through the large oak doors, before his small eyes turned to fix upon Doriado "Not many other people would have come up with this idea let alone put it in motion"

"What idea?" the Elemental Mistress asked innocently as she began to walk away from the door and towards the gardens with the Magician following in tow.

"Come now. These Charmers you have trained. Six children, each baring the blessing and power of a different element, it's a concept that has always existed yet never made realisation until now" He paused as he looked at her "A group of mages who can form a bond between the attributes that make up all life in this world, taught by one who has an understanding of them all, a peaceful connection that can be used as a starting point to form kinder relations between ourselves and others tribes and societies should they manage to make themselves known to the world. It's an interesting possibility"

Doriado simply smiled as she gazed out towards the flowers that formed the outskirts of the guild's garden, her long hair blowing slightly against the wind.

"Yes" She finally replied, her voice quite "It is"

"And where do you intend to go with this now?"

"I will keep training them for now" Doriado said after another pause "Each of them has shown exceptional talents in the attributes I have chosen for them and are already beginning to reach my levels…and I have no doubt that they will soon exceed them"

The Dark Magician frowned as he found his mouth opening to argue with her, but stopped the words before they could form. Doriado was one of the greatest spellcasters the world had known and was indeed the only person in their age who had been able to gain control and mastery over every element (though dark had always been one she had avoided the use off) and he couldn't help but want to point out that none of the other mages in the world had even come close to doing what she had done. Hell, even he himself could only wield the power of the dark with any effective amount of power.

But something about the pride that he could sense emitting from her told him to be silent.

Doriado had always been a kind person, probably the most compassionate person he had ever met, and it was with a motherly pride that she was speaking about the six children she had taken in and begun the training of. He had thought of them as a plan or idea for a future that she had envisioned but he could see that to her, these young Charmers may as well have been her own children as her pupils. Doriado did seem like the perfect motherly type…

"Are you ok?"

The Dark Magician blinked himself back to reality as he nodded, gesturing forward with a hand and allowing the two to resume their walk towards the garden.

The magician's guild's garden was a series of walls made from head high hedges and flowers crops which spun amongst themselves into wonderful and impossible formations. Arches of vine and petal reached across the heads of those that walked through and the hedges always seemed to shift and change to suit those who they met, children looking for play would swear blindly that it was a maze which changed every time they entered whilst elders would claim that a straight walk always took them where they wished. This was most likely because of some spell caste during the planting of the garden but Doriado loved imagining some mystical reason from beyond time where the plants thought and moved to show the world their beauty.

In her heart, Doriado still held her inner child dear.

Walking down the long corridors that formed the interior of the Magician's guild, Wynn couldn't help but be fascinated by the bubbly nature of the Dark Magician Girl. Since leaving the presence of her master, the younger mage hadn't stopped skipping or humming as she led the charmers along the maze of walls and passed dozens of other mages and researchers, pausing each time long enough to greet them each by name before continuing on her joy movement.

She seemed utterly unable to remain still as she bobbed up and down in the air as they moved and the wind charmer couldn't help but think that the ground was simply unable to take her energy and the Dark Magician Girl had somehow been forced to take to their simply to have the room to fit her massive enthusiasm. Even as they passed a room with curtains drawn where a mage in dark grey clothes was giving a lecture she simply continued to hum to herself, seeming oblivious to the looks of announce that she got in reply.

The charmers all followed her in a huddle, trying to keep from making eye contact with the big shot mages that walked past as they chatted amongst themselves about the duel they had just witnessed or give the odd "wow" at the great architecture around them, though Wynn did keep noting with amusement Dharc's eyes wondering towards the Dark Magician Girl.

"So where to take you first?" The hovering girl stopped in mid-air for a second as she turned to look at them, as if she had just that second remembered that she was supposed to be giving them a tour rather than going for a leisurely stroll (Or fly as her hovering case may be). Her eyes began to scroll across the room absentmindedly as she mumbled locations and reasons not to go there before shrugging "How about the library? I know that doesn't sound very interesting at the moment but just you wait until you see it!"

The library of the magician's guild was nothing short of a legend to any who hunted for the furthering of their magical skill, containing books from across the Mist Valley and the world beyond. Book cases stood as high as they did long, reaching high into the air with massive hovering platforms allowing mages to reach books at the top of impossibly high cases. Magic was carved deeply into the very wood of the book cases and everything that could be associated with a magician's library existed within its walls.

(Based upon the Royal Magical library card?)

"Here we are" The Dark Magician Girl called out as she flew higher into the library so that she could gaze down upon the charmers, her voice echoing across the great room with such power that practically every person in the room, save for those who were used to her antiques "This is the great library of the magicians guild!"

The charmers all gave gasps of amazement as they stared at the sea of books and wood the strait out both before and over them. It felt like they were stood in the middle of a great tree full of hovering platforms and mages, a hub for the knowledge of the entire world's worth of information held in a single places.

"You could find out anything you want to know here" She boasted as she hovered just above the charmers, her wand held behind her back, making Dharc very unsure as to where he should be looking, and began pointing in seemingly random directions "over there you can get books for new spells, and over there is great past mages and over there is…I forget…and over there is where you can learn some history. Everything from the construction of the this guild to the legends of the ruin markings"

"Ruin markings?"

"Yup" The Dark Magician Girl seemed to almost glow at Lyna's question "You know, those ruins that turn up in ruins telling the story of the gods and the swarm" She gave a chuckle before pausing as she caught their blank expression "Oh so you don't know that one?"

"No" The Charmers replied in unison.

"Ah, wonderful then, Story time!"

The charmers could only watch as the Dark Magician Girl turned and began to look around the room for a moment, a figure on her chin in thought without even giving any of the a chance to speak against her sudden plan for reading.

"Here" She grinned as she gestured towards a large book which stood upon a golden stand a few shelves away. With a shimmer of magic, the book began to levitate from the stand and flew towards them for her to simply pluck from the air with a grin "This book should tell us everything that we need to know"

Turning around and resuming her humming, the Magician Girl lead the Charmers towards a large table that ran across the impossible length of the library and gestured for them to sit before hovering over it and sitting on the other side, placing the book down where it could be seen by all of them.

"Here we are, I little bit of a history lesson for you all"

Gesturing down towards the book, she smiled as the Charmers all stared at a complex painting that covered a full page with the title 'The end'. In the picture, a sea of black creatures which seemed to resemble insects could be seen gathering around a large door of gold and bronze above which hovered vast creatures that looked both organic and mechanical at the same time around which glowed a bright halo of light. The ground of the image resembled a battleground yet was void of the dead and in the night sky could be seen three great birds of shimmering light, one a wonderful gold, a second a bright jade and the third, hovering below the first two, was a bitch black with blood red eyes that seemed to stair back at the charmers.

"You see" The Dark Magician Girl said, her voice losing a touch of its playfulness so that she sounded more like a teacher would speak to a class "Runes and graphics that been found across the Mist Valley and beyond all bare testament to a single story about a plague of creatures that they call 'The Swarm' ravaging the world. We don't know anything about them really, other than that they were great in number…but the markings of the ruins, which are themselves really just paintings and drawings, tell of a group of gods that descended from the heavens and purged the swarm. The world shuddered and the swarm were sealed beneath it and the these three great birds" she pointed towards the three bird like shapes that hovered over the battle "are said to have left the world in the care of the golden gods" She pointed towards the ones that battled with the swarm before looking back up towards the Charmers "Aaaaaand that's about it"

"Huh?" Hiita frowned back "But that barely told us anything"

"I know" The Dark Magician Girl shrugged as she leant back in her chair and watched as Lyna and Aussa stared intently at the golden 'gods' in the picture "But you try making an in-depth story about characters which are nothing more than the same pictures in ancient ruins"


"You are right though" Doriado finally said, causing the Dark Magician to look up from where he had sat upon a garden bench, her hand running along the petal of an oversized flower almost absentmindedly "My students are indeed destined to be a link between the different factions that form across this world, or at least, that's what I hope for them. But…"

"But?" The Dark Magician frowned, noting the suddenly sober tone that filled her voice with a touch of unease.

"For them to do this they will have to separate for a time at least" Her hand dropped from the flower and her eyes closed as if it pained her to speak of the future "In order for them to find these tribes that they can call home they must be split apart and sent their own ways. Then, once they have found their own place in the world….it will be up to them to find each other again. In a few years from now their training will be finished…or at least there will be nothing left that I can offer them. Then, it will be up to them"

A silence fell upon the two at her words as the Dark Magician allowed a sympathetic look to cross his face and a reassuring hand to land upon his old friend's shoulder. The Elemental Mistress' face was tainted with a worry that he hadn't seen upon her before and for a moment he wondered if she had been right to trust herself not to get as attached to the children as she had but that thought was immediately crushed by the knowledge that no one else in the world could have done it.

Slowly, Doriado sighed and looked back up towards the flower with a strained smile. It wasn't a worry about the charmers failing that she felt, she had no doubt in her heart that they would one day find one another again should they desire it, but it was a pain at having to leave them isolated and alone. Doriado had been watching the young ones laugh and learn together, even accepting Dharc and Lyna without pause despite the two arriving a couple of years after the first four, and it pained her to know that she was going to be the one responsible for cutting those bonds in just a few years, it felt to her like she was to betray them all.

But it had to be done. For the charmers to form the boundaries that the world needed they had to find their own places in the world alone, they had to find where they were needed and speak to the world as their own beings. Then, when they were accepted by others, they would find each other and their friendship would form a bridge between those that trusted the charmer they knew. If it worked this would allow trusts to grow enough for peaceful negotiations where war would have originally broken out due to the simple lack of communication.

That was what she had begun teaching the charmers for, to teach six children to become the foundations for a new world.

"You have trained them well Doriado" The Dark Magician gave a slight smile and he looked back towards the guild "From what I saw of the children then they bore a strong determination and loyalty to one another that very few could wield. I can say with true honesty that I believe they will find one another, where ever they end up in the world, and I am sure that they will find you again just as easily. True friends are like that are they not? Always returning when you least expect them yet when you need them?"

It was a true smile now that covered Doriado's face as she gave her friend a thankful nod for his comforting before turning slowly walking towards a large statue that stood in the centre of the garden, her hands clasping one another before her as if she was about to pray as she gazed upon it with a sigh.

Carved out of pitch black stone, she was silent as she stared up into the blank face of a Vylon. Standing upon a large platform that also acted as a water feature, the statue managed to dwarf her whilst still being nowhere near a true measurement to the scale that a Vylon could be and she had to crane her neck upwards in order to view its 'face'.

The Vylons were a race of legends for most, a force of machine like beings that were said to reside within the heavens themselves where they gazed down upon the world in eternal watch, sworn never to interfere with the lives of the world below save for one the cry of pain was so great it called them down to fight. Some even considered them to be gods. They had not been seen in the world for thousands of years and, even to the Dark Magician and his scholars who had made a point to read every book within the guilds library they almost felt like nothing more than stories. They were the guardians of the peace who were summoned to the innocent at the call of a pure prayer, it was really now more a children's tale than reality but she liked it.

The statue before her was of the one that legend told to be their leader, a being simply known by the name of "The Omega". It was truly a magnificent site, even in pitch black statue form it looked to the Elemental Mistress as if it was gazing down directly upon her and considering her actions and choices concerning her beloved students.

Doriado wondered if the Vylon's would have agreed with her plan to use her students as a bridge to bring the hope of peace…
Chapter 5: [link]

Let's go back in time a bit shall we?

*Plays the TARDIS sound effect*

Ok then, now it's around eight years ago and beyond the Mist Valley, back at the place in which the charmers grew up and learnt.

Ahem, I probably should have done this at the beginning of the story but I'm going to use this chapter to provide information about the history and beliefs of the residence of the Mist Valley in which war is to reign and hopefully give you a better image of the world as a whole. It will also tell of how the Charmer's went from young students to the older spellcasters they are now, separated between different tribes across the world.

And who better to tell you this story then one of the most famous cards in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Important: Please note that in this chapter I will explain a background lore to the Mist Valley that is not official Duel Terminal lore. This is completely fan written background lore made up both for the sake of the story and from what I imagine it may be like so remember that it will probably be different from whatever you yourself may imagine.

The aim of the story is and has always been to provide a fleshed out version of the Duel Terminal storyline due to the (in my opinion) infuriatingly vague official one and that is exactly what this chapter is written to do :)

Ahem…next chapter I will return to the Mist Valley and the war but I hope you enjoyed this little interval and found it informative :)

Next chapter will be an action packed one with a nice, big battle between the Gem-Knights and the Laval forces.
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